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Lindsay Lohan -- Attempted Retail Robbery Victim!

4/15/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan faces grand theft felony charges for a necklace that we found out was marked up 300%!!!


TMZ has learned the necklace designer sold Kamofie & Co. the piece for $850 -- that price tag does not qualify for felony grand theft, which requires a value of $950 or more.

Kamofie was trying to sell the necklace to Lindsay for $2,500 bucks.

As we first reported, we're told Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Holley, will argue the D.A. should only be allowed to charge her client with a misdemeanor because of the value of the necklace.

But even if Holley loses that argument, Kamofie's owner -- who we're told will be testifying at Lindsay's preliminary hearing -- is going to have a PR problem for the mark-up and for selling the surveillance video and shopping a book deal.



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She just looks like crap to me.

Worse for wear Lindsay Lohan TRIES to keep it under her hat at the Coachella festival
Last updated at 8:08 PM on 16th April 2011

Due in court next week on theft charges, you would think Lindsay Lohan might want to keep a low profile for a while.
But the 24-year-old actress clearly couldn't resist the temptation to check out some bands at the Coachella music festival yesterday.

Unfortunately, the strain of recent weeks seem to have taken a toll on Lindsay, who looked distinctly worse for wear as she strolled through the crowds in Indio, California.

Wearing a black patterned playsuit and a cropped pink jacket, Lindsay made a half hearted attempt to hide her bleary eyes with her cream hat.
But she couldn't disguise what appeared to be a cigarette, or possibly a nicotine replacement device in her hand.

Perhaps she was enjoying the opportunity to relax before she faces a grand theft charge at a preliminary hearing in Los Angeles on April 22.
Lindsay has denied accusations of stealing a $2,500 necklace from a Venice Beach boutique.
The star is currently facing trial and a possible jail sentence.

However, Lindsay already seems to be looking beyond her court appearance.

Last week, she appeared at a news conference after apparently being chosen to star as Victoria Gotti, daughter of late mobster John Gotti, in a $75m movie about the family.
Mindful of Lindsay's upcoming hearing, producers stopped short of confirming Lindsay for the film, which will star John Travolta as the notorious crime boss.

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1250 days ago


I'm wondering, just a conspiracy theory, is she going to clubs every night and Coachella etc. and intentionally drinking and using? Reason I think this is she will be bad enough come Friday that she'll think the Judge Sautner will put her in rehab instead of jail. I'm probably way off base. She does need rehab but she can get that in jail.

1250 days ago


another song for lindsay needs a lot of work

I had a friend was a big speedball taker
back in home school
sHe could throw that 8ball by you
Make you snort until you drool. boy
Saw him the other night at this roadside bar
I was walking in, he he took it out.
it went back inside i sat down had a few twinks
but all he kept grunting outloud

Glory holes well they'll piss in your eye
Glory holes in the stink of lindsays thighs
Glory hole, glory hoe

Well there's a girl that lives a big old ****
back in school she could give all the boy's heads
Sometimes on a Friday we will stop by
and have a few drinks after she puts 8 of us to bed.

1250 days ago


vinsetta you right on. she is digging deep looking for work thats not there. partying to get another stint at rehab. Do you think Betty Ford would let her back there?

1250 days ago

Vinsetta messed up to you have to be to get banned from Betty Ford? Maybe Promises in Malibu will take her back again.

1249 days ago


If Lindsey was indeed borrowing the necklace, what was the occasion she was borrowing it for??... Was she going to be on the red carpet for the awards??...Or maybe she just needed it to go to the grocery store??...I think she "needed" it cause she a celebrity and thought she could get away with it....JUST SAYING.......

1249 days ago


Now she's intersted in a plea....oh how she disgusts me. Of course Dina says never.

Lindsay Lohan: How Much Time Will I Serve For A Guilty Plea?

Troubled Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan's lawyer asked the judge in her grand theft case how much time she'll get if she agrees to a guilty or no contest plea, RadarOnline has exclusively learned.

The eventual sentence was discussed last week in a top secret meeting between Los Angeles Judge Stephanie Sautner, Lohan attorney Shawn Holley and Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers.

PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan Goes Gotti -- Hits Press Conference With Victoria Gotti

Lohan's preliminary hearing is scheduled to begin on Friday morning at the LAX Airport Courthouse. A source close to the case tells us the judge told both attorneys how much time the 24-year-old starlet of Mean Girls and Freaky Friday serve, but word of a precise sentence hasn't leaked. At worst, Lohan faces three years in a state slammer.

Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers will be calling the owner of the jewelry store where Lohan is accused of stealing a $2,500 necklace and the employee who waited on Lohan that day. The preliminary hearing is scheduled to last one to two days if Lohan doesn't enter a plea on Friday.

Lohan isn't too worried, it seems. She was spotted at the Woodstock-style Coachella music festival in Indio, California over the weekend.

1249 days ago


I used to work at a jewelry store. It's common knowlegde jewelry is marked up 300%. That wasy then they do a big sale for half off it looks like such a deal but they are still making a big prfilt. Ask any jeweler, that's how the indusrty works.

1249 days ago


Consider designer only costs about $20 to make some of those garments and they mark up the prices OVER 300%! That's just how the business works. I think it's really odd that TMZ is trying to vilify the store owner. SHE is the victim...not Lindsay!

1249 days ago


You have to make a profit in order to stay in business. A retail agent buys at wholesale and then sells at retail. Can't stay in business any other way. Basic economics.

1245 days ago


lindsay lohan is my best friend and i am not lieing i went school with her and that is not her name

1241 days ago


hey lindsay!!!!!! it looks like you'll be back with bubba's sista!!! make n out in the showers with ur new found prison love loser. Stop riding around hollywood smoking crystal meth an snorting coke all day loser and take a bath for once the bottom of your feet looks like you been walking in crude all day!!!!! LOSER hit me up if you need help lindsay

1238 days ago


This surprises you? Jewelers routinely mark up 500-700%.....

1164 days ago
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