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Charlie Sheen Sends Denise Threatening Email

4/9/2011 10:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen blabbed during his Radio City Music Hall show that he was threatened with legal action if he trashed Denise Richards on stage ... but sources tell us it's the exact opposite -- Charlie threatened Denise.


Sources tell us, Charlie -- who did bad mouth Denise during the show by calling her a "dognapper" -- sent Denise an email this morning at 10AM PDT threatening that if she did not turn over her pug ... he would continue trashing her on stage.

We're told Denise sent Charlie a response, saying  she would never turn the dog over ... and that Charlie could say whatever he wanted about her.

As TMZ first reported ... Denise isn't turning over the dog because she believes Charlie mistreated the pug and is responsible for the death of the dog's companion.

Sources connected with Denise tell us no one from her camp sent Charlie any communication threatening legal action if he mentioned Denise on stage.


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Puckett, Denise "had no right" to take the dog back? Are you well?! Sorry, but protecting the dog's life is more important than your twisted opinion of right and wrong. Denise would be CRAZY to give this dog back to Charlie, and she should never have given it to him to begin with! Are you forgetting that Charlie nearly killed this dog already with severe neglect and that Charlie DID kill the other dog by starving it to death?

Why should Charlie be allowed to have this dog back just so he can neglect it again and allow it to die? Can you answer me that? For that matter, can you tell me why it is exactly that Charlie Sheen, with all of his money, can't simply buy another dog if he really wants one so badly? Why does he have to have DENISE'S dog, hmmm? It's SO obvious that he only wants to take THIS particular dog from Denise for pure spite, and Charlie throws tantrums when he doesn't get what he wants (his public fight with Chuck Lorre being another prime example of this) but if Denise gives in and allows Charlie to have this dog again, it will only wind up dead like the other one did. If you want this poor, innocent dog to starve to death just so Charlie can get his way then you're just as bad as he is. Seek help. I don't know if it was illegal or not for Denise to reclaim the dog the way she did, but at least SHE TAKES CARE OF IT and that's what's REALLY important here. Your adoration of Charlie blinds you to what true justice is.

1238 days ago


Dumb jerk charlie don't know what he once had.

1238 days ago

PRO US    

Denise is better looking than Charlie. Heck, the pug is better...

1238 days ago


Charlie is a dog-murdering bag of ****s! I hope he OD's very soon.

He has crapped on poor Denise for way too long. He needs to be put down like the dog he killed! I'd kill his crackheaded ass on Denise's command.

F the tiger-fhagget loser!

1238 days ago


The fact that some here wish death on a man because someone on a trashy site claims he "killed" a damn dog, which NO ONE has any proof of and which is actually one of the most absurd things Charlie has been ever accused of, is actually more than disturbing.

1238 days ago

Regie Francisco    

OMG she has MJ's nose!!!!!

1237 days ago

Alice in Wonderland    

i had NO idea the other dog had died from second-hand crack smoke. UNFORGIVABLE.

I now hate Sheen even more. Good for Denise for sticking to her guns. I'm not a fan of either, but i admire her for doing the right thing not getting intimidated by that crazy bully.

Why is this guy not getting arrested for drug possession OR animal cruelty...? Not to mention HUMAN cruelty & the domestic abuse? If this was the average Joe, his azz would be in jail right now right next to Bubba the wife-beater.

1237 days ago


To # 11...Charlie, is that you?!

1237 days ago


what a hoser.

1236 days ago


Denise is so pretty.

1233 days ago


I can see that Richards is doing every thing see can to make sure this stupiness stays in the press.

1231 days ago


If the dog's heart exploded, you have to wonder if they gave it cocaine and the whole reaction from him was creepy. She's right; she's doing the right thing and she's a great mom.

1203 days ago


salam J'aime vos films et moi aussi né le 3 Septembre . / I like your films and I'ma too born on September 3 ............ lol

1026 days ago
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