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'Jersey' Cast

Holding Out for


4/1/2011 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Several "Jersey Shore" cast members are putting the screws to MTV -- refusing to renew their contracts until they get more money -- and we're told, it's all because this upcoming season could be their last.

Sources close to the cast tell TMZ, the "Jersey" stars in question realize the joyride might be coming to an end -- and they want to milk MTV ... while they still can.

Another disputed point -- the number of personal appearances, which can pay up to $40,000 a pop. MTV is adamant about limiting that kind of exposure, but the guidos and/or guidettes in question wanna get that cheese.

So far, we're told only Ronnie has signed -- and while the rest plan to follow suit (duh) ... they better do it fast. Season 4 is scheduled to start shooting in Italy within the next few weeks.

Calls to MTV weren't returned.


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I Like This Show! Not Unexpected For Them Wanting More Money! Hope The Show Continues. Its Way Better Then That "SKINS" Show Now Thats Bad!

1302 days ago


Last season? If this rings true, God has answered millions upon millions of prayers. Snooki has to be getting paid more than $40,000 for wrestlemania unless she's really stupid and I think I just answered my question there.

Yay! No more Jersey Shore eventually. That will be a day of partying. TMZ should throw a shindig to celebrate.

1302 days ago


I found out where Snookie got her costume out at Karma-

1302 days ago


I don't understand all the rabid hatred for these people. Overall, none of them are evil and they are smart enough to realize that now is the time to accrue financial largesse for their futures, to fulfill whatever it is they want to do. Nobody is going to change the fact that many young people like to party hard before they settle down in life.

1302 days ago


PLEASE for the love of any intelligence left on earth MAKE THIS SHOW GO AWAY. I live in Atlanta, and the numbers of mindless drones trying to look like these people lessen my hope for humanity! Donate the money MTV donate the money you would have given them to the public school system and it will have been well spent!

1302 days ago


I have the new show ---come to my town and do it-- there are plenty of low lifes and drunks here too just walk out any door in america lol

1302 days ago


Good for them! Get it while you can!

1302 days ago


OMG they are all a bunch of idiot losers and the girls are gross, stupid and fat, At least the guys stay in shape. Get a new bunch because after the boring reunion last night I could give two craps about any of them and none of them have anything of substance to offer!

1302 days ago


The show is scripted, does not have low over head as they have to rent out the bars and pay actors to be extras, most bars do not want these idiots inside, any responsible parent should have the good sense to block moolie wanna be tv from their set

1302 days ago


I only started watching recent and this is the stupidest show, all they do is argue. I had to shut it off. These people appear to have major mental-issues.

1302 days ago


I like Ronnie. i don't haven't and never will watch the show, but for some reason Ronnie just seems like a pretty cool dude. The big guy who could **** you up but doesn't act tough or intimidating or like a spoiled man whore that has to be overly ridiculous to become someone like the sitch.

He's the big lovable fun guy with out any real care.

Also I'm a straight guy, just to be clear. But Ronnie just seems like the kind of guy you go out drinking with.

1302 days ago



1302 days ago


sad comment on US society and media in general when the likes of these are paid big money

in my day they would have all been in jail and shunned by the normal folk-their attitudes and behavior are totally uncacceptabe in society-or at least should be

man are we lowering the bar
depressing when you think of it isn't it!??!

they are all heading for skin cancer with their tanning beds
and maybe alcoholism/liver disease and STD's..who knows what else...

do you really believe when they are so drunk dragging anyone home from the bar that safe sex is foremost in their minds!

a pox on all our houses for allowing this air time and sponsorship

let alone sending them to Italy inflicting this on them
as if they aren't embarrassing enough on home soil we now have to embarrass ourselves internationally!

1302 days ago


Every new season they want more money which is absurd.They should be grate ful they make what they do considering they have no talent.MTV should just cancell the show and move on.It won't be missed.

1302 days ago


How tough would it be to replace this bunch? ...Gimme 5 minutes.

1302 days ago
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