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Brett Favre Accuser -- 'I've Never MET the Man'

4/12/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jenn Sterger claims she's never MET Brett Favre in person -- a HUGE surprise ... considering she's allegedly seen his naked man parts in sext messages from the quarterback himself.

Brett Favre
During the interview, which aired this morning on "Good Morning America" -- Sterger said the drama began when someone wearing a Jets badge randomly approached her one day and asked, "How would you feel if Brett Favre asked for your phone number?"

Sterger claims she responded with, "I'd say I like my job an awful lot. And I've been told I look remarkably like his wife" ... and then she walked away without giving up her digits.

Sterger also claims the closest she's come to seeing him in person was simply in passing, adding "We've never met ... there's never been an introduction."

Jenn gets pretty damn emotional -- claiming in the wake of the scandal she's been unfairly labeled as a gold-digger and a home-wrecker ... and says, "I'm none of those things."

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I find it funny how she didn't want this to get out but yet she shows so called friends and the news come's out. She gives her friends access to her phone in witch sell's them and she get money 3rd party. It was all for show and to boost her career. She still dress's to get men's attention. Give me a break

1289 days ago


Please...you act like you wouldn't show those pictures to your friends had you gotten them. Everyone here would have been like, HEY! Check this out! Farve just sent me a pic of his penis and it's SMALL...haha.

Farve is a s***bag, married man trying to get with a younger version of his wife, when she doesn't accept, he starts sending those nudie pic messages. She's done nothing wrong, nothing that everyone else would have done...except most bitches would have ran to Gloria Alreds office...

1289 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

she never met him, she never gave up her phone #, yet she has pics of his penis? wtf!

this story just doesn't make sense... how do you know it was him that sent it... how do you know it was even his penis?

either way... who gives a s.h.i.t? there's pictures of penises all over the internet... what is this moron's problem? if she didnt like it, delete it and move on.

this is all only about fame and money... if it was some random guy in a bar she would have been disgusted, bitched to a couple friends and left it alone.

but she goes after him and publicly tries to destroy his image, and has the audacity to complain about what people think of HER?

lol, go home bitch, your 15 minutes should never have started

1289 days ago


LOL @ Squeaky Shoes....You don't suppose someoene else gave her number to Farve? That he sent a text to her and she replied with, who's this and it proceeded from there? Seems logical to me. And all this happened several years ago, if she wanted money fame, wouldn't she have come out with it then? I believe her that she confided in the wrong person, and that person is the one who wanted the money and sold her out...

1289 days ago


Favre is a douchebag.
Hang in there, girl.

1289 days ago


Here's a question and I think somebody asked the same one. How did he get her number? If she didn't give it to him had to be one of her friends, some friends she has. And one more thing: if she was so bothered, why didn't she just change her phone number? As for which "friend" may have given Favre her number, would that be so difficult to find out and ditch that friend?! Puhleeze. Gold Digger and attention Hooter.

1289 days ago


Wow Mike, I knew there were a lot of Brett Favre armpit lickers in America but really? You still dog this woman over him? Amazing what fat single men that cant get a date will do or say out of spite and bitterness.

1289 days ago


Why doesn't she just let this go? Get over it, no one cares!

Now that no one cares, you show up in the media to "get more attention""... So old...

1289 days ago


Brett got caught and it certainly is not the first, his wife must stay for the money is my guess. He has been a douche bag for a long time and people want to think of him as some sort of a hero-------------please wake up how many men do you know that would send pictures of there private parts-- he is a ass wipe.

1289 days ago


This girl is really milking this for all that she can. I'm sure a book, a mini-series and a lawsuit are forthcoming.

Big deal. Someone texted a pic of his business.

Get over it.

P.S. Remember, this chick became famous/infamous because she showed her big fake boobs on TV.

1289 days ago


She's not a gold digger, but is hitting the channels selling her story.... I see

This lame story is so been there, read that already.

It tears her up but she keeps kicking the dead horse?

Yeah right!

1289 days ago


Remember, kiddies: STERGER spelled backwards is REGRETS.

1289 days ago


It probably would've helped to have worn something a bit more conservative for national television instead of just having her huge implants sticking out of the dress like that. It makes it hard to take anything she says serious, hopefully she eventually gets whatever level of attention it is that her implants haven't been able to garner on their own.

But since football season is over, no one will remember this interview after today.

1289 days ago


Uh, she could have just said "No Thanks" and left. Instead, she left it somewhat ambiguous for the other person...DUH!!

1289 days ago


Fake is too real a word for her boobs.

1289 days ago
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