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'American Idol' Contestant Takes Fall After Show

3/26/2011 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" contestant Casey Abrams -- who got voted off the show Thursday and won a save from the judges -- was so overwrought with emotion after the show, he began hyperventilating and then fell to the floor in the hallway.

We're told "A.I." staffers helped Casey up and put him in a chair so he could calm down.

Ironically, his song choice Thursday was "I Don't Need No Doctor."

Our "Idol" spies tell us ... Casey felt horrible that the judges used their save for him, saying "I feel really bad that other [contestants] might have to go home now because they [the judges] used the save on me."

Casey had a rough day Thursday.  He got a blood transfusion in the morning because of ongoing problems with internal bleeding.


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Jeez, this show is going to kill him.

1309 days ago

Dan Kemp    

Wow, Godbless You Casey..)dk

1309 days ago


I'm sorry but is this guy going to make it to the finale?.

I don't watch, but it seems to always be reported that this guy was taken to the hospital, in the hospital, just getting out of the hospital.

Shouldn't he be working on his health first?.

1309 days ago


Please Casey, hang in there and don't be a drama queen, it grosses people out !

1309 days ago


I'm glad the judges saved him. He is very talented.

1309 days ago


I'm sorry Casey is sick but he was right, the judges shouldn't have used the save on him. He doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell at winning the whole thing so using it on him was a total waste. But, what do you expect from these idiot judges who pretty much tell every contestant how amaaaazing they are...LAME.

1309 days ago


This poor guy. He's so talented. Seems he might be a bit fragile for the grind of this show. It's a tough haul but I'm happy for him to have made the top 10. He has a shot at a nice career showcasing his talent. Good for him!

Hang in there Casey. Your health does come first though no doubt. Pulling for you!

1309 days ago


It might be much better for this young man if he was off the show. It's clear the stress of performing isn't helping him one bit health-wise.

1309 days ago


I don't even watch this horrible show (but I actually sat saw a couple highlights this week from TMZ's TV show), and even I know this guy is a complete drama queen.

Every week something different makes this guy collapse, wail like a 3 year old girl, get carted off to the hospital, hug every audience member, - it's a joke. There might be some redeemed factor if he had a chance to win, but between those ridiculous faces he makes while singing and his horrible performances, - he's now the talent show equivalent of Sean Penn in "Dead Man Walking."
It's only a matter of hours before this guy is told to go home… again.
My God, how uncomfortable is that 10 minutes of fake disbelief by Seacrest, the audience and his fellow contestants going to be this week.
But America, between now and then we're all going to get at least one more horrible rendition of some over-played 70's soul selection, done as only an awkward white guy who looks severely constipated while performing, could do it.
Thank you American Idol, for always managing to find new ways of showing just how pathetic so many people in this country have become.

1309 days ago


This guy will be gone in no time. He does NOT have the goods to go all the way or sell any cd's.
Average at best but what do you expect.....It's American Idol... Weak!

1309 days ago


OK so if anyone watches american idol you would know that casey is one of the top talents on this year's line up. I believe that American idol does this just to create drama on the show so people will tune in even more. He got the lowest calls? Really? How about American idol unblock his line so that the people actually calling can get through to vote for him and not do this just to create publicity for the show!!!!! Stupid American Idol and their show tactics.

1309 days ago


First of all....Casey has a legitimate illness, people. He has Ulcerative Colitis. If any on you had any knowledge of the disease, you would know why he is in and out of the hospital! My niece has it and she would just "pass" blood and clots in the toilet, if you know what I mean. I am trying to be delicate here. People with this disease lose a lot of blod sometimes. It makes them weak. They may have to get monthly I.V. infusions of a very strong, immune suppressing drug (that has been proven to cause cancer in some people, but is a last resort) to help slow this bleeding down so they can live a somewhat normal life. Stress plays a major part in thereoccurrence of symptoms. So cut the guy some slack, would ya? He's trying to live his dream!!! My goodness, you people have no compassion! Maybe he can help bring this disease to the forefront so more money will be poured into research.

1309 days ago


His poofy hair and bushy, yet oddly miscolored beard protected him from head injury when he fell.

He can't handle the pressure. Time to leave. Future Jacko in the making here.

1309 days ago


That's okay. Old Yukon Cornelius will be sent back soon enough on the island of misfit toys with Rudolph and that elf who wants to be a dentist.

1309 days ago


B-Don, you have quiet a lot to say, for somebody who is not watching the show. Always surprises me, when people have such a strong opinon about something they are not interessted in and don't really know about.I like opinons, but more, when people really know what they are talking about!!!
(Always this BS...oh I don't watch this show, but......)

To AI....these judges go on my nerves!!! JLo and Tyler : everything great and good job, and :"I really, really like you, but it was a little bit pitchy" or something.
Well, JUDGES: tell them like it is, boring, not good , really karaoke or my favorite (beside the Cruise ship entertainer) "forgettable".
These kids will go after AI in the real world of showbiz and think they will be all doing great, because of these comments.
We all know they won't.

There are only a handful of AI stars doing really well.
Who was the winner last year? Or the year before (Lee or Kris?!), What did they sing after AI?

Come on judges, put your big boy/girl pants on and tell them like it is.

1309 days ago
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