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Michael Lohan

CHARGED w/ Domestic Violence

3/23/2011 12:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan has been officially charged with a crime stemming from his domestic violence arrest Monday night ... TMZ has learned.

Michael Lohan Domestic Violence
The L.A. County District Attorney's Office announced it has filed a misdemeanor charge of Inflicting Injury on a Cohabitant against Lohan ... after his ex-GF Kate Major told cops Michael beat her up.

Michael's bail was set at $30,000.

Lohan is scheduled to be arraigned on May 23.


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On another note: PLEASE do NOT watch Dancing with the "Stars"
next week if they put Chris Brown on. I am begging you!

Posted at 9:05 AM on Mar 23, 2011 by christy
No need to beg. I had already planned to not watch it again.

1272 days ago


Lohan is just a homophobic woman beater. I can't beleive this is only a misdemeanor.

1272 days ago


I am from Kate's hometown and graduated from the same High School (I am a few years older).
In high school she was a "mean girl" and tried to act superior to everyone else.
She's grown up to be a fame whore.
Deep down inside, however, she was a sad, insecure little girl whose own self-loathing caused her to look down on everyone else. While I do not condone violence AT ALL and I am not happy to hear she may have been physically harmed, what did she expect taking up w/ someone like Michael Lohan, whose ONLY appealing characteristic (if you can call it that) is that he's famous for having a famous daughter?

Katie, dear, you may want to consider going back to Allentown and laying low for a while. Try to be a contributing member of society and accomplish something good. That's going to help your self esteem more than leeching onto some pseudo-celebrity like Lohan or Jon Gosselin.

1272 days ago


First The Sahlahi's took advantage of your kindness and ripped MiLo off then KM tries to mooch in on your newfound fame after being invited to participate in a family recovery setting and explodes in anger when it is revealed that MiLO wants to try and reunite with the mother of his children and save his family, K.M has cried wolf everytime she is dumped and uses the d v card trying to glomb on to some old lies about abuse.Take the high ground Micheal and rise above it Brother you are WINNING!!!!!!!!!!!


1272 days ago

Paul Lynde    

What a phukt up family.

1272 days ago


White Trash - The ENTIRE family.

1272 days ago


Does anyone know what time LL goes before the judge?

1272 days ago


Maybe him and Lindsay can get a special father daughter cell in LA county jail.

Hey TMZ is Lindsay taking the plea deal or not? The court has to know by today.

1272 days ago


I guess the court will assign him a courtdate that wont interfere with any vacations he might have planned

1272 days ago


To #9... I totally agree with everthing you stated... and to #10, grow up, no need to make this a race issue. It's an "entertainment gossip" site. If you want to read about real race issues, read a real newpaper. You just might find out that the majority of people being dissed are not black. News Flash!! That being said...all Lohans should be banished from all media and sent back to the rock they crawled out from.

1272 days ago


maybe the state can save some $ by having them share a cell.

1272 days ago



I don't think Lohan has to be in court. I think Holley just has to let the Judge no sometime today plea, or trial. If plea Lohan has to be there Friday for jail. If trial, goes to the other Judge I think April 22? Lohan has to show up for that.

1272 days ago


n October, 2010 TMZ showed photos of MICHAEL LOHAN faking slashes on his own arms, saying a stalker guy slashed him!

Now, Michael is doing it again, he slashed his own arms and said Kate did it!

The slashes in 2010 were clearly self inflicted!

Here is the TMZ article from October 2010 showing Michael Lohan faking slashes on his arm and side/back of neck where he could reach:

And what was Michael Lohan's made up story back in October 2010, you ask? He said some man was threatening him because they didn't want him to appear at Lilo's court case! And slashed him!

But it turned out he slashed himself!

Just like he did this time to try to pin blame on Kate!

Here is the first TMZ story from back then

and here is the one with the photos showing the clearly self inflicted slashes!

What Michael Lohan taught Lindsay:

1) Commit serial felonies

2) When you get caught, blame/bribe/slander the victim and claim you were set up

3) Slash yourself and do whatever it takes to help the lie

The problem for Michael this time is he already used the fake self-slashing for publicity in October 2010 and was caught by TMZ and others. He was not thinking clearly enough after this crime to come up with a better alibi.

1272 days ago


guaranteed she will go back to him....sad but true.

1272 days ago


Let's hope Michael Lohan goes far, far, far away for many, many years so that we don't have to deal with this total f'ing loser.

1272 days ago
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