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Michael Vick -- Right Place, Wrong Time

3/20/2011 4:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Vick is doing an autograph show at the Dulles Expo Center today in Virginia -- and at the exact same time, the same venue is hosting the Super Pet Expo. Ruh-roh!

Vick is a featured guest today at the Collectors' Showcase of America, where he is supposed to sign autographs this afternoon. The event takes place in the North Hall of the complex while the Super Pet Expo is taking place in the South Hall.

Let's hope everyone plays nice.

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They should treat him similar to the way they treat convicted child molesters. He should be required to stay away from anywhere that has dogs. Actually they should whip him and chain him like the dogs that were whipped and chained at this house.

1277 days ago


Here's my take:

I do a lot of dog rescue, specifically with Pitbulls. I don't think Vick deserves forgiveness because he was only 'sorry' once he got caught. He TORTURED and MURDERED the dogs in insane, sociopathic ways. What he did was not normal and he's definitely not 'fixed' just because he spent some time in jail. You know that he's never even publicly acknowledged his former dogs that are still alive? Shouldn't he be worried about their welfare?

That being said, yes, there are PLENTY of white people that could give two ****s about Pitbulls and probably want them all killed anyway and are still mad as hell at Vick - because he's black. That element is DEFINITELY there and it's a shame but I still stand by the fact that someone who is capable of electrocuting, drowning etc, dogs is damaged beyond repair and doesn't deserve redemption. Just like human murderers or rapists, he can't ever be trusted. And YES, dogs matter!

1277 days ago

mr attitude    

Face the facts... Professional sports has proven time and time again that if you put money in the pockets of the powers that be, they'll give you every opportunity to redeem your career. Personally, I think ANYONE who abuses animals is a worthless piece of s**t. Race, religion, financial stature or popularity mean nothing to me in matters like this. Vick's reinstatement was the final straw in my decision to stop following the NFL. With all the off the field B.S. lately I'm tired of it.

1277 days ago

Remy Lee     

He is an amoral despicable vile half-witted cretin!! I do wish a multitude of misfortune for him and his family!! Not a stud more like crud!!

1277 days ago


I eat meat like the MAJORITY of the US! This isn't Star Trek; the meat isn't beamed out of the animal, they are SLAUGHTERED! They're electrocuted, throats cut or clubbed;which means they don't always die immediately. Unless your a raw food vegan, that walks everywhere, and only wears natural biotextiles like cotton:YOU'RE NO BETTER THAN VICK...STFU!

We are just like the peolple that bet on the dog fights! Standing by and making money off the death of animals!

So, again Vick bashers, STFU! He did the time!

1277 days ago


Who would want to see this creep and have his autograph!? Seriously ... he doesn't deserve a career anymore!!! But I believe that what goes around, comes around.

1277 days ago


Weed I agree with with except he isn't half as decent as any animal. He is lower than dirt and should rot in hell.

1276 days ago


@spin you are so wrong, I am an animal rights advocate and I have seen what dog fighting does to an animal...so screw your race card comment...he's an animal abuser and he does not deserve to be treated like a king....if he molested a kid you'd be bashing him as well.

1276 days ago


Collectors Showcase of Animal Abusers of American. How disgusting...this man should hide his face in shame for the rest of his lowlife life! Loser!

1276 days ago


To all of you vick forgivers wich almost all black people forvive him because he is black, and accuse white ppl. of being a racist because we dont forgive him. This killing and torturing of dogs for enjoyment is not a mistake when he had been doing this for years. If you could see him in the act of electrocuting,beating,or starving these animals with a smile on his face because he did do this stuff for enjoyment i doubt you would still have the awww he paid the price now i want his autograph stance. Think of what type of person gets off on torture and killing of animals. get real ppl. he is a lowlife.

1276 days ago


the man is pure evil, nothing will change that.
He would be doing what if he wasn't playing football, selling drugs, selling women dog fighting (he's sorry about that little mistake) killing dogs that can't kill another dog. EVIL EVIL EVIL

1276 days ago


I know a few things about what he did in prison. He was treated very well in prison. He was treated differently than other prisoners. He blamed his problems on his family. He did all the nonsense things that prisoners do to avoid responsibility. He is a player, a thug, and a typical prisoner. Everyone who was there with him knows he doesn't get it. His big ego is still there. He really thinks he's the best. He doesn't see his behavior as bad. President Obama praised this thug. Mark my words, he will be back in prison. Idle time is the devils handywork, and when he gets too old to play football, he'll be back. He does have a point, his family is full of mess ups, but he sure did blame them and sell them out pretty quick. Typical street thug, except this one wears a football uniform. He will be back, the man was not reformed. He went through the motions, punched his ticket, and did what he had to do to get out and go make money. He's not the brightest guy in the world, and doesn't listen to people at all when they try to help. Don't believe the hype, he's still street trash, a hood rat, and a thug. Mark my words, he'll be back.

1276 days ago


How many dogs does Parasite kill each year? How come TMZ never post about that?

1276 days ago


Why do black people stick up for these black criminals like Vick and OJ? Maybe you need to look to other heroes besides sports. Isn't there a black scientist or something like that you can look up to besides these aggressive brutes? Find someone else to admire!

1276 days ago


you people really need to get a life, so if he goes out on a run and pass by a dog, do we need to call a cop, please lets get real the man has paid for his crim which is sad, you can kill a person and get probatin, but hurt an animal get life. how sad is our Justice system.

1276 days ago
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