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Charlie Sheen Bails Out Lenny Dykstra

4/26/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A friend in need is a friend indeed -- especially when that friend coughs up $22k to bail your ass out of jail ... which is what Charlie Sheen did for his good pal ... former baseball star Lenny Dykstra.


As we previously reported, Lenny -- who filed for bankruptcy back in 2009 -- was popped earlier this month for allegedly embezzling more than $400k from his bankrupt estate  ... a federal crime.

Lenny was held on $150,000 bail for nearly a week -- but it was Charlie to the rescue, by  fronting 15% -- $22,500.

It's only right Charlie helped out Lenny, because just after Sheen was given the boot from "Two and a Half Men" Lenny tried hiring a hot shot lawyer to negotiate Charlie's return.

Charlie tells TMZ, "The rendition guilty trolls that kidnapped my dear friend Nails clearly forgot that he's a fellow Vatican assassin and his best pal is a warlock."

Um, what he said.


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Keeping himself in spotlight....booooooring.....I am sure Lenny has money to bail his ass out of jail.

1275 days ago


I was once up for a job w/ Lenny (a few years back)....and quite honestly, I had my apprehensions about it. After I did some research on the dude and shared it with the company that wanted to place me there...they realized that they didn't want to be in bed with a jackass like that and kicked him to the curb (probably one of the reasons he was using Craigslist to look for a housekeeper...per another one of your stories about him, as of late). What a douche!

Douche's roam in the same circle apparently. Charlie...don't you get it? Acting the way you have been and coming to the rescue of schmucks like Dykstra...doesn't help you at all! Grow the F--- up!

1275 days ago


Sounds like he's been playin wow on his coke binges.. Makes wow 15 times better... I hear...

1275 days ago


Charlie has no front teeth!! Ewwwwwwww

1275 days ago


Nails new nickname


more ways than one!

1275 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

Would love to see Charlie go into business with Tiger Woods- They could open up Whore Houses or"Goddess" Houses on all Golf Tour Stops in the country, and Overseas too- Just think of the millions they can make- Call them "FUN on TOUR" with your "STICKS"

1275 days ago


Chaps 5 hours ago

Did Lenny learn the "I'm interviewing for a maid - slash - masseuse, and I need to sample your skills, Im getting naked now" from Chuckles?

Or was that Al Gore? LOL

Anyway, TMZ missed the best story of the week, Goddess come Porn Ho Bree Olson told Chuckles to "Go F'n Text Yourself"...

I KNOW...I've heard about her text on REGULAR news media outlets...this is a GOSSIP site so where's the GOSSIP on that text?.

As for the Al Gore reference...Thank you kind sir for my laugh of the day! Totally forgot old Fatty Gore ALSO tried the "Massage this!" trick...oh, too funny.

1275 days ago


damn most of yall need to stop drinking haterade on this god didnt bless you with great fulfilment lives but I bet if stop spending all your time on this site nit picking with everything charlie does you can make it better I swear.

1275 days ago


Those who think Charlie did something wrong by bailing him out, probably never had one friend in their entire lives.

1275 days ago


damn most of yall need to stop drinking haterade on this site im sorry god didnt bless you with a great fulfilled life but I bet if stop spending all your time on this site nit picking with everything charlie does you can make it better I swear.

1275 days ago


yeah seriously he was just trying to help a friend out not a big deal and Im sure charlie isnt going to go broke after this show I didnt know yall had access to his financial records haha he's going to get 88 and some change million on reruns doubt he's going to go broke any time soon

1275 days ago


Mairzee_dotes about an hour ago

Who are the "Hoover Twins"??
I thought Charlie had no how can he throw such big bucks away?
Wonder what he will do when the tours all end?


"Hoover Twins" = ksis and Ray-Ray. I figured that was a nice term to describe them both being on their knees in front of their messiah 24/7. I mean, c'mon, have you seen the comment counts those two have racked up in defense of their God?? I'd be willing to bet that the two of them easily out comment almost anyone else here!

The question most of us have about that is... WHY? What IS it about this loser nut job that makes him so worth the vociferous defense? So far, the pair in question have been unable, or unwilling, to elucidate that point. Probably too busy getting their knee pads autographed.

1275 days ago

J Johnson    


Hop on the big one, you moron...

1275 days ago

Melissa S    

From the NY Daily News

Charlie Sheen had 'nothing to do' with paying former New York Mets star Lenny Dykstra's bail: lawyer

1275 days ago


LOL! Oh well. Just another proof how reliable TMZ usually is.

1275 days ago
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