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'Basketball' Wife's Quitting Plans -- Ocho to the Rescue

3/20/2011 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Basketball Wives" star Evelyn Lozada has an incredibly lucrative back-up plan in case she decides to quit the show -- why, a NEW reality show of course ... co-starring her NFL star fiancé Chad Ochocinco.

Sources close to Evelyn tell TMZ -- as soon as E! execs caught wind that she wanted to quit "Basketball Wives" ... they approached her with a new TV offer.

We're told the new show would feature both Evelyn and Ocho living the life -- which is kinda difficult ... because she lives in Miami ... and he lives in Cincinnati.

Evelyn hasn't made any official decision yet -- but according to sources, the couple is seriously entertaining the offer.

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Royce was right. Once again Evelyn goes running to TMZ.

1283 days ago


She makes the show and without her ratings will go down.

1283 days ago


if ocho calls off the wedding, i hope he tells her, she is a mfing, non factor Bit-h and out of his circle. just like she tells everyone else. he is such a fool. her daughter is soon to be adult (no more child support) and she needs a baby from someone wealthy.

1283 days ago

Saul rosenberg    

Its well known that Ocho Cinco is cheap as hell, so I'm still shocked this broad is still with him, although for a ho like her, its all the media attention she is after. When he is done with her, she will move on to another athlete who is dumb enough to stick it in this garbage hole.

1283 days ago

Donald Ray    

I watch this show just to laugh and make fun of these Ghetto-a$$ Btches. Why is Shaunee still using Shaq's last name? She could at LEAST use the name of her gardener she was screwing. Ev needs to take her fake-lookin' ass back to school and learn words other then B's and MFKR. She had the nerve to question her daughter's boyfreind's intention on the show when she is TOTALLY without class. This show is not a good look for Black women. They get on rappers for using the B word so much and that's all you hear on this show. Where is Al Sharpton lol?

1283 days ago


THIS sounds like a match made in heaven!!! She can stay in Miami spreading her legs and STDs and he can stay in CinCi to continue his crossdressing.Terrell could'nt have a better arrangement.

1283 days ago


If this were printed news, I'd wipe my corn hole with it

1283 days ago


Evelyn is a beautiful middle-aged woman, therefore, I believe this is a made for tv romance.

Most unmarried men as successful as Chad generally prefer younger women that adore and depend on them financially.

For a lot of men - especialy after a certain age, it's more about showing your boys what your "mate" looks like physically -than how compatible you are with that woman.

These men love "building" their perfect woman.

Unfortunately for Evelyn, Chad knows what she is and is willing to buy a little bauble for her finger to keep himself in tvland and free publicity.

If Evelyn is in on the farce - go for it. If she's not - girl, face the music, you know what those sports figures marry and your time has come and gone.

You're very beautiful - look for a banker.

1283 days ago


Why do you think he reached out to her in the first place? Evelyn, I love you dearly but truth be told.

Also Royce GET OFF the TMZ Comment Page and get your lips done (especially the top one) you hateful, insecure skank!

1283 days ago


reality show REALLY! that's going to be boring a** hel*,she's not even that entertaining.........

1283 days ago


Um, he changed his name back to Chad Johnson like 3 weeks ago. Why is TMZ the only ones who didn't get the memo?

1283 days ago



If you are asking me, it's because Evelyn makes the show. She's very likable. She's beautiful. She's fun. Hell, I see Evelyn, WITHOUT the cameras as a pretty fun person.

Chad knows this. I know this.

1283 days ago


I don't understand how its called "hating" when someone sleeps with a married man...Evelyn is nothing but a hypocrite..she sat there and talked all that **** about susie and she was all up in Tammy face...after she seen how tammy acted at the charity event why would she think anytime would have been the right time to tell her that she slept with her husband??? lol I think when you have kids, you have to be careful what you do...Evelyn is not setting a good example for her daughter by exploiting the fact its ok to **** on t.v. Ms. "that's a good workout" When you put it out there don't expect people to tell you what you want to hear...I feel like she's too old to be acting like that..I remember her saying that royce could never have the man she had...first of all u dated antwone walker..a ****ing lame...who didn't even marry your ass..so u and royce are on the same level..and I know it made her mad to know that tammy had ocho b4 u...sloppy seconds might not be so bad after all

1283 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

these bitter basketball wives were probably groupies.... They have the habit of calling their ex's or husbands fan's groupies no bytches they are called fans and if it wasn't because of those fans your men wouldn't be as famous as they are today and you wouldn't be living the luxury lives that you all have... So with that said stop calling their fans groupies.... It's funny because these bb housewives probably have slept with each others husbands and they don't even know it for example Evelyn on the show she mentioned that she did sleep with one of the other hags husband... what a contradiction! skanks!!!

1283 days ago


Shaunie set Evelyn up. Shaunie "suggested" that Evelyn expose the fact that she slept with Tammi's husband. Shaunie knew what she was doing.

These women are Shaunies meal ticket. Shaq has moved on.

1283 days ago
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