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Lindsay's Lawyer Scribbles Hasty Appeal

4/25/2011 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's lawyer was so blindsided by Judge Stephanie Sautner's decision to throw Lindsay in jail Friday ... she scribbled an appeal on what looks like a stationary store legal form and jammed it through the system so her client could get out of the pokey.


TMZ obtained the form ... filed by Shawn Holley minutes after the judge sentenced Lindsay to 120 days in jail for the probation violation.

Holley's name and address is scribbled at the top of the form, as is Lindsay's name in the document.

And, the standard form didn't make sense because it says the defendant is indigent, so Holley drew a line through it.  On the other hand ...

By filing the notice of appeal, it allowed Lindsay to bail out while the appeal is pending.

Sometimes, done beats perfect.


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i cant see her working she has been spoiled and pampered. she will find a way to screw it up

1175 days ago


Nicole how much time do you give her before she is back in jail.. where is all these movie rolls. dust in the wind

1175 days ago


lol had that been one of us..they would have told our lawyer to go screw themselves trying to hand over something that sloppy

1175 days ago


@ Charlie Sheen's Watch

Your so right! "Lohan is a train wreck" is an idiot and a bold face liar!

California is so broke and yet the state still elects morons who want to waste time and money on these minor non violent crimes. Danette should be working on getting murderers and really violent people sent to prison not cleaning up pigeon **** cases like this.

Put Lindsay in jail for a month, and make the sheriff bring her to court in jail jump suit and ask to release her due to overcrowding. Let the PaP's get good shots of her in orange and chains and be done with this. The humiliation is a perfect punishment. Since she seems to have money for high priced lawyers and bail, fine her 25 thousand and use the money to bail out the state.

1175 days ago

Pony Princess    

No i'm not a flamer and sure Shawn represnts Lindsay but she also represents Jaycee Dugard and her daughters.

and what do each of those things have to do with each other. ARe you simply trying to insinuate that because SCH reps the Dugards, she's a stand up person, or what?
Cuz I don't see the connection here

1175 days ago

The Truth    


In the Notice of Appeal it must state what judgment and what probation violation and the date of that violation for it to be valid.

Lindsay’s attorney did not fill in what judgment, violation or date therefore it could be for any case. Which makes it deficient and not valid.

This is attorney 101 stuff.

Look at the actual form (which she picked up at the courthouse) it states:

“Lindsay Lohan hereby appeals from the judgment rendered on (did not fill in) in department (did not fill in) of th..”

Sorry this really is attorney 101 for filing an appeal. No judgment is cited therefore no appeal from an unknown case can be granted.

Attorney 101 duh…..

Then Truth

1175 days ago


I don't think Shawn has a hope in hell of reversing the decision to jail Lindsay. I also don't think Danette has a hope in hell of getting the felony reinstated. If I were face to face with either of them I would say the music is not playing, stop dancing!

Shawn does have a good chance of bringing the concept of jailing someone before they are proven guilty to the front burner and I believe it belongs there. I know the judge has the authority to do this but actually doing it is, to me, standing on thin ice. I would have given her six months jail with no early release and then stayed the sentence until the trial ended. She would have been told that if found guilty the theft conviction time would be consecuitive after the probation violation time was served.

1175 days ago

The Truth    

Just came from the courthouse. Interesting. There were 4 other appeals received on friday that were received then rejected. Then received again. And guess what, each did not fill in the information that Lindsays attorney didn't fill in.

Specal treatment by the jail and clerk. Now it is in the records they accepted a deficient appeal filing when they rejected others.

Special the court and clerk.

The Truth

1175 days ago

Who Knew    

Fire crotch, you, stinky beaver.

1175 days ago


She got off light, Anyone eles would have been charged to the max. She is not a good exsample for Walt Disney to use in any movies. so movie producers walk a way alot better choices out there.

1175 days ago


One must admit that Shawn Holley certainly is dedicated to the case. I wonder if she truly believes in Lindsay's innocence or is it just important to her to win the case?

1175 days ago


Jail Time? So What! Lindsay Lohan's Brand Has Nowhere to Go But Up
By Jo Piazza Posted Apr 25th 2011 07:00PM

Another stint in jail won't help or hurt Lindsay Lohan's brand. Her marketability with consumers is already so poor that even more time behind bars can hurt her more than she has already hurt herself.

"I don't think going to jail or not matters to a brand anymore with Lindsay. Any brand that was going to touch her with all of her troubles was/is going to do so regardless of whether she spends time in jail. For the most part, I think it's safe to say most brands aren't going to get close to her as there's just been too much negativity surrounding everything she does," says marketing executive Matt Delzell of the Marketing Arm. Delzell's job is to pair brands with celebrities for endorsement and licensing deals and he doesn't see much activity in that arena in Lohan's future.

On Friday, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner found Lohan in violation of probation and sentenced her to the jail time and 480 hours of community service.

In light of the latest speed bump for Lindsay, Delzell believes it is time for La Lohan to take seriously the three factors that will help her rebuild her brand.

1) Make a sincere, public apology
2) Keep your nose clean and stay out of the media spotlight for a while. Time will be on your side.
3) Have a successful project, a movie or even some charity work. Something!

Even when all three of these are checked off (and make note that none of them has been accomplished yet), it could be a case of too little, too late.

"Her brand is already tarnished and she keeps getting herself into the same messes so that it gets tarnished even more," explains Nelson Gayton, Executive Director and senior lecturer at the Center for Managing Enterprises in Media, Entertainment, and Sports at UCLA's Anderson School of Management. "She has a persona these days, but that isn't necessarily a brand."

Gayton believes that right now Lohan only brings value to a project as a star of 'Celebrity Rehab' or in a cameo in 'The Hangover the nth.' But maybe if she can complete the triumvirate of redemption above she will have a shot.

"I wouldn't say her brand is sufficiently kaput that she can't do anything about it. Look at the chances the public gave Robert Downey Jr., and he's won his way with the public again," Gayton said, adding the caveat, "He is an amazing talent though, does that hold true for Lindsay? Can she get her act in order and disprove perception of her as problematic.?"

Can she?

1175 days ago


normal person 51 minutes ago
If this theft was all planned out by Lilo and her male accomplice why is he not being charged? Sometime not right here . He either is an accomplice and they are both guilty or he is not an accomplice and her story is true.

We will just have to wait and see.
Whether she id found guilty or not it is still no reason to say such hateful things about someone we don't really know. I wouldn't want to be her with camera stuck in your face all the time.

For now she is innocent till proven guilty

I guess Patrick is not an accomplis but a decoy used by Lindsay to back her up and lay the blame on, for her own actions. Perhaps he's made a deal and turned Lindsay in?

If Lindsay doesn't like cameras in her face she can stop calling the paps to take her picture and selling her story to the tabs. That's how she earns her living, normal person. By selling these lame stories for money. You don't want Lindsay to have to get a job do you?

1175 days ago


Aww....Lucky 130! So, so sorry about your loss!
He (or she) is waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge, where you'll be together forever again!
So sorry. )=

1175 days ago


"One must admit that Shawn Holley certainly is dedicated to the case. I wonder if she truly believes in Lindsay's innocence or is it just important to her to win the case?"

Pretty much the latter. The greater the number of "wins", the more successful her public perception. Who are you going to hire to defend you? Someone who has a 50/50 track record or someone who wins 85% or more of their cases for their clients?

Second, there's a greater issue at play. The Canon of Ethics which all lawyers agree to abide by. They are sworn to serve their clients' needs to the absolute best of their ability for as long as they represent them regardless of whether or not they believe in them. Otherwise, they risk disbarment and lose their ability to practice law.

1175 days ago
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