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Dreamworks Movie Artist Charged in Fatal Dog Beating

4/28/2011 4:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A visual effects artist who worked on several Dreamworks films like "Shrek" faces more than 4 years in prison -- after he was accused of beating his neighbor's puppy to death ... with a hammer.


According to law enforcement, Young Song -- who also worked on films like "Kung Fu Panda," "Shark Tale," and "Madagascar 2" -- allegedly entered his neighbor's backyard last week ... and shot their 16-month-old German shepherd with a pellet gun, before beating it to death with a hammer.

According to the puppy's owner the act was caught on surveillance video.

Song pled "not guilty" today to one felony count of cruelty to an animal, and one count of misdemeanor petty theft of a dog ... after he allegedly dragged the mutilated corpse from his neighbor's yard.

Song was arrested yesterday and bail was set at $40,000. He is still in custody. His next court date is May 26. Song's lawyer Nicholas Okorocha had no comment.


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@Vic Franklin - Yeah, I kinda think the dog was doing something and the owner didn't have enough consideration to take his neighbour's enjoyment of his home/property into account. Furthermore, IF his name is any indication of his mindset, he comes from a place where dogs are considered food and killing them is like how Americans kill chicken or pigs or cows.

1273 days ago


the same should be done to him. and i would be the first to sign up to carry out this justice for such a terrible human being.

1273 days ago


Someone needs to beat him with a hammer. WTF. Sicko.

1273 days ago


So why was it ok for Sheen to mistreat Richard's dogs til one was so bad it had to be put down? What's the difference?

1273 days ago


What a cruel sick person. May he burn in Hell.

1273 days ago


Burn him at the stake. Then he can burn in hell for eternity, as he deserves.

1273 days ago


@BC I am SOOOO sick of people like you! Who said anyone valued a human beings life less than an animals life. Actually people who are compassionate to animals tend to be extremely compassionate to ALL living creatures, including children. I can care about this poor innocent puppy and also care about children. Apparently your heart isn't very big. And to the people who implied it would be justifiable if the dog had done something, like barking, pooping, etc. Are you freaking serious? So if your child cries too loudly or walks though my yard, I can harm them? If the dog was causing problems the issue should have been with the owner! I hope this man does jail time and is blacklisted in the industry. Unexcusable!!!

1273 days ago


To air on the side of "innocent until proven guilty" I would like to see the video & a pic of the accused before judging a person I don't know. With that said, whoever would take a puppy (or any animal for that matter) and beat it with a hammer is a piece of ****. I am an eye for an eye type of person. I see dogs and cats as much more than just a person's personal belonging and he should get the beating of a life time with the same hammer. Poor puppy & I am sorry for the owners. I am glad, however, that they got the video to prove it.

1273 days ago


Unless the puppy was doing this guy's wife, put sugar in his gas tank and was stealing his wifi, there's no excuse for what he did. (and even then, it's still not excusable) I hope this guy meets multiple shanks in the prison shower...

1273 days ago


@Tammy - I can't believe you are asking these questions! So you are saying if the dog was barking it makes it right! They have a special chair for this guy and maybe you too Tammy.

1273 days ago


link to the LA times story:

1273 days ago


i want to beat him with a hammer see how he would like it i love animals more the people

1273 days ago


He better hope he gets prison, for his own safety. If my neighbor did that to my dog he'd regret it for reasons that go far beyond whatever the state will do to him.

1273 days ago


I started to cry just reading the article. That poor innocent animal. What the ----- is wrong with him?

1273 days ago


hang this person. he's a waste of oxygen. he needs to be 'taken care of.'
and in a very painful way.

1273 days ago
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