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Charlie Sheen Puts Town on HIGH Alert

3/31/2011 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen is planning a wild after party when his tour hits New York City next week ... and, appropriately, cops in the area are already calling for back up ... TMZ has learned.


Even though Charlie's show is at Radio City Music Hall ... the post celebration is in the tiny town of Carlstadt, NJ -- population around 6,000 -- where they usually only have 3 officers on duty per shift.

But when the Sheen party train rolls into Dragonfly nightclub ... Carlstadt PD tells us they'll ratchet things up and put about 10 officers on the night shift.

Despite the extra officers ... cops say they don't anticipate anything more than crowd control and traffic issues.

Yeah ... what could possibly go wrong.



No Avatar


Charlie don't ever get married again. Cuz U already know how horrible it is. Right now you are truly winning because U have some chicks on the payroll that u can easily fire if they start acting all wifey. You're living the dream. Paying them to leave.

1116 days ago


Nobody will show.

1116 days ago

Sad sad    

That picture makes me feel uncomfortable.

1116 days ago


I use to like Charlie.. but now.. NO ONE CARES ABOUT THIS WASHED UP HACK!

1116 days ago


The shark has jumped Charlie. You are now yesterdays news and you don't even know it yet. The torpedo of truth is heading straight for your head as you get on stage and choke like your radio show.


1116 days ago


I wouldn't waste my money to hear him talk...nothing he says makes sense to me but there will always be some people who think Charlie is amazing and funny and will be at his talk show. Unfortunately, these people just as bat**** crazy as he is.

1116 days ago


Oh my. Are you sure they are not bringing US Army to protect them from bad ole Charlie?? LOL!! Geez, is that man powerful or what??
Seriously TMZ...How about some REAL news for a change?

1116 days ago


This Blue Steel pose Charlie's adopted makes him look as if he has no teeth.

1116 days ago


I'm thinking that 50% of the seats will be filled with homeless people he winds up handing tickets and a cheap suit too.

Dear police...don't add cops, instead, take the night off and have the fire department and 911 people do the same...time to let this train finally derail for good.

1116 days ago


Does he dye his hair now?

Losing! Hair that is!

1116 days ago


Why must so many people put Charlie down? I am sorry It's just not right in my opinion.I used to come here a lot.Haven't for a while because so many people are hard on Charlie.

I will always support Charlie's career even if some people may think I am crazy.I believe in him.

Thanks for the ones who are nice to him.Of course everyone has a right to their opinion.Still I would never put down someone.

Charlie fan forever

1116 days ago


It's a disease called "trolling jealousy". LOL!

1116 days ago


Who, again I say who, would waste their money on this washed-up babbling drug addict?

1116 days ago

Mark Proctor    

Dog Killer. Go to Hell.

1116 days ago


Ya know...This is so true. I think most people are so afraid of breaking those damn rules, that they reject everyone who has the guts to actually do it.
Many of them would be 100% behind Charlie if crawled back to WB and Lorre with apologies and begged for his job back, because that's what they would do. It doesn't matter that they would lose their dignity and self-respect, but hey! They would have their precious jobs back.
Now I understand that not everyone can afford losing a job and standing up to the employer. We all have families and we do not earn the kind of money that Charlie does. However he CAN afford it (that is the problem for 99% of his haters), and I see no reason why he shouldn't do it. Apparently that 1.8 per episode is less important than screaming out the truth and standing up to those that tried to screw him.
He says what he thinks and he doesn't care what it looks like. Anyone who is brave enough to do it, should be admired, not condemned.

1116 days ago
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