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TMZ Live -- Will and Kate's Royal Favor for Obama

4/25/2011 6:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Why our president probably didn't want to go to a dumb ol' royal wedding anyway ... And, why Lindsay Lohan really only faces 15-19 days in the pokey ... max!

29 answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!


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(0:00) How long could Lindsay Lohan really spend behind bars?
(0:30) Charles' Knicks are OUT of the playoffs already.
(3:00) Harvey says President Obama is probably psyched he DIDN'T get invited to the Royal wedding.
(5:15) Harvey predicts the outcome of Lindsay's case.
(9:00) A viewer comment about breast milk goes sour real quick.
(10:45) Exciting news about Charles ... that Harvey ruins.
(14:50) Webcam question -- how do we decide which celebs to report on?
(19:30) Harvey reads questions from his twitter account (@harveylevintmz).
(21:20) Can you grow medical marijuana in your back yard?
(23:00) The latest on the Dodgers takeover saga.
(28:45) Max kinda looks like Garth from "Wayne's World" ... and then he drops a new term on everyone.
(30:30) The scoop on the Lindsay imposter.
(37:00) Prince is THE MAN. Charles explains.
(39:40) Old weather forecasters Vs. "hot babe" weather forecasters.
(42:10) The TMZ Bus Tour -- you have to check it out!!!


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Just asking: Harvey Did you have those cubicles custom made real short or do you just stand on a tall apple crate?

1277 days ago


Premium Gas has higher octane. I actually have a car that runs bad on regular but good on premium. The high octane makes the difference.

1277 days ago

Dino the Dinosaur    

I think harvey is smokin too much green stuff...

1277 days ago


Charles, I saw Prince perform in NYC in Dec. Best show I have seen in 30 years of concert going. The man is amazing and only gets better with age. (and yes, I am a member of AARP!)

1277 days ago


Any word on what Charlie will do post tour?

1277 days ago

Christina C    

Marshmellowman, they won't release her mugshot...or so they say.

1277 days ago


After all of her jail time, probation and community service, do you think this will change Lindsy or do you think her partying and criminal behavier will continue?

1277 days ago


i cannot believe all the hate lindsay lohan...none of you really know her personally...but all believe she should go to prison or jail...just stupid people commenting i think...

1277 days ago


Gas in nj is $3.65 for regular and we dont pump our own gas i still dont know how and im 23 guess we cant complain here lol

1277 days ago

drake mallard    

To the British taxpayer

What's the difference between a Royal Family and a family that's on welfare?

Everything the royal family has was stolen form their peasants (George William Frederick )

to William Arthur Philip Louisy and Henry Charles Albert David putting on a burger king paper crown does not make you royalty. Stop living off the taxpayer and get a real job

1277 days ago


I recently googled Harvey and was shocked to learn his age! so... I gotta ask.. Harvey Levin: good genes or good docs?

1277 days ago


To the wife of who gives a S!!!,the rest of us don't care. He's a Brit, Has he been heroic? The only good thing is that rhe royal family has no power. Neither will you. P.S. You, did good-I would have a done and dump on you.

1276 days ago


Charles Im from New Zealand and its not true that the ozone hole is larger over New Zeland. Most of our meat goes over seas, we pay more for our meat that you guy pay in America and England.

1276 days ago


Has Harvey seen the show Bones? They did an episode,called the Proof in the Pudding, on the Kennedy assassination where they proved that there was a coverup.

1276 days ago


Harvey your Porche needs a high octane fuel probably because it has high compression, if you put regular gas in it won't burn the fuel mixture and will run like crap. This is the price you pay for a high performance engine. Keep using High test or your engine won't perform properly and continued use of regular gas will damage the motor

1276 days ago
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