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Atlanta Braves Coach -- Accused of Hurling Gay Slurs

4/27/2011 2:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Atlanta Braves pitching coach Roger McDowell has been accused of targeting a group of male fans last weekend at a Giants game in San Fran -- allegedly asking them, "Are you a homo couple or a threesome?"


Mega-attorney Gloria Allred announced the allegations moments ago in a news conference -- representing a family of four (including two 9-year-old girls) who claim they watched McDowell make the homophobic remark and then use a baseball bat to simulate gay sex.

According to Allred, the family claims they also witnessed McDowell tell the group of male fans, "Are you three giving it to each other in the a**?"

The father claims he confronted McDowell from the stands -- and McDowell responded by saying, "Kids don't f**king belong at the baseball park" ... and then approached him with a baseball bat, saying, "How much are your teeth worth?"

The family is demanding an apology from McDowell ASAP for his alleged anti-gay behavior.

Gloria and the family also want the Commissioner of Baseball Bud Selig to fine both McDowell and the Atlanta Braves -- and send McDowell to some serious sensitivity training.

UPDATE: Roger McDowell just APOLOGIZED, releasing a statement moments ago, saying, “I am deeply sorry that I responded to the heckling fans in San Francisco on Saturday. I apologize to everyone for my actions. “

A rep for the Braves released an additional statement, saying, “We are concerned by these allegations and the behavior described by a witness today. This in no way represents the Braves organization and the conduct we expect of our employees.”

0426_gloria_allred_mini_launch2TMZ has learned ... GLAAD also reached out to the Braves in the hopes of partnering with the franchise to educate their employees about homophobic remarks.

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well, it is normal for the gays to turn a relationship into open or group sex, nothing new there....

1273 days ago


Again with this? C'mon man up now these delicate flowers can't be told hard words because they instantly run looking for a lawer! stop this non sense. Everybody have experienced hard words and everybody deals with that without any scandal. Stop being crybabies!

1273 days ago


A family goes to a baseball game and a week later they have an attorney and a press conference because a manager SUPPOSEDLY used homophobic language.


If nobody would show up at her office for this crap she would stop doing it...how in the world is this "news"?

1273 days ago

Snow White    

Hold your opinions, people. Glo Ho, defender of all things $kanky, might sue you.

1273 days ago


You go Gloria. Now if she could pair up with Jane Fonda - a sometimes hot 'lanta resident, and if Jane would drag Ted in, it would be just perfect.

1273 days ago


First, he spits a magic loogie(sp?) on Kramer and Newman, and now this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1273 days ago


Can someone answer the original question? Were they a gay couple or a threesome?

1273 days ago


He called it as he saw it.

1273 days ago


He called it as he saw it.

1273 days ago


He called it as he say it..so what.

1273 days ago


Tacky comments about sexuality, yes but um sorry, a baseball game is a great place for a kid, maybe not one in atlanta but definitely in the bay area. The issue is that this guy sullied baseball not whether he's a homophobe!

1273 days ago


Leave it to Harvey Levin to jump all over anything to do with homophobia, even if it is sports related.

Tell us, Harvey, is this becoming an anti-homophobia site? Will you rename it HomophobeMZ? How about some real entertainment news, not news about a baseball coach who doesn't like gays.


1273 days ago


justsaying, maybe what you should do is stop just saying stupidity.

1273 days ago


Excuse me, Moon Dust, but how exactly does gay group sex or public sex have to do with this? Oh yeah, you're fixated on it. Says a lot about you.

Abe, Harvey is gay, so obviously, he's going to be against homophobia, as are most people, who are not hateful, bigoted, and irrational. Maybe you should find a different site if you want be patted on the bat for homophobic activity.

And Grace, he called it as he saw it? Interesting. If he called you a c**t, I guess that would be the same thing, huh.

1273 days ago


It comes down to this. These people payed to be in the stands, support baseball, and watch the game. They should not have to endure hate speech, harassment, and threatened with violence. Anyone who defends this has some serious problems. And think of the children. Why should they be put in this situation? Some of the comments really show the lack of humanity and empathy that fills the hearts of many individuals.

1273 days ago
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