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Dykstra Runs Play to Get Sheen Back on 'Men'

4/16/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lenny Dykstra -- who was just arrested for grand theft auto -- concocted a plan to get Charlie Sheen back on "Two and a Half Men" with the help of the famous lawyer who beat OJ Simpson.


TMZ has learned ... a month ago, Lenny contacted famed lawyer Dan Petrocelli -- the guy who beat OJ Simpson down in the wrongful death lawsuit to the tune of $33 million -- and asked him to go to Warner Bros. to restore peace and return Charlie to the show that had made him a fortune.

Sources say ... Lenny contacted Petrocelli "With Charlie's blessing."

Dykstra had good reason to reach out to Petrocelli for the task -- Dan represents WB in several cases, including one involving "Superman." And we're told Dykstra felt he had an "in" with Petrocelli -- who is representing him on various legal matters.

But here's the buzz kill -- we're told Petrocelli turned Dykstra down flat, because it would have been a blatant conflict of interest to represent Charlie at the same time he was representing WB.

Nevertheless, it's interesting that Charlie has been trying to get back on "Men" for at least a month.


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Typical druggie ploy. Won't work.

1295 days ago

Ruthie Rader    

When Charlie sends a message/
He thinks he's in front of a crowd/
So when he sends his message/
He types REAL LOUD!/

He thinks he dresses cool/
In his cords and hat/
But nobody that drinks T-blood, fool/
Should really look like that!/

He whines about his TV show/
He waahs about his dog/
And one of these days/
Mr. Smoke-In-A-Haze/
Is gonna croak just like a frog!

Reedeep! Bahahahahahahahaha!!

1295 days ago


Sheen is not the boss and did sign the paychecks. WB has the final say and it's not the Charlie Sheen Show. WB is not backing down. There have been other stars who pulled the crap and it backfired on them big time and their careers were never the same. Remember, Sheen said he would come back to the show for 3 million. I don't think WB will be dictated by his threats.

WB said no problem YOUR FIRED. Being he's fired he gets no money for the re-runs. That's a ton of money lost to Sheen.

The rest of the castmates made this show work. I read they are looking for other work. Good luck to them.

1295 days ago


I guess this is what Sheen means by having discussions going on-getting multiple operatives working on begging for his job back.

1295 days ago

nancy williams    

sounds like Charlie is off the manic stage and about to hit the down stage of Bipolar.And such addict attitude-destroy everything around you and then when you sober up expect everyone to forgive you.

1295 days ago


The thing is, IF this ever happened this would be the biggest ratings "get" for CBS since the final episode of M*A*S*H.

1295 days ago


Things are going to start to get fun here real quick. charlie has a lot of time off headed his way being stuck in that house with those goddess's. i bet he tries to continue the party of thinking hes still somebody in high demand and blows a lot of money trying to get something else going. when a person has a lot of time on their hands they end up reverting to bad habits.

1295 days ago


Yeah, get more batsh*t crazy on that. Was Courtney Love not available?

1295 days ago

Home Skillet    

ALL ABOARD!!!! The Bipolar Express is about to leave the station!! Chugga-chugga-chugga-chugga-chugga-chugga-chugga-chugga-CHOO-CHOOOOOO!!!!

1295 days ago


Begging = LOSING

1295 days ago

Get back to work!    

People get really crazy ideas when they get all tweaked out on weekend benders. For example, having Lenny Dykstra attempt to get WB's attorney to get WB to hire Charlie Sheen back. Lenny may be ethically challenged, but his attorney is definitely not.

1294 days ago


Charlie should be ashamed of himself... Suffering from narcissism and drugs (at the same time) has made him into a continuing public joke with no purpose. His words and conduct are not only disconnected and unintelligent... they suggest he is loosing his mind... What a contrast to the bad boy actor everyone enjoyed.. Now he is a weirdo speaking symbolic rap Ebonics as if it were really a language... Why not do us all a favor and either get it together or get it gone..

1294 days ago

Diana Trevino    

All ya'll are fool let the man live his life. I know you all have alot of skeletons in your closest just ain't been put out thier yet. So if any of you have live a perfect life which I know you haven't including the people at WB, then stirke out. Every one is too quick to make judgements on anothers life Quit looking at someone elses errors and look at your own and work on improving your own life. you pieces of wothless ****s. CHarlie no-0ne can replace you the show will die just like Drew cary could not replace the original Price is right. He really sucks its not Drew Carie's line of work. What the hell Charlie, live your life and F*** the critics. There is more to life than living for ignorant A-holes. what I don't understand is why people feel they can run some-one elses life and can't fix thier own. with out you 2 1/2 men will not air for long.

1294 days ago


What a whiny warlock! He would do much better if he just admitted to the world he's a f.u.c.k. up and apologised for being such an moron. Going on a tirade of this magnitude then turning tail and begging for his job back just makes him appear even more pathetic. He should go back and look at his ridiculous videos he put out, then he may understand why WB are not taking him back!
He needs to prove to the everyone that he is capable of staying clean and sober for more than a month! How can anyone possibly take him seriously? Warlocks, adonis dna, tiger's blood, winning?? Go have a cry Charlie, you'll feel better. Nobody likes a whiner!

1294 days ago

pat m's not the story I hoped for this morning....that he was being carried out feet first but it's a good enough start. Lenny Dykstra WOW that's the perfect middle man for Chuckles. Rant some more little man that's your only option left.

1294 days ago
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