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Roseanne to Ex:

I'm Taking Full Custody of Our Son

4/7/2011 10:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Roseanne Barr wants to strip her ex-husband of custody of their son ... and she let everyone know it today in open court.


Roseanne and her ex, Ben Thomas, are in the middle of a trial to determine if Roseanne has to foot the bill for Ben's trips to Hawaii to visit their son, Buck. Roseanne lives in Hawaii and Buck attends school there.

During the trial today in L.A.County Superior Court ... Roseanne's legal team said they are in the process of filing for "sole legal and physical custody" of Buck.

Her attorneys expect to complete the process once the judge rules in the current trial.

Outside court, we asked how it went -- and Roseanne simply put her hands together to pray.


Roseanne is expected to take the stand tomorrow.


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As much as I love Roseanne, I don't think she's gonna win this one. Not wanting to continue to pay for her ex (and his current wife) to visit Hawaii is not a good enough reason to strip a father of ALL custody of his son unless he's only using his son for the trips to Hawaii and ignores the boy and/or abuses him.

I don't think Roseanne should have to pay for Ben's wife to visit Hawaii (I say let her pay her own way if she wants to go), but if she agreed to pay for Ben's visits in return for him allowing to move to Hawaii with their son, then she ought to hold up her end of the bargain and do what she promised to do.

Sorry, Roseanne, but it seems like the man still has a right to see his son, and if you agreed to pay for that, then do so! You got what you wanted when he let you take your son to Hawaii with you, but you can't expect your son not to see his father anymore because of it--it's not fair to your son or to your ex. You should expect to have to foot the bill for the traveling it will require for Ben to be able to see the son you share since you were the one who wanted to move away and you signed a contract to this effect. Be careful of what contracts you sign because you WILL be forced to live up to your obligations!

1264 days ago


Good for her I wish her all the best. Very respectable woman.

1264 days ago


rosanne used to be funny when she did stand up and early sitcom. but along the way she turned into a loud boring person. with that said she should not have to pay for the ex, to visit his son. if he wants to see the son he should get a job and buy his and his new wifes tickets. rosanne has already given too much money to tom arnold and this ex. its not fair for her to have to continue to support all these losers. she divorced him, she doesnt owe him anything. these people who hookup with wealthy people, just to get a hand on their wallets, should not be rewarded outrages amounts of money.

1264 days ago


She is a mentally disturbed liberal. All my hate goes out to her.

1264 days ago


How old is Buck?

1264 days ago


Shut up Charlie, you are just an old Loser.

Good Luck Roseanne !

1264 days ago


This pisses me off. She took her son to Hawaii and the only reason she was allowed to do that was becasue she said she would PAY for her EX to visit their son there. Now after she got what she wanted and moved to Hawaii, she is trying to go back on that agreement and make it impossible for her EX to see his son. I dont know anything of the EX's money situation...but a "normal" person cant afford to fly to hawaii every other week. I hate moms that move their kids away, making it pretty much impossible for dads to see their kids. Horrible parenting. Hopefully their SON will want to go visit his dad and she will have to pay for that ticket.

1264 days ago


How mcuh crack do you have to smoke to marry Roseanne Barr??? Pardon me,Grosseanne Barr...

1264 days ago


When they divorced, I'm sure it was stipulated that neither party could not move out of the county, or at least the state, since they had a child. That worked out fine until Rosie decided she wanted to move to Hawaii, at which time, she had to get her ex to agree to the move, in order to comply with their custody/visitation agreement. He only agreed to the move if she agreed to pay for his ability to continue his 10 days per month custody/visitation, that was stipulated in their original agreement, and she agreed. Once she made the move, she decided she didn't like the agreement she made. I don't think she can do that, legally. This is why they are in court. If the child is still under 18, she would have to prove he shouldn't be allowed visitation for some other reason than the fact that she just doesn't want to pay for it, since she already agreed to that.

1264 days ago

Fresno has PLENTY of pretty, available women.    

I thought Roseanne was a carpet-muncher. Did she switch teams?

1264 days ago


Buck was born Aug 5, 1995, so that means he will be turning 16 this summer which is almost grown up, so it's not that big of a deal. Only 2 years til he's 18, so I am not sure what the big fuss is about.

1264 days ago


The big deal is this free loader looser wants free vacations for him and his wife...he must not have 2 sticks to rub together. Why should Rosey have to pay. What a jerk. Get your wife a job and sure Buck could care less if you even come to see him, what have you got to offer him? Love you Rosey, don't give this looser a penny.

1264 days ago


She agreed to pay for her husband. She should do so until Buck is 16. At that point, let him decide if he still wants visitation with his father. She should not have to pay for his wife....

1264 days ago

northern gypsy    

i'm going to give R.B. the benefit of other words
nothing sinister about her move to's a wonderful place to live !!!
pay the father's way...his current wife??? no...i don't think so...

1264 days ago


"Why should Roseanne foot the bill for her X and his wife to visit? They are divoriced, she no longer is the money train, get there on your own."

Posted at 7:00 PM on Apr 7, 2011 by Christine

EXACTLY!!! And the "kid" obviously enjoys life in Hawaii if not, at his age he could have chosen to just stay in California with his dad. Besides, any responsible, loving dad would shell out some money to visit their kids who live out of state and NOT EXPECT their ex to foot his and his current wife's travel expenses!!! Rosie's ex and his current wife just want to have grand vacation in Hawaii twice a year FREE OF CHARGE courtesy of Rosie in the guise of visiting his son. Such freeloaders these exes of the rich and famous.

1264 days ago
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