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Gloria Allred Protests MLB Gay Slur

4/27/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gloria Allred claims a Major League Baseball coach hurled "shocking gay slurs" and made "vulgar sexual gestures" at a recent game, in front of children.

Allred tells TMZ ... the coach used "homophobic words and sexually suggestive vulgar behavior," simulating sex between gay men.

Allred says the comments and gestures were directed at 3 men whom the coach apparently thought were gay.

One of the fans, who brought his 9-year-old twin girls to the game, protested to the coach ... and according to Allred, the coach responded by saying, "Kids don't f**king belong at the baseball park."  She also claims the coach then approached the father "with threatening words and a baseball bat."

Allred will hold a news conference with the father and his twins at her L.A. office on Wednesday at 1 PM PDT.

We'll be live streaming.


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No Avatar


Gloria's trolling for clients at ball parks now.

1276 days ago


Yawwwwwnnnnn. No one is going to watch another Gloria Allred press conference. They are not important! So sick of her, every freaking client she gets, she thinks they are sooo important that she announces a press conference. Puhleeze.

1276 days ago


I hope I live to see the day this biotch drops dead!! Note: I'm not wishing death on her, I just want to live long enough to rejoice when God decides to remove her s***my self from this world.

1276 days ago


I'm going to hire Alldead to sue my gay friend for calling himself a polesmoker right on facebook.

Someone please tell me they aren't going to parade the children in front of the cameras!!!

How many friends is this guy going to lose once he complains about America's past time?

1276 days ago


you can't sue him for what he says but the mlb better fine him at the least for tarnishing their image. i can't believe there's so much hate in this country judging from all these comments. i'm really starting to believe that americans are just fat bigots who sit in front of a tv or computer all day while stuffing themselves with doritos and beer.

1276 days ago


Ira, totally agree!

1276 days ago


who is this lady ? LA's top emotional ambulance chaser?

1276 days ago


Gloria, eat a Trump!

1276 days ago

Gayle Miller    

Gloria Famewhore should be her real name. She holds all these press conferences and then her big deal lawsuits seldom go anywhere. Someone at the California State Bar should be investigating this useless bitch. She's a disgrace to an already disgraceful profession! (Sorry Harvey)

1276 days ago


When is somebody going to shut this BITCH up.Put her in a deep hole and cover it with concrete so we never have to see are hear her again.

1276 days ago


Ira, are you really as stupid as you sound? I said that he can't be sued. This isn't a murder case. This isn't an accusation for a crime. I agree Gloria has no case. Free speech is free speech. I'm arguing for people to have some decency. The MLB also needs to keep a good image. If those remarks were made in the NBA the coach would be fired in a second or fined his ass off. Also, the coach knows what he said and isn't going to plead innocent like you are trying to do for him. I don't follow Gloria, so maybe she is a b**ch. But she has a point. And bringing this indecent act to public ridicule will hopefully prevent other ignorant mean people from saying such things.

as for your second argument, it just went even further downhill. how does a word looking like ***gots make the word bigots just as bad. I'm better than the coach because I don't hate gay people or even offend them.

"because calling people "fat bigots" is the flip-side of calling someone a "***ot", really, it is"

no, the opposite of a ***got is a heterosexual male. If you weren't so stupid you would know that a bigot is someone who demonstrates extreme prejudice. The coach was a bigot. Its a bad name for a bad person. Gay people on the other hand aren't bad people and don't deserve to be called ***gots which is a derogatory word used to intentionally hurt someone who is gay.

"Saying people are "fat", well, that insults at least 1/2 of America right now who eat too much"

I also consider myself overweight at 170 lbs. so being fat in of itself does not make you a bad person. However, being fat is unhealthy and it should not be encouraged or ignored. Plus its part of the fat bigot stereotype which is more illustrative for readers. The bigot stereotype is one I almost feel compelled to believe as I stated in my first post because of all these comments I am reading and people I've met. And fat bigots ARE bad people because of their hate. The word "fat" accentuates the stereotype that people should not want to be.

"I bet you a lot of those "fat" people voted for Obama, too"

Yes, this debate about ***gots and fat bigots, was truly a political debate between Obama supporters and haters. This was all a metaphor for how Obama was actually born in Kenya, right? And for how God sh*ts out black people. You hit the nail right on the head with that one. Clearly, you are the second stupidest person in the world. I think only Donald Trump beats you out for the title. According to you Obama supporters are gay and may or may not include fat people. Haters are fat bigots who don't want to be called fat or bigots. They also hate gay people, which in their eyes also includes all Obama supporters (not that there are any gay bigots)... That was sarcasm, I thought i should let you know because you are probably too stupid. There really are gay bigots. Now I understand you are clearly a stupid and confused person but as long as smart decent people have a majority of power than stupid people, I think we can slowly rid this planet of ignorance (mainly through insults and high cholesterol)

1276 days ago


i guess the dad thought its never to early to start whoring your girls out for $$$

1276 days ago

Winning DUH    

i dont like doritos mike but ill take the beer ;-).as i understand many countries have a problem with severe alcoholism like australia england so on and so on not just the US.

1276 days ago


Oh God, not this money-grubbing whore again. What makes her think this is any of her damn business? Somebody needs to shoot that money-grubbing egotistical vermin, and not with a camera.

1276 days ago


America is the ONLY place in the world where someone will sue someone for making comments. It is a joke now. The judges should throw the plaintiffs in jail for these stupid suits.

1276 days ago
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