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'Teen Mom 2' Star


Over Fight Video

3/28/2011 10:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jenelle Evans, star of MTV's "Teen Mom 2," was arrested late last night for assault ... after TMZ posted her rabid attack on another girl last week.

Teen Mom 2 Mug Shot
Oak Island Police tell TMZ Evans was booked into Brunswick County Jail and was released shortly thereafter on bond.

According to Jenelle's attorney, a warrant was issued for Jenelle's arrest after police saw the video of Evans fighting with another girl. The other girl in the video, Britany Truett, initially said she wasn't going to press charges, but changed her mind over the weekend.

Evans is charged with assault and "affray for fighting." She is due back in court April 26.

An attorney for Evans tells TMZ, "Based on the information that I have received, I believe Jenelle was set up."

UPDATE: Get this ... cops had a warrant for Kieffer Delp (the guy Jenelle and Britany were fighting over) based on a cocaine charge from last year ... and they found him at Jenelle's house and arrested him too. 



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White trash, meth heads.....all of 'em.

1276 days ago


Missing link?

Also, he doesn't look to wasted

1276 days ago


Everyone of those kids standing around her promoting the fight should be arrested as well. Especially the girl that pushed her twice provoking the fight.

1276 days ago


BAAAAHBRAAAAA must be so pleased

1276 days ago


@BRAD 136 THE CHILDS FATHER IS WHITE she just hooked up with the black guy. The dad has nothing to do with his son he was a bum too.

1276 days ago


It is so oviouse that she was set up! That one girl pushed her into the girls yard twice and then they would not allow her to fight out of the yard then when the girl was pinned down by Jennel they were telling her to let her go. The girl was clearly asking to fight her, called her out several times. If one gets charged so should the other!

1276 days ago


put her ass in jail its all for 15 minutes of fame let her go to jail my guess is she will get her ass whipped quick for acting like a baby

1276 days ago


MTV is discusting. This girl is trash. Complete trash. I dont know who is worse her or Amber. But MTV needs to go back to playing music videos. They also need to stop allowing that ******* Ron to abuse that girl Sam on the Jersy Shore. Why is it that nobody steps in when these things are happening? Where the hell is the crew? Absolutely discusting. MTV your over.

1276 days ago


Very glad that she gave up custody of her son. This just goes to show that she is unfit to be a mother. She has a lot of growing up to do. Jenelle needs to dump the douche and move on. There are lots of other men out there that are competent enough to help Jenelle out. Apparently she's not getting the idea that Kieffer is a loser like her mom SAID. Yeah, her mother is right about her.

1276 days ago


These lowlifers were fighting over this mongoloid? Why am I not surprised?

1276 days ago


the hoe that pushed janelle & threatens to step on the girl that's on the ground....the whole video she only has 1 shoe on....wonder if she was gonna? or too poor for both shoes? hmmm tough one.

1276 days ago


Something is clearly wrong. There are many more people who need to be charged. Like the one who pushed her into the other girl twice. It does not look like she was wanting to fight in the beginning. Clearly she is making many more poor choices, like who she counts as her friends.

1276 days ago


Birth control is less expensive than raising a child, you dingbat.

1276 days ago


As Barbara would say "High. High." they mustof been high

1276 days ago


I can't believe they are getting paid to be on a reality show let alone getting publicity for getting arrested. What a total waste of lives. And her poor baby. She doesn't deserve to be able to parent. What is that kid going to turn out like? Being taught that you get into a physical altercation to get yourself heard and make someone afraid of you? And Caroline- do you really believe it's OK to go through life angry and taking it out on everyone else. Well guess what? It's not! Get some help to deal with your anger and stop beating people up. It's against the law!

1276 days ago
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