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Sheen Gloats

'Men' Can't Survive

Without Him

4/29/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen tells TMZ ... "Two and a Half Men" creator Chuck Lorre is a "sad silly fool," an "A-hole p*ssy loser" and a "low rent, nut-less sociopath" who is now realizing the show can't survive without him -- and Charlie claims the ratings prove his point.

Sheen fired off a blistering letter, attacking Lorre in the wake of reports that Jon Cryer will get a bigger role on the show and Charlie will be replaced.

Charlie says, "... No one cares about your feeble show without me," adding, "The ratings right now are not a fluke.  It's a big fat mess.  A 2.0 demo.  That sucks."  Although the number is low, the show is in reruns.

But Charlie doesn't stop there, saying, "Not even a phone call to the man that put you on the map.  The man that put 500 million dollars in your pockets ... I busted my ass for 8 years to support your vision."

And in the letter, which Charlie sent to TMZ as a messenger to Lorre, gets very personal: "They are planning on voting you off the AA island.  Even those clowns have no room for you anymore."

TMZ broke the story Thursday ... there's a 50/50 chance "Men" will not come back for Season 9.


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Bitter, party of one. Your table's ready.

1276 days ago


Time to shut-up Charlie. The LAST thing I'd do is re-hire someone who continually bad mouths's me. The show's ratings were going down WITH you. How old can you be and still have the same MO on the show and get away with it. It's gets old. They'd do well to have a storyline where you met your demise. How anyone with your proclivity for booze, drugs and violence has gotten this far is beyond me. I, for one, would gladly watch the show without you.

1276 days ago



1276 days ago


Charlie is going out like a whiny bitch warlock.

Well, he always has cocaine to comfort him.

1276 days ago


He makes it sound like he did them a favor by doing the show for 8 years. He made 2 million an episode!! Why is he acting like he made everyone money and he somehow was duped?

Wasn't he just saying a few weeks ago that he likes Lorre and that he'd like to have a chat with him to make up?

1276 days ago

Harveys boyfriend    

one bright day in the middle of the night,

two dead boys got up to fight,

round and round they faced each other,

drew their swords and shot each other...

1276 days ago


It won't succed without him I don't know why they even put this to question. Go warlock

1276 days ago

sara fine    

Charlie you are a BIG FAT MESS!!!What you need is a cup of SHUT THE F**K UP!!!Your just pissed cause you are realizing your not the ONLY F'N ACTOR ON THE PLANET,and that there are other options then to put up with your S**T!!!You are a LOSER Charlie,you look like a OLD FOOL n you act like one too...i loved your show n you as well before you acted like an ASS,now i can't even watch you in anything...YOU MAKE ME SICK HOW YOU F'D UP YOUR LIFE BEYOND BELIEF..Sooooooo Sad:(

1276 days ago


You gotta give Charlie one thing: he does write pretty entertaining letters. lol

1276 days ago


I like jon cryer but charlie sheen is the star of the show and i dont feel it would work without him

1276 days ago


Who is watching the Royal Wedding this morning? Some of the women are wearing the most ridiculous hats I've ever seen - including Victoria "I-Can't-Smile-Because-I'm-Ashamed-of-My-Teeth Beckham.

Secondly, Charlie IS correct: The show is not "The Show" without Charlie as the title character. I cannot think of a single person who could fill his role on that television series.

1276 days ago


Ok, I'm quickly losing respect for TMZ.
You guys are creating all this fiery crapola because you give this guy oxygen. This isn't really news. This is practically manufactured by TMZ. The fact that he sent this letter to TMZ and not to Chuck Lorre says it all.

This is like Donald Trump and the whole birth certificate crapola - the press fell down on the job by feeding Trump's BS, and turning it from nothing into something.

1276 days ago


The show was starting to get a lil stupid and boring with Charlie anyways. Here's how just about every episode goes- Charlies a pig ,has sex with random tramps blah blah blah ,the kid says inappropriate things(it was cute a few yrs ago but the kids like 20 now) blah blah blah alan always gets **** on by Charlie blah blah blah. The end

1276 days ago


To tell the truth, I cannot stand to watch the show anymore even in reruns because I do not want to see or hear Sheen ever again.

1276 days ago


Writing letters like this to your boss doesn't much help your case if you want to get re-hired, Charlie.

Just sayin'.

1276 days ago
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