TMZ Live -- Will and Kate's Royal Favor for Obama

4/25/2011 6:18 PM PDT

TMZ Live -- Will and Kate's Royal Favor for Obama

Why our president probably didn't want to go to a dumb ol' royal wedding anyway ... And, why Lindsay Lohan really only faces 15-19 days in the pokey ... max!

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(0:00) How long could Lindsay Lohan really spend behind bars?
(0:30) Charles' Knicks are OUT of the playoffs already.
(3:00) Harvey says President Obama is probably psyched he DIDN'T get invited to the Royal wedding.
(5:15) Harvey predicts the outcome of Lindsay's case.
(9:00) A viewer comment about breast milk goes sour real quick.
(10:45) Exciting news about Charles ... that Harvey ruins.
(14:50) Webcam question -- how do we decide which celebs to report on?
(19:30) Harvey reads questions from his twitter account (@harveylevintmz).
(21:20) Can you grow medical marijuana in your back yard?
(23:00) The latest on the Dodgers takeover saga.
(28:45) Max kinda looks like Garth from "Wayne's World" ... and then he drops a new term on everyone.
(30:30) The scoop on the Lindsay imposter.
(37:00) Prince is THE MAN. Charles explains.
(39:40) Old weather forecasters Vs. "hot babe" weather forecasters.
(42:10) The TMZ Bus Tour -- you have to check it out!!!