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Rebecca Black -- I Don't Wanna Be 'Friday Girl'

4/25/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Being forever known as the chick who sings that "Friday" song isn't as fun .... fun ... fun ... fun ... fun ... as it seems ... so says Rebecca Black ... you know, that chick who sings that "Friday" song.


13-year-old Black just gave an interview to the AP -- in which the singer says she desperately wants a career as a respected recording artist ... adding, "I don't want to be known as the `Friday' girl. Hopefully, I can be known as Rebecca Black and not the `Friday' girl."

Black -- whose smash hit has landed more than 118 million views on YouTube -- added, "I want to be a performing artist. That's what I've always wanted to do."

For the record -- Black recently locked down a 5-song album deal ... which means she's already light years ahead of the "Chocolate Rain" guy.


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hahahahahahahaha lmfao shes horrible at singing she really needs singing lessons cus she hurts my ears!!!! lol idek how she got the 5 song almbum deal...damn those ppl might be crazzzyyyyyy!

1254 days ago

Lisa Lee    

Love it or hate it, I’m really glad “Friday” is here because I have had so much fun watching the parodies! Below is my favorite! If you haven’t seen this one you have to check it out. It is hilarious but also has a good message.

Rebecca Black- Friday Parody "Cocaine"

1254 days ago

reb-black is the worst    

she frigin sucks destroy her song and dont let her sing ever agian if u do more people are just going to beak her and she'lll prob end up killing herself from all the humiliation.

1254 days ago


You DO know that when she isn't auto-tuned and singing a ****ty song she is at least half-decent?

Listen to her sing the star spangled banner. She's not perfect but dang it is millions of time better.

1253 days ago


Love all the "experts" that come out of the woodwork to proclaim that because they over did it with auto tune, that they know she can't sing. None of you know that. Also I've heard her sing a different song and she can sing. So why are people so stupid? Because the real reason is not that they are trying hard to write the truth, but instead they are sheep that like to find something fun to pick on. I'm not defending her voice in friday as it wasn't good. It was robotic and too simplistic.. But again, that doesn't prove she can't sing, and it doesn't prove she can't have a career etc. I think she should continue to take singing lessons and work on it. But she also happens to sing better than some already famous artists that are out now, and also auto tuned. Also the song is pretty catchy and it's ind of fun to watch and hear. How else did she sell several hundred thousand copies? People are not going to pay hard earned cash for something they hate. So even if you hate her song, there were apparently enough people that like it to give her a pretty big income. Now THAT's the truth.

1244 days ago


everyone making fun of her get a life why are u looking up things that u obivously hate just leave her alone and get a life and a hobby ok shes freaking 13 u ppl are probably older then her and ur making fun of her haha yay u made a 13 year old sad and now u probably feel like the king of the world yay im like 20 and i made a 13 year old cry i bet ur parents are so proud there like oh ya i raised that kid and look at him hes making a 13 year old girl cry thats like f*cking stealing a candy from a baby wrong and MEAN AS HELL

1243 days ago


I liked the Chocolate Rain guy...

1234 days ago


well i guess since ppl are willing to buy a william hung cd from back in the day ppl will be willing to buy another no talents cd

1228 days ago


She should just be an artist. I hope her friend in pink comes out with a single too!

1207 days ago
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