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Michael Lohan

Stars in

Anti-Drunk Driving Ad

4/17/2011 4:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For once, Michael Lohan is giving advice ... and people should listen.

MiLo, who was involved in a fiery drunk driving accident back in 2005, recorded a public service announcement for a website called

His message was short and sweet, but could have been more to the point if he just held up a picture of Lindsay and shook his head back and forth.


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in the picture abouve he looks drunk and latter he will pick up lindsay and they can show the world what could happen if you drive drunk. Lindsay learned her lesson about drunk dirving, Now she only drives on meth, or coke. 5 more days and ginger snap goes to court. wwweeeeeeee

1252 days ago


I just made a Michael Lohan and wiped my Lindsay.

1252 days ago


Now, if only they made a commercial of how NOT to be a mother! Dina, are you listening?

1252 days ago


He still hasn't figured out that he's loss popular than his pathetic duuhhter! By the way, her smokers voice and horrible acting is one of a kind.

1252 days ago


i had and friend that lived like lindsay. he did coke drank alot of vodka. slept with hoes. presciption drugs. and he knew how to get by with it. he functioned in the norm. and hell he lived to be 44 yrs old. thats damn good for someone living that life.

1252 days ago


Why anyone would hire Michael Lohan or Dina Lohan to be a spokesperson for an important message like anti-drunk driving or for healthy eating is beyond my comprehension......

1252 days ago


looks like lindsay needs to get hooked on rogain. i think they do these ads just to justify their actions. lindsay has court coming up so they feel the judge will see this and think they are responsibe people. the same way lindsay finds religion every time she gets in trouble. denial should be their last name lindsay denial michael denial, and dina denial has a ging to it

1252 days ago


its like kieth richards being a antidrug spokesmen

1252 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Oh my gosh, this is crazy!

1252 days ago


He's such a turd.

1252 days ago


What's next? Michael Lohan preaching about Domestic Violence and drugs?
Hard to take this org seriously with a representative as hypocritical as Michael Lohan!

1252 days ago


What??? The timing of this is strange, considering his daughter is still in the midst of consequences from her 2.....

1252 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Hey, he doesnt get drunk and drive anymore. He gets drunk and bashes strangers online. At lease he's not endangering lives doing that.

1252 days ago


SERIOUSLY????????? REALLY?? Hey Mikey, is that why your daughter is so messed up in the head and narcissistic as much as you are????? Oh btw is that her pad that you are staying in????

You really are a worthless father! Between YOU and the mom, I dont know which one of you is worst. You cant just live your own life you have to eat the crumbs of your daughters floor, park your little over dated benz there every other day, looking out the door to see WHO is there filming etc because you of course are excited by it and love photo ops or giving your worthless 2 cents message whenever you have "time". lol I dont dislike lindsay, I dislike YOU!

1252 days ago


I have every right to stalk my twenty four year old daughter. Dr Drew said that she isn't allowed to just have a relationship with Dina and not with me. I crave to be with Lindsay daily, only about every 5 minutes do I think about her. If Lindsay stays in NYC I'm moving back to stalk her. When I visit her unannounced and start banging on her windows and trying to see if I can open a window or a door because I know she is hiding in the closet she makes a big deal out of it and acts all scared. I wanted to get more plugs of hair transplanted but I could only afford a little patch on to of my bald head but the broads love it.

1252 days ago
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