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Kevin Smith Auctioning 'Secret Stash' of Memorabilia

3/31/2011 4:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin Smith's rabid fans can lay hands on his booty next month -- when the director auctions off his most treasured movie props -- and we have all the details ... SNOOTCHIE BOOTCHIES!!!

Check out the photos to see some of the most awesome items on the auction block -- like the Bluntman costume from "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" and Bartleby's angel wings from "Dogma."

We're told the whole thing is going down next month at the Pasadena Convention Center -- and all proceeds will help Smith foot the bill for distribution of his new movie, "Red State."

No word if any "Jersey Girl" props will be sold ... since Kevin would have to admit he actually made that film.


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I want the weed sellers union card.

1302 days ago


Wish Kevin wouldn't have sold out.

1302 days ago

Crawford T.    

They were selling the union cards on the VA site some years back, not sure if that's the case.

I admit it though, for a second I was actually pathetic to have a minimal hankering for that Bluntman costume.

1302 days ago

Kurtis Marsh    

I am the only person who liked Jersey Girl.

1302 days ago


link to the actual Propworx Kevin Smith Auction here:

1302 days ago


He is WAY overrated as a director. His fanboys refuse to see that he's a one trick pony that had one or two decent films. He hasn't made a decent film since the 90s.

1302 days ago


#6 Carl.. "It is you who are the ball lickers"

1302 days ago


How did Kevin Smith sell out? Please know what you are talking about before speaking, he just released arguably his best film yet(Red State) and you know what he released it INDEPENDENTLY... How is that selling out?? Plz explain... He's going back to his roots like in the original Clerks... If you wanna say he supposedly sold out then he sold out immediately after the original Clerks. So again know what you're talking about, Jersey Girl and Cop Out would be the only acception but there's reasons for that if you'd listen to his smodcast you'd know

1302 days ago


I am the only other person that likes Jersey Girl, thank you #4!

1302 days ago


I am the only other person that likes Jersey Girl, thank you #4!

1302 days ago


Why is he footing the bill for distributing his film? Certainly he can get studio backing. Kevin Smith is considered a very bankable movie maker. Must be more to this story.

1301 days ago

Andre R.    

Jeez...he must really need money. His movies suck now, so all of his old crap from his glory days of fame and fortune, hey, they gotta go!

I wonder if you could still smell his pits-and-ass stench in that Bluntman/Chronic suit? Bleeeccchhh, disgusting!

Run, fatboy, the nearest Mooby's and stuff your fat face so no airline will ever let you fly with them!

How the mighty have fallen!

1301 days ago


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1296 days ago


Carvey, he was tired of the studio system and has done Red State totally himself (private investors) and has done all the editing on his own.

He is releasing the movie into theaters without any assistance from the studios and then the same thing will happen with DVD release. The only studio help he's getting is overseas as he said it's way too complicated to handle from here in the US.

I think he did the move with a $4m budget and now is funding the distribution of the film itself with his own cash.

How is that possible selling out? Not to you, to the others that said that. Cop Out was the final straw for him, having the studios force changes and call all the shots which made it not what it was supposed to be.

1231 days ago

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