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TMZ Live: LiLo's Leno Chat - Sincere or Good Acting?

4/27/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Was Lindsay Lohan just stretching her acting chops during that contrite talk with Leno ... And, why President Obama may have played right into The Donald's filthy rich hands ...

17 answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!!


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(0:00) We're back outside! And we start off talking about President Obama finally unveiling his birth certificate ... and how the conspiracy theories about it are ridiculous.
(1:30) Obama's BC ... why now?
(2:32) Was Lindsay Lohan full of it on "The Tonight Show"?
(4:41) Is Donald Trump awesome ... or just an ass?
(7:40) If you're gonna quit meat ... don't go cold turkey.
(9:45) Harvey says he gets made fun of by "everyone" ... then Charles plays the victim.
(12:30) Twitter time ... if Trump runs for president, will "The Apprentice" go off the air? Who would Harvey let pull the plug?
(14:40) Emmet has all the latest on the Atlanta Braves coach who allegedly hurled gay slurs at baseball fans.
(16:30) Emmet and Gary re-enact Gloria Allred's re-enactment of simulated sex ... using a baseball bat. Yes, you read that right.
(18:55) Does Charles hate British people?
(21:30) The TMZ Hollywood Bus Tour ... the greater-est show on wheels.
(22:20) It's "too hot" for Harvey outside ... so he wraps it up.


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The "K" in Kansas on Obama's birth certificate indicates that it was typed on a manual typewriter, which would have been typical in 1961. The "K" is raised because the Shift key wasn't held down all the way. That's what happens on manual typewriters.

1254 days ago

Harold Brown    

Why is TMZ an enabler for Gloria Alred? At some point, she needs to just go away; or at least news/entertainment agencies just ignore her. Seems there are more important issues in California that could be covered.

1254 days ago

DW Wood    

Harvey, Trump didn't force the the birth certificate issue. For those that don't live in a cave, know that CNN, ABC news and FOX have all seen the certificate produced by the white house last year. Trump has also mentioned in interviews he was aware of this.

So where does he deserve credit. Trump is a moron.

1254 days ago


Harvey I enjoy the court shows like People's Court. Have you met any judges from the other shows on TV?

1254 days ago


What do you think is going to happen to the coach who was very rude in front of children at the game on Saturday. Coach Roger McDowell ??

1254 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

I'm sure the certificate is real, but he could've avoided all the hassle from the beginning by releasing it to the media when the first sign of trouble came up. I think any presidential candidate who is proud to be born here would have done that.

1254 days ago


I would support the Donald's hair, for office. His mouth's been running far too long.

1254 days ago

alexander limon    

Lindsay Lohan desvered that standing ovation something you might not understand harvey because your not from her generation. also why do older gay men trip out on the f word more then compared to younger gays?

Donald trump is a true american for questioning obamas birth place, most people would not say anything because some certian people use the race card and so people dont go there because they dont want to be called racist.

1254 days ago


It looks nice and hot were you guys are. Send some of the hot weather my way Canada. Thanks.

1254 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

America did have a royal family. The Kennedys. But they all gradually died off....

1254 days ago


Harvey, if you were at the ball game on saturday. re what the coach said : Roger McDowell What would your reaction be????

1254 days ago


What part of TMZ keeps you fulfilled, is it the celebrity gossip aspect or the production aspect. I ask because the content is witty but you can't help but feel that celebrities are being taken advantage of because they happen to have a camera on them.

1254 days ago


Trump said he would show his tax returns if, Obama showed his birth certificate. Could you call him on it?
I have not heard any of the other shown question it.
Thank you,

1254 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

Who was the chick at Emmet's desk when the cameraman first got there?? She had a nice ass.... :-)

1254 days ago


I guess Gloria didn't appreciate all the comments regarding her press briefing since the article appears to have been deleted. Hope she is able to understand the message......

1254 days ago
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