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Katie Couric


4/26/2011 3:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Couric has finally made it official -- announcing moments ago that she's decided to "step down" from her post at the "CBS Evening News."

Katie Couric Leaving CBS

Couric told, "In making the decision to move on, I know the Evening News will be in great hands, but I am excited about the future."

As for Couric's future in TV, she added, "I am looking at a format that will allow me to engage in more multi-dimensional storytelling."

Couric insists the details -- including which network she will land with -- are "still being discussed."

As TMZ previously reported, she is talking with CBS about a possible daytime syndicated show ... in addition in continuing with the news division -- probably "60 Minutes."

Couric's contract is up in June -- it's likely she won't leave the show until then.

TMZ broke the story -- Katie's replacement will be "60 Minutes" correspondent Scott Pelley -- we're told that announcement will be made sometime around May 6.

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Caring Kate    

Too bad the world wasn't and still isn't ready for a spontaneous, happy, witty and totally herself woman in that time slot. True genius is often very natural and this off-puts those who are looking for "signs" of "intelligence" played out as a rather dull, conservative who uses "big" words and is "very serious." The world needs to see what natural and true genius looks like! I won't be watching CBS Evening News anymore without Katie and I look forward to seeing and HEARING her brilliant, appropriately cheerful and appropriately serious insights. No one could hold Katie down! She is a sparkly, gifted person who loves life and people and did I say she is brilliant? She buried her husband and learned all about what a gift and miracle it is to be alive. Keep sparkling Katie.

1253 days ago


She should stayed at the today show. Big mistake thinking she was something more than a face to wake up to and have a cup of coffe with.

1253 days ago



1253 days ago


She's somehow more biased and manipulative than Dan Rather was. Good riddance. She has exactly zero professional journalistic integrity.

1253 days ago


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1253 days ago



1253 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

That's nice that CBS wants to make us think that it was Katie's choice. The Network has been waiting and eager to get rid of that perky twit. Her ratings have always been low because people just don't believe anything she says. I don't like her silly, toothy grin and I don't know anyone who does. She also has a Tremendous Ego. She has enough money. She should retire!

1253 days ago


o es que es menopáusica ya? bueno quizá le podrías rescatar algún óvulo todavía.
sip, es de tu estilo y de tu edad.

quizá ahora no vuelva a rechazarte.

Bueno, espero que te dediques a esta mujer o a otra de tu talla social, y que a mí me dejes en paz de una vez.

1253 days ago


She cost a lot of innocent workers and their families much hardship through the countless layoffs at CBS around the Nation to support her more than one million dollar a month salary, her glamours lifestyle demands, and the loss of adverstising revenue dollars due to her losing more than one third of all CBS News viewers.

She has been a remarkable and miserable failure across the board. Her bias has been wretched and she has tarnished a once proud and shiney Tiffany Network.

May she be a continued failure in the daytime Oprah replacement role she thinks she's about to walk into next with that other Failure Producer, Jeff Zuckerman.

1253 days ago


Good...glad she's gone and CBS will be better off without her. I stopped watching CBS when they hired her. She and Paula Zahn should team up and I would only have to use the remote to change channels once and not twice.

1253 days ago

james leonard    

Who really cares about CBS news or any other so called Prime Time news show. CBS, NBC, ABC have been out of the news business for years. After all they all are covering the Royal Wedding with all they got instead of covering whats happening here in the USA.They all vetoed for OBAMA....

1253 days ago


Por qué no persigues a esta y me dejas a mí en paz? es más de tu edad no? y lleva pedruscos relucientes colgando de las orejas!->toda una dama elegante.además tiene rasgos caucásicos no?
además te gustan las bocas grandes y amplias no?

o es que ya la perseguiste en el pasado y pasó de tí? no me extraña... han pasado de tí muchas mujeres no? por eso te desfogas conmigo insultándome?

Pues como te dije antes, como vuelvas a insultarme de esa forma voy a inundar la sección de comentarios de los periódicos de todas las noticias que salgan de Lady Gaga, Sheen, y Lohan, y toda la troupe que llevas entre manos de la verdad. aunque no sirva de nada.

1253 days ago


the chicks a moron!

1253 days ago


Love the spin ...stepping down.... cause my contract is over,and they don't want me at any price.Maybe they can get Laurey and we can watch him fail.Do we really need nightly news, maybe so but to pay these readers more than say the president............ something soooo wrong.

1253 days ago


Good... just last night I thought to myself what a weak choice for broadcaster Katie was, and how she never seemed right for the job. I guess she went full circle--from an university "lunch lady" worker, to GMA to finally unemployed. I never liked her once!

1253 days ago
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