'Teen Mom' Pusher -- 'I Wanted to See Them Fight!'

3/28/2011 4:15 PM PDT

'Teen Mom' Pusher Brittany Maggard -- 'I Wanted to See Them Fight!'

Refreshing but troublesome honesty from the girl who pushed Jenelle Evans into her nemesis last week -- a push which triggered an insane fight that landed all 3 girls in the slammer.

Brittany Maggard, the pusher, tells TMZ ... "Jenelle wanted to go and fight Britany because of something with her man.  She was scared and wouldn't go fight by herself so I went to help her out."

Maggard continues, "Ya I instigated it, but what the hell are we supposed to do?  I wanted to see them fight!"

And get this!  Maggard says, "I'm pissed though because I went down to help her out, we both ended up in jail, she got bailed out before me and when I called her to get me out, she didn't come." No loyalty.

And of course, the mugshot:  "I'm just glad my mug didn't show my socks.  My socks weren't matching.  I had one Spider-Man sock and one green sock on."

And, clearly, Brittany is an expert in socks.