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Nic Cage -- Arguing with Wife in Tattoo Shop Video

4/18/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained surveillance video taken inside a tattoo shop just before Nic Cage was arrested -- where he can clearly be seen carrying some sort of drink as he argues with his wife and others.

Nicolas Cage Video
As TMZ first reported, Cage went to the tattoo shop on the night he was arrested ... and, according to witnesses, told shop employees he didn't know where he lived. According to police, that was the topic he and his wife were arguing over when he allegedly grabbed her.

In the surveillance video, Cage can be seen with arms around two friends -- and holding a clear plastic cup -- as he enters the shop. Cage would walk out and back in and again ... and that's when he can be seen arguing with his wife and friends. His wife can be seen motioning to herself throughout the video -- as if to say, "Listen to me" or "Come with me."

Eventually Nic acquiesced and left the shop ... only to later be arrested on charges of domestic violence and disturbing the peace.


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I just think it is funny how the workers all acted like they were ignoring him, but they were all typing away on the cell phones.

1221 days ago


here's a great idea for the big productions when they want to go to shoot a movie in places in the country or something: pay for the training of the local cops on how to do what the more experienced cops in NYC or LA do. It's a little money for a couple of classes so we don't have to read a nonsense like this on TMZ.

1221 days ago


I think she was trying to tell him you are filming a movie you can't just go get a tattoo and alter your looks. Just like you can't shave your head mid-movie and think the audience won't notice.

That fat woman hanging on her was disgusting trying to latch on to them.

1221 days ago


This appears to be a drunk thinking it was a good idea to get a tattoo in the middle of a night out. Wisely his wife talks him out of it - with a little yelling from both sides.

So where is the DOMESTIC VIOLENCE???? Is it against the law to have an arguement? From the evidence shown, there was no physical contact. This really looks like an innocent situation being blown out of proportion.

1221 days ago


marcnyc: you are exactly right... she looks like she cares for him... the actions of the hangers-on are so telling... everyone should have a wife like nic cage who truly cares for him and is looking out for his best interest... i too am impressed with her... i hope nic realizes what he has in her!

1221 days ago


It's back to the Sushi Bar for that nobody waitress he married. I guess marrying this broke actor was not so great after all.

1221 days ago

richard pierce    

this putz is 100% moron and overated as an actor to boot! He needs a swift dose of reality and one hopes the IRS will break it off in his over-priviledged a s s !

1221 days ago


If you act like this at age 25 it's a funny story later. At age 45 it's a drinking problem. Time for Nick to join AA or something and grow up.

1221 days ago


This is useless without audio.

1221 days ago


this is no big deal, I mean aside from the domestic violence claim, who doesn't get drunk in new orleans.

1221 days ago


bydaway I like this new board design! well done, TMZ

1221 days ago

abram hernandez    

What makes everyone think we are perfect? Live and let live! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take Care Nicholas!!! Screw the publiC!!!!

1221 days ago


she doesn't care about him or the kids!!! She only care about his $$$$ and control everything !!! That is so typical !!! She should leave him alone!!! She is just a control freak!!! Money Grabbing Bitxxx!!!!!

1221 days ago


That didn't look like an argument to me at all.

1221 days ago


This is retarded! People are smiling, walking past without staring... nothing unusual. HELL YOU BETTER ARREST ME TOO! I argued with my wife earlier today! Obviously the cops have 'standard operational procedures' (SOPs) that require them to take specific action based on a type of call, regardless of danger or harm. It's that way throughout Canada as well - arrest the guy regardless of who did what or even if there's any concern or not.

1221 days ago
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