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TMZ Live -- How 'Teen Mom' Spawned Lawyer Brawl

3/25/2011 6:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The real reason Harvey and Jason fought over the "Teen Mom 2" assault video ... And, why Jenelle Evans escaped criminal charges for the brutal beatdown. Plus, why the "Barefoot Contessa" said no to a cancer-stricken boy's request to cook a meal together.

We answer these and 28 other questions on today's TMZ Live!


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(0:56) Christie talks about the time she got arrested in a french maid's outfit -- and she shows us her AWESOME mug shot.
(5:24) The "Teen Mom 2" fight -- so brutal -- and why no charges will be filed.
(11:30) Evan's passionate stance on the "Barefoot Contessa"/Make-a-Wish controversy.
(14:25) Evan rehashes the "Teen Mom" brawl ... and it's the beginning of a SERIOUS argument.
(16:20) The gloves are off! Harvey and Jason's reenactment of the fight begins!!!
(18:45) The argument gains steam ... if that's even possible at this point!
(23:40) Dennis talks to cops LIVE about the fight ... and it doesn't really help the situation.
(25:00) 10 LONG minutes have passed ... and the fight is finally over.
(31:30) Twitter questions: What is Max working on during TMZ Live? Will Harvey ever be roasted on Comedy Central?
(40:00) We go to Anna on the confessional camera ... to talk about her glasses.
(43:00) Daniel is moving to New York this week ... so Harvey gives him crap about it.
(49:00) 49 minutes of fun later ... we call it a day.


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I discovered TMZ bucause of Brit Brit and all her crazy. Thanks Brit

1270 days ago


@Harvey I think you should put Jason in check. Jason your wrong just admit it.

1270 days ago


No wonder everyone hates lawyers.

1270 days ago


Quite a week for the show indeed.

1270 days ago


Why do harvey and his boys take over TMZ live with teir silly fights. We tune in gor gossip not a sophomoric fight over who is right..

1270 days ago


Didn't really understand the lesbian in prison story with the toilet in the middle of the jail cell story. Would you please have Kristie explain that again?? Something about dressed as a prostitute? Need some clarification!

1270 days ago


Jason you're also wrong in stating the woman was stepping forward to advance because she was on a platform and stepped off the platform to secure her phone away from an agressor. She then made an attempt to get back on the platform, at which time the agressor had advanced to the area of the platform the victim had previously established to be her position on her property.

The agressor attempted to control the movement of the victim and attempted to prevent the victim from regaining her position on the platform. Jason should note that the area the victim had retreated to in order to secure her phone was away from the entrance way and doorway of her house.

The agressor made an attempt to prevent the victim from retreating into her house by standing directly infront of the victims doorway. Jason should also note in the video that as the victim begain to climb out of the ditch area and back onto the platform area the aressor retreated back to allow this.

Jason should also observe that the agressor made three movements to back away from the victim but was inticed by the crowd around the two to engage in a violent assault on the victim.


1270 days ago


Harvey's right. Point being the girl is on her own property and she did not take the first hit. Janelle was in the wrong and she should be charge with this crap. jmo

1270 days ago


Jason just to clarify, you are confused on the idea that a person should not be allowed to defend themselves when being attacked. You are correct in noting that the victim may have been given an opportunity to remove herself from the attack, but you should be accepting to the argument that the victim was preparing to defend herself. The victim did indeed retreat Jason, as you are demanding her to do.

She retreated from the attack in an attempt to secure her property and then made an attempt to defend her property and herself.

Once battery is established the aggressor has made an attempt to control the movement of another with physical force. The victim then has a right by cause of defense to establish a personal area free from harm of the aggressor. The victim has a right to argue the validity of the area with the aggressor if the aggressor persists it's attempt at control of movement.

Jason we have a choice to run or to fight. The aggressor in this situation was determined on preventing her victim from fleeing the area, her home. We should not expect others to take the abuse offered by those that break the law.

Jason as an observer in that crowd I would have stopped them both from injuring each other. I'll tell you from experience my actions would have repercussions that last a life time. You should note in that video no one stopped the violence before it was too late.

1270 days ago


Just had to watch the TMZ video again and I have determined without a doubt that Jason would enjoy fighting 15 year old girls. Jason argued for ten minutes that he believed a 15 year old girl got what she deserved when she pummeled to the ground for 50 seconds. Enjoy your job at TMZ Jason!

1270 days ago


Of course she said no. She didn't want to catch what he had...

1270 days ago


Why is it that I just can't see university degrees in the future for the young women on Teen Mom (any addition)?

I can see them being interviewed for a "where are they now" piece and after the interview has been cleared with the prison warden they'll explain which one of their children are still in state care.

Sad situation.

1270 days ago


It's time for a review when the lawyers are engaging in fisticuffs on the intervision.

Have the fire extinguisher on standby next lawyer friday.

If ever there was a reason to have a sheriff in the courtroom we just saw it, you two are OUT OF ORDER!!

Get Christie in there to take an edge off the stress guys!

I don't watch Teen Mom, Harvey doesn't watch Teen Mom and Jason doesn't watch Teen Mom but let's fight about Teen Mom in the parking lot after work!!

1270 days ago


Can't believe Harvey didn't fake throwing a chair out the window, usually spot on for such silliness.

1270 days ago



1270 days ago
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