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TMZ Live: LiLo's Leno Chat - Sincere or Good Acting?

4/27/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Was Lindsay Lohan just stretching her acting chops during that contrite talk with Leno ... And, why President Obama may have played right into The Donald's filthy rich hands ...

17 answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!!


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(0:00) We're back outside! And we start off talking about President Obama finally unveiling his birth certificate ... and how the conspiracy theories about it are ridiculous.
(1:30) Obama's BC ... why now?
(2:32) Was Lindsay Lohan full of it on "The Tonight Show"?
(4:41) Is Donald Trump awesome ... or just an ass?
(7:40) If you're gonna quit meat ... don't go cold turkey.
(9:45) Harvey says he gets made fun of by "everyone" ... then Charles plays the victim.
(12:30) Twitter time ... if Trump runs for president, will "The Apprentice" go off the air? Who would Harvey let pull the plug?
(14:40) Emmet has all the latest on the Atlanta Braves coach who allegedly hurled gay slurs at baseball fans.
(16:30) Emmet and Gary re-enact Gloria Allred's re-enactment of simulated sex ... using a baseball bat. Yes, you read that right.
(18:55) Does Charles hate British people?
(21:30) The TMZ Hollywood Bus Tour ... the greater-est show on wheels.
(22:20) It's "too hot" for Harvey outside ... so he wraps it up.


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Harvey, If I win a huge amount of money in the lottery, will you be my lawyer?

1243 days ago


Do you have Gloria's number? I just had to witness the worst attempt at simulated sex I've ever seen and I'm going to sue.

1243 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

About that Twitter question that Harv wouldn't answer. I know Max would be one of them. Don't know about the other 4.... :-)

1243 days ago

Winning DUH    


like i have seen for streams is there any possibilities of having the meebo chat room be a regular site thing seeing meebo is free?

1243 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

Geez, Harv. What a punk. Scared of a little heatstroke...

1243 days ago




#1st - You're LATE



1243 days ago


Harvey! I love the idea of a TMZ Bus Tour! Can't wait!

We continue to LOVE this site and your show!!! Love all of you! The best & fastest 30 minutes of T.V.!!!


1243 days ago


Do the billboards in the background go for a premium price since they're on TV occasionally?

1243 days ago


trump has followers

1243 days ago


Lindsay is an actress.
She is always a touch remorseful when she faces the bottom line.

Trump is a blowhard and a bore!! Perhaps a boar!!
Blow enough smoke and you don't have to answer issue questions!
Can you see this man uniting the world? What an embarrassment he would be!

1243 days ago


Stop using your interview with the family of this Doctor as a basis for anything. It means nothing since he is dead and the family has no knowledge of this, which is understandable since Obama did not come to public attention until his run in 2007-08 and this Doctor died in 2003.

Instead, look at the findings and opinions of some tech savvy people on observations and questions regarding this Cert copy/scan. It will make for a better foundation as to whether to continue to look at this BC or drop it.

Not only did Obama wait 3+ years to produce it, which is suspicious enough, but now there seems to be factual points about the PDF copy produced which points to forgery. The hole gets deeper. I applaud Trump no matter which way it goes.

1243 days ago


Harvey, why is it such a problem with President Obama's place of birth. There was know problem making arnold swartzeneger governor and he is not a united states citizen. There are to many other problems with the economy, jobs, war, gas etc. no one is worried about that. There is a lot of racism going on with trump and the gop. Let the President and the government put there heads together to help clear up some of this madness.

1243 days ago


Okay guys I expected more of TMZ because you usually on top of things. He did release the birth certificate 3 years ago to It was re-released.

1242 days ago

Mike M    

Anyone who thought that Pres.Obama was born somewhere other than the USA,also had to believe that the Republican Party was run by a bunch of MORONS,that little tidbit of information just happened to slip by without anyone noticing during the campaign when nothing was left to find,if the GOP didn't know that then they were all asleep, and definately deserved to loose the election and many more

1240 days ago

Donna Thomas    

What's wrong with this picture? (statement) I heard on the news that The President came for a visit and made 15 million dollars for his re-election. The next story featured was that 1.7 million people in California didn't know where their next meal was coming from.

863 days ago
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