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Lindsay's Tea Maker -- We Don't Make Booze!!!

3/18/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's special fermented Kombucha tea does NOT legally qualify as alcohol -- and therefore should not be used against the actress in court ... this according to the tea maker.

TMZ broke the story ... the L.A. County Probation Department believes LiLo violated her probation by drinking the tea, because it contains a very small amount of alcohol ... 0.5%.

But the guy who owns the company -- GT Dave -- tells us it's a "ridiculous" move because "it's like punishing Lindsay for taking a dose of cough syrup or a small amount of vanilla extract."

GT says he personally warned Lindsay about the microscopic alcoholic content of his drink last year -- and Lohan assured him she cleared it with her legal team and probation officer, even referring to the drink as a "non issue."

We'll have to see if the judge agrees.


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Her parole officer "cleared" the tea? What would her AA sponsor say...go with that. Does she have an AA Sponsor? No? That's a problem.

1251 days ago


That stuff is RANNNNNCCCCCCID!!!!! Seriously have never tasted a more disgusting drink in my life! A mix between vinegar, piss, mold, seaweed, sweat. It is THAT gross.

1251 days ago


If he's comparing it to vanilla or cough syrup then, duh, it DOES have a small amount of alcohol in it. And alcoholics will sometimes drink the darnedest things in order to get drunk, including cough syrup, vanilla, and, apparently this tea.

But as has been said earlier, she's drinking it to cover up for the VODKA (and Red Bull) she's once again drinking.

1251 days ago


Um shes a Liar GT Dave, what are you ****ing new here?

1251 days ago


Alcohol stays in the body for about 10 hours. So all she would need to do is scarf down a few bottles in the morning and a few in the evening and have it in her body all day. And alcoholics have physical cravings for alcohol, so what better a way to get it into your body than sneaking it in with innocent tea?

1251 days ago


Just as an FYI like many here are saying recovering alkies dont so much as take cough syrup with alcohol in it. My husband who has been in recovery for 12 years is very very careful to read the label on everything because he's scared it would send him on a binge.
I guess she is just special and nothing will break her sobriety. HA!

1251 days ago


Why would she want all this negative publicity? If she is serious about her recovery then stay away from anything with alcohol. Why cause so much drama and take the risk that this could show up during testing? This just doesn't make sense. I'm starting to believe that she is trying to play games with the system. Anyone else on probation tries desperately to NOT give them a reason to say they violated it!! In the end she will be the loser. Can someone not talk some sense into her?? Someone needs to teach her how to get postive attention instead of negative.

1251 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

OK, so when the next report comes out that she did actually have a dirty test and that she actually did blame it on the tea, all of the supporters will make an abrupt halt and say "Oh my god, it was the tea"

1251 days ago


Harvey, why do you run such small minded stories ? You just act like the neighborhood snitch.

1251 days ago


I guess mouth wash is out of the question

1251 days ago


When I was on Probation for a DUI, I was told the day I reported that I could not use listorine or any mouth wash with any alcohol content, cough syrup, or Nyquil that had ANY alcohol content, any alcoholic beverages, or... basically... ANYTHING with ANY alcohol content... if she's not suppose to be "Drinking" then the tea should be used against her. She's had it way too easy, and I say make an "example" out of her. Drug test her every day!

1251 days ago


At this point everything applies. It's time the has-been holier than thou POS is put behind bars and left to rot.

Same with her POS mother!

Hater? Yes, I hate those who think and are above the law. The judges in these cases should be disbarred for not doing their jobs. If it were you or I we would have been thrown in jail a long time ago.

1251 days ago


If you can buy this legally if you are under 21 then she shouldn't get in trouble for this, but if you do need to be over 21 then that is a problem.

1251 days ago


I heard Lindsay likes to drink 4 locos energy drinks too.

1251 days ago


I guess we are supposed to feel sorry for her because the tea made her drunk. "Your Honor, it was the tea's fault. I didn't do a thing." (Complete with alligator tears in her eyes.)

1251 days ago
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