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Rob Dyrdek's 'Smelly' Guy -- I'm Done Fighting MTV

4/17/2011 4:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man who claims Rob Dyrdek publicly humiliated him on an MTV reality show last year just called a truce in his stinky legal war with the network, TMZ has learned, because he just dropped his lawsuit.


The guy behind the legal firestorm -- who Rob mocked on his show "Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory" by calling him a "smelly old man" -- originally sued Rob and MTV back in October, demanding $25,000 for the resulting embarrassment he was forced to endure.

But now, the guy claims he's tired of fighting the battle in court and tells us, "Enough is enough" -- and to prove it, he signed off on a dismissal to end the suit last week.

No settlement. No nothing. Bummer.


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Poor, old, and smelly is no way to go through life.

I say sue the rich kid on the skateboard and take his cute little dog too!

1288 days ago


Yeah, that guy looks pretty smelly.

1288 days ago


Rob Dyrdek is so weird - he's like a little old man looking guy that no one would pay any attention to, but he throws money around. He reminds me of those old women on the Real Housewives shows that throw money around on the most ridiculous stuff, look old, but pretend they are 15.

1288 days ago


Never heard of him.

1288 days ago

dube blu    

thats a shame, should of sued rob for bad i see big balck has come backed, so i guess rob & him can pick back up thier love affair. everybody knows whats really going on between them anyways, just own it son. i heard jerahmy had to leave the show because him & drama quit seeing each other, alot of gay stuff happening at a place just happens to be called "the fantasy factory" hint hint, wink wink. poor chanel couldt get laid thier if she came out of a chickes butt.

1288 days ago


I'd rather be stinky than sound like Robert.

1287 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

If this story is true, I hope robby gets taken down a few pegs. Maybe he's getting too big for himself. Whenever you see his show, you never see him skating. Isn't he a skater?

1287 days ago


Do work, son. Do work.

1287 days ago

dube blu    

its a known fact in hollywood that rob & big black have been dating for quite some time now. rob just has to hide the fact cause of all the sponsers he will lose along with his money & street credit. it comes at no surprise that his cosin drama is also a cake boy. it shows on the show, they never are hanging or pursuing chicks,out of all those episodes. he even invited justine beaver over to " hang out". i'm not knocking it ,to each is own i guess, but just own the life style boys and quit fronting. & a big shame on you black.

1287 days ago

norm abrams    

I've seen the show. Honestly, it's dumb. Stupid. Why do they keep it on, Rob is obviously gay. Look at his assistants. DUH.

1287 days ago


Rob is a D-Bag!!!!

1287 days ago


hi im a big fan of u and i want to know if i can go inside ur factory i already went i saw but the gate was close im a big fan and ur a great skater


1287 days ago


Oh that's sad, Rob should have a heart and show the guy some love. He's been especially blessed financially so why not spread the wealth. Rob pays all his friends to hang around and be his friends and to amuse him. Stop being so stingy Rob and send a little cash his way.

1286 days ago


I bet this Rob prick and MTV are feeling smug and victorious, and proud to have hurt, humiliated and beat down someone's spirit like that. Right now, in an office somewhere at MTV Headquarters, someone is actually high-fiving over this like they did a good thing. Meanwhile, that man has been labeled, humiliated, embarrassed, dehumanized and shamed.

They beat him down in court (figuratively speaking), and put him through all that to avoid giving him a pathetic 25 grand?? 25 Grand?? They probably spend that on lunch in a week, and I bet they spent FAR MORE than THAT on the lawyers they hired to break his spirit even MORE than they already have.

Pigs. Absolute skum pieces of ****.

This is not a 'huge story' by any means, but it affects how I see MTV, and I swear, I will never watch that channel again. It went to **** years ago anyway.

May karma pay them BOTH a very long visit.

1286 days ago


Wow!!!!! What is up with all the HARSH comments?????? I have watched Rob & Big/Rob's Fantasy Factory from day one and all I have EVER seen is a man giving back to the community!!!!!!! Just because he is not hooking up with females left and right like all the other STUPID reality shows do, that does not make a man "GAY"...............PLEASE!!!!!! You haters need to go back and ACTUALLY WATCH the episodes and get the REAL meaning of what Rob is all about........ Honest, Clean, Hilarious fun and giving back to the youth!!!!! <3 U Rob & Big Black... and your little DOGS 2 :-)

1194 days ago

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