TMZ Live -- Was 'Teen Mom' Star 'Set Up'?

3/29/2011 4:50 PM PDT

TMZ Live -- Was 'Teen Mom' Star 'Set Up'?

Could Jenelle Evans have been "set up" to brawl on camera? Is Charles the West Coast ambassador to NASCAR? And, why the heck are the TMZ bathrooms so nasty? Plus, how Jeff Bridges made one of our cameramen cry!

17 answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!

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(0:00) Harvey INSISTS he didn't just pee his pants ... instead, he blames our awkwardly constructed bathroom sinks.
(1:45) TMZ history lesson ... when Harvey started the website, he NEVER expected to do a TV show -- but we all know how that turned out.
(4:00) Shameless pitch for the TMZ Bus Tour! Go see it!
(5:00) Are comedians protected by free speech laws? Jason breaks it down.
(10:30) Question for Ryan -- our wrestling guru -- has he ever wrestled?
(12:00) Why is Harvey so hard on Daniel
(16:35) Charles, Evan and Gary went to a NASCAR race this weekend. They found out Charles isn't the only Black person at the races!!!
(23:45) What was the first post on
(24:45) The identity of the beautiful older lady pictured in two cubicles in our office is revealed.
(25:50) Twitter time! Questions about Charlie Sheen's alleged dog abuse, babies and TMZ, why Harvey gets so amped while talking about the "Teen Mom 2" fight, and Charles Manson.
(28:10) We talk to Kris -- our camera guy who had a heart-to-heart with Jeff Bridges last night.