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Charlie Sheen -- Two and a Half Abs

4/6/2011 7:00 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

On the third night of his tour in Cleveland last night, Charlie Sheen once again went shirtless and proved his 45-year-old physique was in better shape than you would think.

What's his secret?


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I saw this one yesterday. Today you guys have the "Click to Zoom View" There is ample blank space on either side of Charlie Sheen as his body is centered in this photo. You added the click to view enlarger over his penis area! I'm just sayin... I find this hysterically FUNNY! You guys at TMZ are a crack-up! (no Charlie Sheen puns intended) So where are my #Larry David stories? Chuck Lorre should be fired and CBS/Warner Bros should hire Larry David! Then they'll have some seriously hilarious programming! That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Larry David is so funny I would marry this man right now. If he spent all his money on booze, whores and rock cocaine and was totally broke, working at a delicatessen and living in an studio apartment; I would marry him, live in the studio and eat cold cuts for the rest of our lives! That's how funny he is... I'm only 37 so it may not be that long? But he could live until he's 85! God bless him I hope he does.

1260 days ago


Someone on this Charlie Sheen TROLL site was speaking of Miley Cyrus? The only fu@cking reason Miley "Rat Girl" Cyrus is tweeting Charlie Sheen is to get publicity for her Teen Pop-trash, Gar-barge Tour. At 18 she is already a conniving little "whore in training" Miley Cyrus is a "former child star" and I use the star reference loosley! Her time has past... her target audience is 5-15 year olds! She wants to tap into Charlie Sheen? Didn't her Daddy ever tell her not to play with matches? Charlie Sheen's "fans" booed his azz off the stage in Detroit. They will fu@cking crucify her. He removed a re-tweet from Miley Cyrus that "he" sent to his followers! Turns out his followers were all about to vomit after receiving a Miley Cyrus tweet. My response to the Miley Cyrus re-tweet; "Cans of Whup Ass on your EXs, Rock Cocaine, Hookers, Elitism, Whatever Dude! But Miley Cyrus? This is where I draw the line!" Twitter has a delete button kids... I wish Gilbert Gottfried had known this sooner. I love Gilbert Gottfried, I don't care what anyone says! Dear Adam Sandler, can you offer Gilbert Gottfried a one-liner in each and every one of your upcoming movies until he is dead? Barring the fact that he may live longer than YOU! Pleeeeease... And what about Charlie Sheen's Mila Kunis Rant?! Charlie Sheen is FUNNY, I don't care what anyone says! Charlie Sheen wants Mila Kunis as his 3rd Goddess! My response; "Mila Kunis short list of Goddess Demands!
1. Lead Goddess
2. 1st in line for the Sheen HORN OF PLENTY
3. Wear 64 Condoms at once!"
Follow me on Twitter @HawaiiKaiChica


P.S. I've lived in Hawaii for 10 years, but I'm orignally from NY
So as a Ex New Yorker I guess a more appropriate closing would be: Fu@ck You, Charlie Sheen TROLLS!
Okay then, have a good evening....

1260 days ago


that's not a 6 pack, it's ribs showing with flabby old man skin hanging off him

1260 days ago


Hmmm ... quite frankly, this reminds me of a very old "Partridge Family" episode in which the family got a singer (who could not hold a note) to wear a mini-skirt to a military base performance with the hope that the audience would be watching, but not listening. My two cents.

1260 days ago



Just wanted to set the record straight - there is enough bad about Charlie without making stuff up.

Perhaps thats the reason for the wrap - but I did see bruising there too in the TMZ interview.

Also, I get a kick out of his sewer tattoo. At least he knows where he came from.

1260 days ago


Charlie Sheen looks sickly. I wonder if he knows just how sad and sickly he looks. He is filled with rage and it looks like everything is taking a toll on his body. I can remember seeing pictures of Rob Lowe when he was in his heavy drug use phase and how run down his body looked. I do hope Charlie will be able to pull himself together and start paying attention to himself. It amazes me how many people are buying tickets to listen and watch him on his drug use rants. Just like people paying to see people set their butts on fire in "Jackass" videos. So Sad.

1260 days ago



Posted at 3:14 PM on Apr 6, 2011 by ADDICTED

double , triple yuck

1260 days ago


Winning, soon to be winning a toe tag, courtesy of the local mortuary.

1260 days ago


His tattoo over his heart promises he will be back in 15 minutes, but I think he got lost on Mars and satan took over the shell...

1260 days ago


in ICU

1260 days ago


I guess if you like someone who looks like trailer trash, he is ok!

1259 days ago


What is he trying to cover up on his one elbow? Track marks?

1259 days ago


He looks gross to me. Those tatoos look awful he should try to get them removed. He's just throwing a big cry baby drug induced fit to all who will listen because he got fired.

1259 days ago


I guess the drugs have really taken over?

1259 days ago


Ehhh...He looks great ab-wise...I'll give him that..

But wth does that mattter when your face and arms look like a senior citizen's?

1259 days ago
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