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Frank McCourt: I'm Sittin' Back 'Till Bud Decides

4/22/2011 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with Frank McCourt tell TMZ ... Frank and his lawyers have decided to sit back and wait ... to see who MLB Commissioner Bud Selig chooses to oversee the day-to-day operation of the Los Angeles Dodgers.


Our sources say the person Selig picks will not run the operation, but rather will have a VETO over decisions Frank and the rest of the management team make.

As TMZ first reported ... Frank's lawyers are preparing legal documents that would challenge Selig's move earlier this week -- claiming it's "arbitrary and capricious."

Our sources say nothing will be filed before Selig names the monitor.  We're told if it's someone who has been "sympathetic" to the team and Frank, they probably will not challenge the decision -- at least not immediately.

If, however, the person Selig chooses is not friendly -- or, as it was put to TMZ, "a saboteur" -- Frank's lawyers will fire up their legal options.

We're told Frank and his team have no idea who Selig will select, but some of the names bandied about include Tommy Lasorda, Peter O'Malley and Joe Torre.

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Looks like Frank likes to play chess too or just likes to play mind games. LOL

1278 days ago


Stay on top of the McCourt fisaco at http://www.dodgersfyi.com

1278 days ago


McCourt has a point - If the league hasn't come down on the owner of the Mets for the madoff mess. Then what has McCourt really done here?

1278 days ago


Tommy Lasorda would be the most obvious choice. There is probably no person alive that is more associated with the Dodgers than him.

1278 days ago


Words like..




Discriminatory??? come to mind...

Selig's shorts are tight because...

He's decided he will tell everybody...

How to run their own franchise...

No, he can't take away your DQ franchise because he doesn't think...

You like the Blizzard of the Month....


But hey...

Who ever associated the word ...


with Selig????

winner of the All Star game...

Gets home field?

In what other sport???

Even the idea of trying to make an All Star Game...


Is stupid...

OK lets let the winner of the All Star Game who has the lowest ERA in the game run the Dodgers for a Year...

Why not??

If I own a club...

and I'm making payroll...

And I'm not bankrupt...

Stay out of my face and....

Out of my clubhouse...


1278 days ago

Dr. Joose    

he hasn't elected to sue MLB because he CAN'T sue MLB....all owners sign an agreement saying they CANNOT SUE MLB. Others have TRIED, but even the most powerful owners have lost. So this clown saying he's waiting on Selig's choice is just grandstanding

1278 days ago

Jim in Cali    

The more and more I read this, the more the more I think Selig overstepped his bounds. And this is coming from someone who is anti-McCourt. But its clear to me that baseball wants McCourt out and unfortunately for Dodgers fans it doesn't seem like MCourt will go out quietly.

1278 days ago


the owner of the dogers should have just made his wife have an ummm accident...never to be heard from again..life goes on and all is well

1278 days ago


I smell a monopoly here ......

1278 days ago


He's not suing. He knows he needs help. It's just embarrassing that this happens and he can't take the embarrassment. If I were him, just take the help the MLB is giving you and concentrate on the IRS who is looking into your finances.

1278 days ago


Bud Selig is the worst baseball commissioner in history, and there have been some pretty BAD ones.
And I have no idea what's going on with this Dodger thing. Something about a divorce....whatever.

1278 days ago


F. McCourt = EXTREMELY poor business man. (Savvy businessmen/women would not EVER put themselves in this situation)

Leave our city. No one wants you here.

Better yet, the McCourt name should be banned and he should be exiled.

Pure disgust.

1278 days ago


Frank McCourt was caught looting the Dodger Dream Foundation charity of $400,000 and has since made resitituion although the California attorney general is continuing its investigation.McCourt tried to operate Dodger Stadium without a security head which had tragic consequences. Now other goverment agencies are investigating him and whether he is broke or not...he is a detriment to baseball and the community and it's time to turn the page.

1278 days ago


It's obvious Jaime ran the business while Frankie sat back. He should have let her run her Doger's.

1278 days ago


Soboroff added: "How do you single him out when you don't single the Mets out? Come on."

The Mets have reportedly borrowed $25 million from MLB to keep baseball operations afloat as the Wilpon family looks for someone to buy a share of the team. Ownership needs to raise funds as it battles a lawsuit by the Bernard Madoff trustee that could potentially cost the team $1 billion.

Selig bristled Thursday when asked if he sees any similarities between the Dodgers and the Mets.
OY vey,

"The only thing I'm going to say is that there are a lot of differences," Selig said, according to multiple media outlets. "The situations are clearly not similar, and that's in a myriad of ways. ... So if you ask me is the analogy is a proper one, I say no.

"Anyone who portrays that as the case ... is incorrect. Very incorrect. That's based on the facts, as I know them."


Mcourt is not Kosher, so yes, there is quite a difference

1278 days ago
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