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'16 & Pregnant' Star -- My Baby Daddy Attacked Me

4/7/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the young women featured on the new season of "16 & Pregnant" claims her baby daddy is such a horrible person -- he threatened to have her raped AFTER he attacked her ... TMZ has learned.


Jennifer Del Rio -- a 17-year-old who makes her debut on the show later this month -- filed documents in Hillsborough County, Florida begging a judge to grant a restraining order against her baby daddy, 19-year-old Josh Smith.

According to the documents filed in March, Del Rio claims Smith -- the father of her twin babies -- had been "harrasing [sic] and threatened [her] saying he will have [her] raped."

Del Rio continued, "[Smith] has attempted to kidnap children." She adds, "Due to [Smith's] violence [Del Rio] is frightened for her life and children's life."

TMZ has learned Smith was arrested back in November for domestic violence against Jennifer and was ordered to complete an educational program. Smith is still in the process of completing the course.

Smith is seen in handcuffs on the promo for the new MTV show -- and we've learned the footage was shot on the same day he was arrested for the domestic violence charge back on November 4 ... just weeks after their twins were born.

In the end, Del Rio failed to appear at the hearing for a restraining order against Smith -- so the request was dropped.

Attempts to reach Smith were unsuccessful. A rep for Del Rio had no comment.


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1261 days ago


Yep someone will soon be dead because of these shows,

1261 days ago


I dont wanna blame the victim here, but its more or less her fault, like with so many other young girls, for getting involved with these obvious losers in the first place. Until that glaring mistake is recognized, you will continue to see this drama unfold.
You askd for trouble, now you got it. Dont come cryin to the rest of us.
Its not a nice thing to say or think, but its like a worn out record.

1261 days ago


Hey, Why Is TMZ covering the Police Officers Face. He's a public figure doing his job.

TMZ, Is censoring our news. Lets see his Face.

Mota Inc.

1261 days ago


This is what happens when you put young idiots on TV....MTV sux.

1261 days ago

Fred Farkel    

That entire generation is lost.

1261 days ago


That's right, MTV -- keep glorifying pregnant teens and paying them a boatload of money to open their lives on national TV. That's just what the youth of today need: a message telling them to get knocked up, shirk their responsibilities, act like savages and STILL make $140K a year.

Sheesh. What trash.

1261 days ago


Hey, Why Is TMZ coving the Police Officers Face. He's a public figure doing his job.

TMZ, Is censoring our news. Lets see his Face.

Mota Inc.

Posted at 1:50 AM on Apr 7, 2011 by M

Tmz had nothing to do with the making of that clip. Since it's a reality show for the profit of MTV and NOT a public service or news they need peoples permission to be shown. My guess the officer didn't want to be shown on that trash show.

1261 days ago

J Johnson    

That's right TMZ, you keep calling these little white trash whores "stars" and maybe all American teens well see how cool it is to be knocked up at 16. You're ****ing disgusting.

1261 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

Well, at least he's not a fat, punk b!tch like Gary Shirley...Can't bring myself to feel sorry for any of these little hoes. That's what happens when you mess with a little dude with a "dark side"...

1260 days ago


This is why babies do not need babies. They need to learn to become mature adults with good paying jobs before they decide to bring children into this world. Those babies will not have a chance to become productive adults, with morons like these two 'raising' them.

1260 days ago


This is disturbing on so many levels. I think one poster is correct; someday one of these people will die -- hey but that's OK. They make money off of these pathetic people and that's all they care about.

Quit viewing this nonsense. There is nothing good about any of it.

1260 days ago

Just Sayin    

young and in love *sigh*

females who get knocked up at a young age are most likely to have 2 baby daddy's by the time their 30! and that puts you in the chickenhead catogory!!!!

bok bokk!!!!!

1260 days ago

The PMG    

Just what we need, a bunch of brain dead teenagers having kids and getting on tv because they're irresponsible. Oh, and I'm "shocked" to find that a hispanic girl didn't show up to a hearing for a restraining order she was trying to file, shows great commitment aptitude. This is the future of our country people, hope you enjoy it as little as I do.

1260 days ago



Actually you're on to something with your comment. you'll notice most of the chicks like that also have friends that are doing the exact same thing. sleeping with many men, becoming baby momma's just to live off men, government, parents. and no doubt she'll eventually have more.. they look at babies as an accesory. now also in some cases that does occur by accident so to label every single mom a bad word is null and void.

now feminist for the past 15 yrs have been arguing in denial that this baby-making generation is on a trend.. they also argue that "chicks dont make baby pacts with their other friends".. which is actually happening in certain parts of the country.. this has been going on since laws enabled young mothers to get free welfare.. now they use it as a con.

im almost certain this chick is setting up the baby-dad to look bad.. in her head she has this "ill play the victim" card.. setup a restraining order, get him arrested, make him look like a fool, while in turn she's out with a different guy, on the show pretending to "suffer" due to her single milf status while secretly enjoying all the attention.. and she's also hopping making him look like the true fool he is. gurrantee's she keeps custody.. this is a setup that many family courts see on a day to day basis and constantly the young chicks make the big mistake of assuming 1 arrest gurrantee's perm. sole custody of the child.. LOL.. she's in for a surprise.. a term called Fathers

these chicks have some serious issues, but there's a bigger issue greater in scale today.. these are not even tipping the iceberg

since being a babymomma is now looked "up" to by chickenheads then guess what happens to the next in generation.. they become even dumber chickenheads.

all in all. its just gotten worse and MTV glorify's teen pregnancy.. these chicks set about getting pregnant on purpose.. in order to tell some story, "the feel sorry for me story like fantasia barrio did".. story.. just to have all eyes glued on them.. selfish low-life chicks who put themselves into the situation.. this girl new this guy was not good for her.. but what happens?? She has an insatibale sweet tooth for thug ****.

1260 days ago
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