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Denise Richards To Charlie & Brooke's Rescue

4/19/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Denise Richards called Charlie Sheen last Thursday and offered to take informal custody of his twins, Bob and Max ... TMZ has learned.


We're told Denise called Charlie just after TMZ posted surveillance video of Brooke Mueller trying to hock a watch and a stereo at an Inglewood pawn shop.

Denise told Charlie it was apparent Brooke couldn't care for the twins and Charlie was on the road doing his show, so she offered to take the kids and let them live with her until things stabilized.

As for Charlie's reaction ... well, he didn't shut her down.  He said, "I'll keep you posted."

Charlie apparently is going for broke because his lawyer is going to court this AM, in an attempt to get full custody of the twins.


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Denise may be a saint and Mother Theresa for all I care. She has no business taking care of those kids, imo.
Once Charlie lets her have them, he might not get them back. I hope he considers that.

1281 days ago

Gsharon 710    

"Ain't that specialll!

1281 days ago


Ksis, the kids are not like dogs that Denise can just keep. She will have to give them back to whoever has custody whenever they ask. The courts would never take children away from parents that are willing and able to care for them. And even if the courts decided both Brooke and Charlie are unfit parents then there are other people ahead of Denise to take custody such as either set of grandparents. Denise has no legal rights to those kids. She would only get them if the parent with custody agrees to allow her.

1281 days ago


She's awesome :) So why put that pic up of her?

1281 days ago


More proof that Denise was way too good for him.

1281 days ago


She SHOULD be supportive of Charlie. Lest we forget, Denise was but a mere whore in Heidi Fleiss' ho-stable, till the right trick (Charlie himself) walked in one day and her life has never been the same. She's got quite the comfy cushy lifestyle now, with a mansion, BIG, steady checks rolling in, some semblance of an acting career, and the ability to call herself an "actress and model" with a straight face. It used to really tick me off when she bashed him publicly. He's done enough for her that she could at LEAST have hated him and fought with him privately. So yay that she's doing this, but it's the least she could do.

1281 days ago

Harveys boyfriend    

Great story finally A mother with morals and integrity ,also
Denise is the mother of the indigo boys 1/2 sisters
that are just 3 or 4 years different in age..
so win win win..Let's hope tmwe got this story verified ; ]

1281 days ago


Denise needs to butt the f**k out. She's the ex-wife from HE*L.

1281 days ago



Well, i wouldn't be so sure. Knowing all the legal tricks that people can pull? I wouldn't trust her.


I agree.

Still...I don't buy

1281 days ago


How convenient that the boys would come along with an extra $50,000/mo.

Denise and Charlie are DIVORCED. She needs to move on. The girls' relationship with him is what is important. Denise's psychobi**ch ex-wife from he*l behavior is doing more harm to them than anything Charlie has done.

1281 days ago


i hope this happens.

1281 days ago


Great Stepping up Denise! This will help the boys bond with your girls and have some sense or normalcy. Let Charlie give you what he was giving Brooke but hint hint, don't give the boys back unless and until he 1) gets psychiatric help and 2) get's completely clean and that's not just for 1 week or 2. That he be clean for a year at a minimum! You indeed are the bigger and more mature person here after all the horrible things he was saying about you on the tour. We'll all got to keep praying for this guy and get him away from the hooker nannies!

1281 days ago


father of the year.

1281 days ago



Denise HAS NO RIGHTS TO THOSE BOYS. Period. And she sure has no right to decide WHEN Charlie is ready to take care of those kids.

1281 days ago


I was kinda thinking Angelina Jolie should use the twins as trading chips next time she swings by Ethiopia.

Joking aside, I think she might be a good spot for them for a year... if there is a problem with the Grandmother whom I gather the twins have been with for quite some time.

Charlie is obviously not fit in any regard - any visitation between him and the twins should be supervised and no smoking allowed.

That'll make the visits about 5 minutes long every six months.

1281 days ago
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