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Kobe Bryant

I Didn't Mean

To Offend Anyone

4/13/2011 3:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe Bryant has issued a statement about his homophobic outburst during last night's Lakers game -- essentially admitting to using the word "f**got" and explaining, “What I said last night should not be taken literally."

Kobe continues, "My actions were out of frustration during the heat of the game, period. "

He adds, "The words expressed do NOT reflect my feelings towards the gay and lesbian communities and were NOT meant to offend anyone.”

As we previously reported, Kobe mouthed the words, "f**king f**got" towards an NBA referee last night after he was hit with a technical foul.


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No Avatar


Please. If people are told they can't say it anymore it's only going to backfire. Everybody called each other ***g in the 70s and it was no big deal. It doesn't mean anything.

1198 days ago


We all know slurs dont really mean anything unless you say f*****g n****r to a black person then all hell breaks loose. call sharpton call jackson. fire that white guy he said nappy headed ho!

1198 days ago


Just like he didn't mean* to allegedly rape that girl in Colorado.

1198 days ago


sorry F#gs, NBA only cares about their ratings, and Kobe and Lakers are their main attractions in the playoffs. Kobe could probably kill somebody right now and NBA will sweep it under the rug.

1198 days ago


Guess he won't mind being "accidentally" called a n****r then. Bigotted words are either a part of your vocabulary or they aren't.

Sure, he didn't mean the guy was a homosexual, just like most people flinging around the N word don't "really" mean it as the derogotory label that was used to "de-humanize" an entire race of people.

Kobe is JUST as bigotted as a ****ing redneck. *******.

1198 days ago


No way in BLUE HELL NBA would suspend Kobe and jepordize their biggest money maker from not advancing in the playoffs. Lakers>>>>>>>>>>>Portland...


It is what it is, if your offended go watch glee instead.

1198 days ago


What is the big deal with him calling the ref a F*&king bundle of sticks anyway?

1198 days ago

brown dynamite    

To all you criticizing Kobe. I bet I could go to every post you all have commented on and seen you trash someone. Don't be such f**king hypocrites. Erase some of the language on your end before you try and tell someone to stop using a slur.

1198 days ago


Forgive and forget

Everyone with a brain knows the "F" word applies to more than homosexuals even though homosexuals like to charge the word as meaning only something aimed at gays, which is a LIE.

Enbough with gays assuning it's all about them and tell gays to grow up

1198 days ago


HAHA!!!! Even though i cant stand Kobe's ass, they are getting to osensitive. Obviously they agree with the word ***got if they took offense to it. Its like him saying bitch and every female gets mad. DUMB!!

1198 days ago

Linda Penland     

Kobe you are a sports figure that kids look up to and once again
you are showing the kids out there that cursing and name calling is okay. We all make mistakes and you are human like all of us but you need to get on camera and tell these kids that is not okay to name call or disrespect anyone and you need to get help for your anger issues. Please try to do better and be a better role model for our youth.

1198 days ago


I wonder would Kobe accept it if we lost our cool and called him the N word?

1198 days ago


These people that think they are unique for certain actions they perform with their bodies need to find a girlfriend. Just because you prefer it in the HOOhaw doesnt get you any preferencial treatment. To even think that you are being mistreated like a person of a certain race is a joke. A black man is of a black race and deserves as much as respect as any man. A man that likes to put things in his Hoohaw and "swordfight" with other men is just weird. You all need to find a girlfriend and quit grossing us out.

1198 days ago


Gays act like they are never supposed to be offended. Ever. It's illegal. It's just another special right they created for themselves and a liberal media is only too happy to go along with it.

The rest of us shrug it off and move on. We are better than you.

1198 days ago


“What I said last night should not be taken literally."......hey Kobe, how should it be taken?

How would you feel if the referee got angry with you and called you a "f*cking n***er....grow the hell up Kobe...seriously.

1198 days ago
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