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TMZ Live -- Was 'Teen Mom' Star 'Set Up'?

3/29/2011 4:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Could Jenelle Evans have been "set up" to brawl on camera? Is Charles the West Coast ambassador to NASCAR? And, why the heck are the TMZ bathrooms so nasty? Plus, how Jeff Bridges made one of our cameramen cry!

17 answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!


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(0:00) Harvey INSISTS he didn't just pee his pants ... instead, he blames our awkwardly constructed bathroom sinks.
(1:45) TMZ history lesson ... when Harvey started the website, he NEVER expected to do a TV show -- but we all know how that turned out.
(4:00) Shameless pitch for the TMZ Bus Tour! Go see it!
(5:00) Are comedians protected by free speech laws? Jason breaks it down.
(10:30) Question for Ryan -- our wrestling guru -- has he ever wrestled?
(12:00) Why is Harvey so hard on Daniel
(16:35) Charles, Evan and Gary went to a NASCAR race this weekend. They found out Charles isn't the only Black person at the races!!!
(23:45) What was the first post on
(24:45) The identity of the beautiful older lady pictured in two cubicles in our office is revealed.
(25:50) Twitter time! Questions about Charlie Sheen's alleged dog abuse, babies and TMZ, why Harvey gets so amped while talking about the "Teen Mom 2" fight, and Charles Manson.
(28:10) We talk to Kris -- our camera guy who had a heart-to-heart with Jeff Bridges last night.


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Little ole hag Jewish lay~dee, Harvey STOP, STOP, STOP, STOP, STOP talking about yourself, it's alllllll about me, my & I~~~
STOP!!!!! Let CHARLES & JASON talk, they are more IMPORTANT than you, little Harvey!!!!!!!!!!! Hooooooooray 4 MAX, MAX, MAX, MAX, MAX!!!!!!!!!!! Yogi is our sunshine!!!!

1303 days ago


TMZ is my new addiction! One thing... can you introduce all the folks? They pitch all these great stories and we don't have a clue who they are!

1303 days ago

nee nee    


1303 days ago

egged on    

TMZ do dah same spilt all Dah`times for subcontractors whoever`ss who bee`s able2 get a action clip.LA`fitness sued like walmart4 harressment and roidhead cattle call flash hord`ss on podcast plus mason broadcasters for relayers keyed off play sheets of earth mic`ed and sound scanned hacked somebodys.SHUT UP TMZ should get sued huge and timelessly for thiert hacky sackie hoo hoo dope crews whom discourse battles for hollywood power`ss.Sue you`all real some LA`fitness and Timmy Z brain FaCe LifT off kilter DUDE

1303 days ago


Will Chris Brown be able to redeem himself after all the bad publicity?

1303 days ago


I'm going to give Charles the benefit of the doubt. The guy just got off from vacation, and most people coming back from vacation aren't very happy to come back too work or school, unless the vacation was bad.

1303 days ago


how could charles be a guest of roush fenway racing and where a yankee"s shirt. that would be like guest on tmz wearing a Entertainment tonight shirt. SO A LITTLE RESPECT CHARLES LOL

1303 days ago


I want in; and I'm a tribesman so I should at least get a look!

1303 days ago


Are you sure Zsa Zsa wasn't spitting Cobra Venom?

1303 days ago



1303 days ago


Jeff Bridges is so cool...but Kris is hot!

1303 days ago


Harvey you get so passionate when you're being 'Legal Eagle' has there ever been a case where just thought, "I would love to argue this case''.
AND Jason that wasn't a step Brittany took, she was pulling up her pants!

1303 days ago


Harvey you seem to be getting more & more hyper these days. You've got to learn to settle petal! I think Charles has given up trying to be heard over Harveys noise.

1303 days ago

Mark Proctor    


1302 days ago


Your NASCAR segment really struck a chord with me! My exceedingly Jewish family and I have gone to watch amateur racing at Irwindale Speedway in the Inland Empire countless times. My mother is an absolute NASCAR fanatic but each and every time we go I can't help but think we are probably the only Pico-Robertson Jews to come within ten miles of the place. I remember one time growing up, they did a Christian invocation after the National Anthem at Irwindale and I took such offense that i emailed them to voice the complaints of one Jewish attendee! Im happy to see that there are more of us NASCAR watching Jews in the world than I thought- we should have "Jew Day at the Speedway" kind of like how they have Jew Day at Dodger Stadium with the kosher Dodger Dogs. Just a thought! Harvey could be our mascot! :)

1302 days ago
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