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Pia Never Stood A Chance of Winning 'American Idol'

4/12/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pia Toscano never had a chance of winning "American Idol" -- this according to well-placed sources connected with the production.


We're told before Pia was booted, America's votes put her in the murky middle -- she was never near the top of the heap.  As one "A.I." spy put it, "It was only a matter of time before Pia was kicked off.  She was never going to win."

And, our spies say, there are 5 remaining contestants who are "fairly consistently placing in the top 4."  Our sources would not reveal who they are, but we have an educated guess as to 3 of them -- Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina, and James Durbin.  As for the remaining 2, we're guessing Jacob Lusk and Casey Abrams.

As for Pia, don't feel bad.  We're told the rumored record deal she has with Interscope Records is more than a rumor.  We're told it's a "certainty" Pia will sign.  And something else -- Jimmy Iovine will ignore the judges, who wanted Pia to sing some up-tempo songs.  Jimmy, we're told, will go strictly for ballads.



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oh, and everything #62 just said (true)

1291 days ago

M E Phillips    

I wouldn't expect to hear anything different from an AI exec. What's he gonna say she was in the top three everyweek? How would that look. The fact is the shows a joke, it's reality TV all over again. The voting is bogus, the judges are awful, and if anyone was paying attention they'd know in the last six years the best talent has only one once! This show is right on par now with "wrestling". What a JOKE! Why would anyone watch this garbage anymore. Stick a fork in me I'M DONE.

1291 days ago


I am asking everyone to join me in boycotting American Idol. this show is fixed

1291 days ago


Pia was not nearly gay enough to stay on that show for very long because there was not enough controversay for them to advertize about to try to get people to watch.

1291 days ago


Pia is the BEST!!! No one comes close to her talent. I am happy that she is signing a record deal with Jimmy Iovine's company. She already appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. With her gone only second-rate talent is left. Jennifer Lopez said several times, "at the end of the day, it's about singing." Jimmy Iovine said, "Pia was born with a powerful instrument." He rushed to sign her before another record company scooped her up. The other piece, such as moving on the stage, can easily be learned. Having a powerful voice is something you are born with. It is not something you can learn, like moving on the stage. Pia said herself that she had it in her to move on the stage. She proved this during her last performance, before she was unjustly voted off. She will go a lot further than the person who wins the competition this year. Some of the girls here made negative remarks about Pia simply because they are jealous of her looks. Some of the guys here made negative remarks about Pia simply because they know they can never get a girl as beautiful as her. It is too bad the teenage girls have to ruin it for the girls in this competition. The voting system is definitely flawed.

1291 days ago


"The voting system is flawed" only comes into play when your favorite loses right? So if Pia had won the season the voting system would be just fine? Spare me.

Pia may go on to have a great career (I'll never know because you couldn't pay me to listen to one of her nap inducing songs) but that doesn't mean it is wrong, or flawed, or a conspiracy that she was kicked off of idol.

1291 days ago

Brenda Price    

I think Pia was the best. There are a couple that are really great but Pia had the best voice.

1291 days ago


scotty gonna win so everyone shut the **** up
the judges like scotty more and they want him to win so if your jealous shut the **** up scotty is in it to win it thats what randy said so back off goooooooooooo scotty goooooooooo

1291 days ago


With all due respect, what a load of bat guano! Scotty looks like the dude on the cover of MAD magazine and has a voice meant for someone older. It's actually hillarious watching this guy sing. He has a prototypical country voice that I can't stand! He is like a Randy Travis, who I do not enjoy in the least. These are are very 40-50s country types. This guy is no Idol and should only appeal to a very small percentage of viewers. I guess it depends on whether 12 yr old girls like that deep voiced, down home, old time country, or not!

1291 days ago


As far as Pia goes, no she doesn't gyrate or work the stage, she is what I would call a classical balladeer. She is what you would call a class act! Tremendous singer and certainly not one that should be gone considering what is left. Perhaps, a little too much class for such a bubble gum contest. She could never be appreciated by mainstream boppers, who do the majority of the voting! In fact, many would find her to be intimidating.

1291 days ago


No way Pia could win? Hmmm, how did Kelly Clarkson win? She was on NO ONE'S radar as they never showed her audition at all. When she popped up I already had my favorite and I was like, who the heck is this? Week by week she won me over as well as a ton of other people and rest is history.

My point......just because Pia was not a frontrunner does not mean she wouldn't end up winning. The problem is all the teens out there texting for the likes of Scotty

1291 days ago


Your predicitons make no sense. You guess that Jacob and Casey are consistently in the top 4? Why? Jacob has been in the bottom 3 and Casey has gone home, but was saved with a judge's save. What are you talking about?

1291 days ago


THANK YOU THANK YOU TMZ for this article!! I always felt that Pia was never a front-runner. I've always felt that Scotty, Lauren, Jacob and James were at the top. Pia just never connected, she bored me. And apparently everyone else too. Since she was eliminated we have been hearing from the Silent MINORITY, that's all. I don't get the big fuss over her looks either, she's cute but not beautiful.

1291 days ago


pia sucks,rich little doll,america got it right,nice singers these year hard to tell ,the wars ainema ,i hope i write the name right,PERSONALITY PLUS......GREAT GIRL

1291 days ago


A contestant with olive skin and a voweled surname will never win because AI simply won't allow it. And anyone who thinks that they don't fix the voting results is a fool. The reason why they encourage up tempo is that the AI agenda only allows for three styles of music---R&B, country and grunge. Either that or they want everybody to act and sing black. But since the advent of rap and hip hop, that won't wash anymore. Modern black music is street thug noise and ebony ear candy sounds have mostly been MIA/DOA since the end of disco in the 1970s.

1291 days ago
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