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Criminal Battery Case

Full Steam Ahead

3/25/2011 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just when Lindsay Lohan thought her legal problems couldn't get any worse ... TMZ has learned cops are reigniting their investigation into allegations she attacked a Betty Ford staffer.

Sources connected to the investigation tell us ... in the last two days, the Riverside County District Attorney's Office sent investigators to meet with key witnesses who were with Lindsay on December 12, 2010 -- the night she allegedly got into a tussle with Dawn Holland

We're told cops told the witnesses they were conducting the investigation because the D.A. is still determining whether to pursue criminal assault charges against Lohan.

Sources tell us ... investigators wanted to know if the witness could testify if it was Lindsay or Dawn who was the "aggressor" during that fateful night. They also wanted to know if the witness could describe any sort of injury Dawn may have suffered during the incident.

We're told investigators also wanted to know if the witnesses would cooperate with authorities if the case went to trial ... but sources say the witnesses wouldn't give a definitive answer. 


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I guess they feel stupid trying to prosecute her for the jewlery "theft" when this store is obviously exploiting her for $$ and publicity. SO now they have to dig up other stuff to nail her with. Leave this girl alone, quit wasting tax payers time and money on this b.s. and let her move on with her life. Its really disgusting how much attention they are paying. There are more important people to prosecute like actual criminals!

1245 days ago


now i think enough is enough, she has now become a target... if they dont cut her a break she going to kill herself.... she is being hung out to dry for taking her other case to trial,,, black mail to get her to take the plea........

1245 days ago


#67 - what are you smoking and can i have some? lol

1245 days ago


Lilo needs to bang some 7 gram rocks with Chuckles!

She obviously knows how to handle crack socially like he does!

So let them be and let them party with crack and whores all they want!

They deserve to be able to do anything they want, right?

And I mean, SamRoHo isnt the cutest party favor, but I bet she can munch rug like no other!

1245 days ago


The more trouble Lindsay gets the better for Shawn Holley
doesnt anyone see Lindsay is nothing but a cash cow to her.

1245 days ago


Lohan needs this publicity to keep her in the limelite. This is all she has left. The paps stop paying attention to her that a fate worse then death.

She want's the OJ media circus.

1245 days ago

Mark Proctor    

What an Incredible waste of tax dollars for this fame seeking district attorney and prosecutors office.

1245 days ago


Hi Granma, Nikki

Someone said TMZ was going to run out of material?


Not with Lilo, Chuckles and Chris Brown out of jail! Hollywood isnt what it used to be - I bet it saddened Liz Taylor and all the old stars!

1245 days ago

normal person    

Talk about a witch hunt. All this because she completed a few classes late for a DUI. Lilo is a victim of your hate.
Same 10 people come here every day and spew their hate. FUTMZ, YO Grandma crackers, davey boy, rose 9120 etc. Same haters every day spinning lies .
I thought California was broke

1245 days ago


What's the matter with LAPD? They seem to be hellbent on crushing Lohan. Don't they have real criminals to go after?

This seems less and less fair, and you get a growing suspicion they are going after her for some shady reason. What is it, did she turn down sexual advances from an officer, or what?

Lindsey Lohan needs to seek asylum in another country, or something. She may have been wild, but probably far less so than the police officers doing all they can to destroy her.

1245 days ago

john smith    

Riverside has a higher rate of murder and violent crime than the national average. You would think that investigators have better things to do than investigate a a non crime at a rehab facility between a patient and a employee where no one was injured and the employee sold her story to a tabloid magazine. Why did they wait until Lindsay refused the plea deal to re open the investigation???

1245 days ago

normal person    

Aston I agree with you completely. Cops are big drinkers.

1245 days ago


Way to much fun with these over rated chumps!

A funny video on Chuckles, goes for Lilo too!

1245 days ago


Pesky board wont take embeds

Link to "Charlies demise"

1245 days ago

Davey Boy    

Dawn Holland hurt herself when fell upon Dina Lohan's checkbook.

1245 days ago
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