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Charlie Sheen

Pi Kappa Winning!

4/23/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Pi Kappa Phi frat at Georgia Tech got a boost to their street cred after they got to kick it backstage with Charlie Sheen Thursday night -- and they might have a new member to show for it.


TMZ spoke with the president of the frat, who tells us some of his brothers approached Charlie on campus on the day of the show -- and they gave him their frat's shirt.
Charlie ended up wearing the shirt during his show -- and gave the guys a shout out from the stage. 

After the show, they got to hang out with Charlie backstage -- and get this, they even offered him an honorary alumni spot in their fraternity. He thanked them for the offer, but hasn't taken them up on it thus far..
Late nights, hot girls and partying ... sounds right up his alley


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Exclusive party of Charlie partying with sexy coeds here:

1278 days ago


There his, buds with yet another group of dudes. Problem is, he looks like their grandpa. Is he their role model? Or are they his lost youth? I'd be fining them if I rant the fraternity. He's a wife-beater. Not somone any college kid needs influencing them.

1278 days ago


Awwwww....Guess he IS all about his fans and security is NOT as tied as some violent haters were yapping. LOL!

1278 days ago


Charlie is much too stupid to be considered college material. I'm sure none of the frat boys are in college with high grades...Dumb.

1278 days ago



And yet he has earned more money than you will ever see and had more fun in life than you will ever experience. Or me for that matter;)

1278 days ago


Just goes to show that "frat boys" aren't the brightest bulb on campus.

1278 days ago


Pretty sure the front of their shirts say Pi Kappa Theta.

1278 days ago


1278 days ago


PKA at Ga Tech are a bunch of nerds anyway lol. I'm a Kappa Sigma at a real college.

1278 days ago


Why am I not surprised? The Pi Kappa Alpha frat at my college was notorious for being a bunch of slimeballs. The only advice my older brother ever gave me when I went off to college was to avoid the "Pike" house at all costs!

1278 days ago

Tired of Ignorance    

It says that the frat house got a boost to their street cred. I think it is the other way around. Charlie needs to appear to appeal to "educated people", a group of people that no matter how young are smart enough to see that Charlie is the poster child for "Just Say NO".

1278 days ago


Oh that's just great Charlie - you're old enough to be their FATHER.
Ridiculous. Just....ridiculous.

1278 days ago



Georgia Tech IS a real college. As far as technical schools go, it's one of the top five in the country. Perhaps you're referring to Ivy League colleges.

In any case, TMZ neglected to mention what an utter failure the Atlanta show was. People were walking out within 30 minutes.
One guy bought 50 tickets to the show as soon as they went on sale last month hoping to turn them around for a quick profit.
Not only did he NOT make any money, but he was only able to sell 10 of the tickets...and at below cost.


Still, I'm glad PKA had a blast because no one else there did.

1278 days ago


You may want to double check that picture because I think that is Pi Kappa THETA, not Pi Kappa ALPHA

1278 days ago


So we're all supposed to be impressed that an actor who lost his job and is now asking almost every show on his tour to help him get his job back took some pictures with some fans. Oh yes,he is showing Warner Brothers, isn't he...Look at me, I still have fans BUT I can't fill an auditorium. All this tour has proven is that his kids are not a priority, he can't really deliver a show without help of others, he has some fans (doesn't everyone) and he is so desperate to get his old job back that he is arrogant enough to appeal to the audiences because he thinks that everyone in the audience was a TAHM fan, when in reality, a lot of people just showed up to see a train wreck and could care less about seeing him back on that show. It's pathetic that he's sunk to trying to appeal to peoples love of the show and asking them to help him....low, low, low. He's a warlock right, if he's so special and so talented, he should be able to get back on the show all by himself and if there really are talks about him getting back on, then why does he keep asking for help?

1278 days ago
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