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Situation's Racial Joke


Trump Roast

3/16/2011 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Situation's HORRIBLE live routine at the "Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump" was far more PAINFUL than it appeared on TV ... and TMZ has uncovered the TERRIBLE "jokes" that were cut from the broadcast.

Comedy Central
Among the crap that didn't make the cut -- a racial attempt at humor directed at Snoop Dogg

"Yo Snoop, what up dawg ... you know you have so much in common with Donald Trump?
Trump's ancestors were into real estate ... and your ancestors were considered property."

More terrible cracks ...

"I'm not from New Jersey ... I was born in Staten Island which is a New York borough ... not to be confused with the burro Marlee Matlin bl*ws onstage in Tijuana ... "

He continued, "Relax, she didn't even hear it ... I mean hey, at least her mouth is good for something right? Hey, that was definitely some great work Marlee  ... have you ever done anything else actually?"

Sitch ignored the boos and groans and continued ...

 "Larry King is rockin' the Armani diaper ... Seth MacFarlane is sporting Victoria's Secret ... panties. And Snoop is wearing a Louis Vuitton condom ... nah, I'm just kidding, he don't wear condoms, you know that!"

And it just didn't stop ...

"I like Larry King ... he's a playa ... he actually wrote a book named 'Mr. King Is Having a Heart Attack' ... he got that title from a hooker he was f**king."

One last parting shot for Trump:

"Trump is a good looking dude ... if your eyes are like Marlee Matlin's ears."

The Situation everybody. 


No Avatar


GIVE ME A BREAK YOU WINERS!!!! Those jokes weren't any worse than anything I heard come out of the mouths of everyone on that stage.

1316 days ago


What in the world was he even ivited for?Its not like hes even close to Don i don't get it'but what ever

1316 days ago


dumb and dumber

1316 days ago


Hollywood has allowed so much talentless sh-t in that the place is stinking really bad.

Posted at 8:40 AM on Mar 16, 2011 by Rhubino

1316 days ago


What he said wasn't that far off of what everyone else was saying. If you've seen a Comedy Central Roast (and I've seen them all) that's the way they go. Marlee Matlin said the deaf sign for Lisa Lampanelli was blowing a ****...with both hands two at a time. Now as far as his timing and delivery...they sucked. Some of the stuff would have got a laugh if he'd delivered it right. Standup comedy is definetely not something he needs to explore. Needs to stick to hosting partys in Vegas and fist pumping (himself preferably...not need for him to procreate)!

1316 days ago


He is, and forever will be out of his league. Big mistake giving these punks on Jersey Shore any recognition.

1316 days ago


The Situation interferes w/ people getting laid so much his nickname should be The Time of The Month

1316 days ago


What a jack-off can this guy please go away. Isnt his 15min up?

1316 days ago


No talent piece of s***... Why is he famous again??

1316 days ago

alexander the great    


1316 days ago


This stuff isn't that bad, and not the inappropriate for these roasts.

I mean, have you seen them before?

1316 days ago


No wonder your (formerly) wonderful country is going down the crapper. This is what you guys idolize?? and pay them money??
Here's an idea, stop paying morons like this a$$ millions of dollars they don't deserve and start helping the homeless children who don't have enough to eat and get them a proper education so they don't end up like this idiot. And BTW, he is as ugly on the outside as he is inside.

Wow, just Wow.

1316 days ago

Davey Boy    

As much as I dislike the clown that is the situation, give the guy a break. I've watched these roasts and virtually nothing is off limits. Age, gender, race...everything is up for grabs.

1316 days ago


They all were cracking some nasty jokes, which is the point of the roast, and anyone that goes on there knows what they are getting into. I just dont understand why the situation (cancellation!) was even worthy enough to be a part of it...

1316 days ago


As a kid, I never missed a Dean Martin celebrity roast. They were incredibly entertaining, a bit racy for the time, but compared to these newer roasts, the past couple of years, Dean Martin roasts were masterpieces of entertainment. People like Lampanelli, and Jeff Ross are just low rent human debris. These roasts are crude and offensive and just useless. They're not entertaining. They are just garbage.

1316 days ago
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