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Mel Gibson Vindicated by "Hangover 2" Switcheroo

4/9/2011 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The director who wanted Mel Gibson for the sequel to "The Hangover" -- and then changed his mind and humiliated him by dropping him from the project -- has changed his mind yet again ... and now Liam Neeson is out of the role originally slated for Mel in the first place.

You'll remember ... director Todd Phillips wussed out and dropped Mel after the cast objected to him for personal reasons. So Phillips brought Neeson on board and shot Mel's scenes with Neeson. But Phillips's fickle finger struck again and the director decided he wanted Neeson to re-shoot his role.

Sadly, planning wasn't Todd's strong suit and Liam couldn't re-shoot his role because he was already filming "Clash of the TItans 2."

The cursed role has been given to actor Nick Cassavetes ... for now. But if you're a male actor in your 50s, keep your headshot handy, just in case.


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Give the part back to Gibson. I think most people know by now that Mel was set up by the gold digger Oksana. It's time Hollywierd got out of Mel's personal life and back to making movies.
Mel's a great actor!

1293 days ago


I thought it was the fat, bearded guy (Alan) who objected to Gibson being in the movie and that the rest of the cast mates could have cared less.

At least that's what I thought TMZ reported way back when.

1293 days ago


I wouldn't be surprised if it was actually kept Mel, and made this big ruse for everyone.

1293 days ago



1293 days ago


Hiya Muppet :)

I love that they used the word "vindicated". The attitude shift begins.

1293 days ago


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1293 days ago

northern gypsy    

i enjoyed the original movie...however
if this director keeps making changes...
the sequel will die a slow death on the editing floor !!!

1293 days ago


Hiya Muppet :)

I love that they used the word "vindicated". The attitude shift begins.

Posted at 9:02 AM on Apr 9, 2011 by Curious

Hi Curious!!!

I am just happy that now more and more people are seeing through Okscamma! I hope some have learned to do their own research before judging people harshly based on what's being reported. That is the real injustice, not only to Mel but to the general public who still believe news sources are credible.

1293 days ago


It'll be as lame as the first movie. Hope it fails at the box office just like that freak Mel's career.

1293 days ago


Muppet -
It's starting to look like her own lawyers have had enough of her. Attorney Horrowitz has moved on back to his old pal, Nancy Grace. Attorney Garbus has given a lecture or two at CA universities in January, but nothing else since. Still waiting for that civil suit to be filed.

Meanwhile, The Beaver is getting really good reviews. The kind of acting the characters in that movie require is far above some flick about drunks and pecker biting by a monkey. Just as well Mr. Mel isn't associated with that nonsense.

1293 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

So I guess now they get to pay Neeson for his part like they had to paid Mel for his. heh...bad bad director. He may never work again. :)

1293 days ago


Since I hadn't heard of the first movie (even with a houseful of adolescents who like that type of stuff), don't think the sequel will be anything either -- especially since they have had so much trouble making decisions.

Maybe Gibson and Neeson had lucky escapes.

Tee hee

1293 days ago

Allen Ridak    

Who cares, it's going to be a flop anyway

1293 days ago



I really believe her lawyers and her are being quiet hoping the public forgets all about Oksanna's scamming ways so they can file the civil lawsuit. First they need to clean up her image and then try again. It's not going to happen. People won't forget her scamming and exploiting her children and everyone else in hopes of securing "the monetary".

1293 days ago


Cursed is right! ZAK YOUR AZZ IS GRASS

1293 days ago
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