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Michael Vick -- Right Place, Wrong Time

3/20/2011 4:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Vick is doing an autograph show at the Dulles Expo Center today in Virginia -- and at the exact same time, the same venue is hosting the Super Pet Expo. Ruh-roh!

Vick is a featured guest today at the Collectors' Showcase of America, where he is supposed to sign autographs this afternoon. The event takes place in the North Hall of the complex while the Super Pet Expo is taking place in the South Hall.

Let's hope everyone plays nice.

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Pompus ass people. The man did his time and more. He admitted that he was wrong and trying to make good. The man made a mistake, not doing it anymore,letr the man live you asses

1279 days ago



Super pet expo. Sorry Vick. Not your type of dogs.

I still would have paid money to see Vick in a pit with his scent giving to the dogs he starved and tortured to fight and let them loose on Vick. Not even mentioning the dogs he killed.

1279 days ago

Tom G    

Holy Crap so many Vick hater, GET OVER IT!!

And that is bull**** at number 15 who says If you love animals you can't like Michael Vick. Talk about a load of crap.

I currently own 3 cats, all of which are the happiest animals I know compared to other friends and families cats and I can get vouched for on that. I have also owned many other cats and dogs, all have passed away with long healthy happy lives.

As a matter of fact as I type this my cat WILL NOT stay off of my lap even if I am typing and she is right in the way, she just loves me that much haha.

I have no problem with Michael Vick anymore. Yes I definitely did at the time of incident but I can only stay mad for long. It is true, he served his time and he did help out many organization and spoke on behalf of organizations against animal cruelty so he DESERVES FORGIVENESS.

I just think you guys who are still haters are just haters by nature. I guarantee you these are the people who complain about EVERYTHING and pick apart articles and TMZ even though they are offering this entertainment to us so you should just be greatful.

Haters gonna hate.

1279 days ago

Tom G    

And I forgot to mention that Vick is a phenomenal football player and like it or not, he WILL be in the NFL Hall of Fame if not because of his future accomplishments, then his multi-record breaking game this past season.

1279 days ago


I don't know what's wrong with you people. Some guy can come home, beat his wife to within an inch of her life, sending her to the hospital with broken bones and ending up in a coma. And we are lucky if it get's on page 12 of the newspapers. Hit a damn dog and every white person on earth is up in arms. I just don't get how you all think that putting a frigging dog above any human being is okay. Your reactions border on being as screwed up as a soup sandwich.

1279 days ago


Why would anyone want his autograph???

1279 days ago


So freaking what? The guy did his time. The guy apologized. Move on folk. Some you clowns act as if Michael Vick is John Wayne Gacy or something.

Posted at 1:00 PM on Mar 20, 2011 by Davey Boy

Well, to the dogs he killed, he IS John Wayne Gacy!

1279 days ago


Oprah would have cut Vick a new A hole

1279 days ago


IMO, Michael Vick is a bastard. I hope that he rots in Hell.
He may be in the NFL, but that is only because of the money whores in the Philadelphia Eagles franchise. To hear people cheer this SOB , makes my heart sad. Vick will answer some day. Sooner than later.

1279 days ago


I don't care that Vick did his time and how good he's on the football field.

What has always scared me is that Michael Vick "liked" and "enjoyed" what he did and done to those dogs. Vick didn't money.

1279 days ago


The man did his time and more. He admitted that he was wrong and trying to make good. The man made a mistake, not doing it anymore,letr the man live you asses

Posted at 1:56 PM on Mar 20, 2011 by KDOGG

Vick did his time and more, because HE GOT CAUGHT. I live 90 miles from Philly, I see his PR releases day in an day out during football. And that is all it is PR. There is something wrong with a man (really not the correct word) that fights dogs to the death. I hope Vick burns in Hell.

1279 days ago


It's going to take more than "I'm sorry, I didn't know any better" to make me believe that he is not pure evil. What a loser!

1279 days ago


#9- Tell that to the dogs he tortured,,,I am sure they will be impressed. He is evil!

1279 days ago


This piece of trash makes me sick! I do take comfort knowing that there is a special spot in Hell just waiting for him.

1279 days ago


And to the football fans...doesn't matter what awards he gets or what he does in the future he will forever be remembered as the sick SOB who abused animals.

1279 days ago
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