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'Two And A Half Men'

On the Chopping Block

4/28/2011 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's a 50/50 chance "Two and a Half Men" will not come back for a 9th season ... people connected with the production tell TMZ.

There are certain things we know for sure ...

-- Charlie Sheen will NOT be coming back to the show
-- Chuck Lorre has a plan for re-tooling the show, but no deals with replacement actors have been made.  In fact, no offers have even been put on the table.
-- A decision on the fate of "Men" will be made before May 18.

The Hollywood Reporter says Lorre is thinking of beefing up Jon Cryer's role and bringing a new actor onboard to replace Sheen.  H.R. is saying some of the candidates are Woody Harrelson, Jeremy Piven and Bob Saget.

One well-connected source tells TMZ, "There really is a good chance the show won't come back."

Stay tuned...


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Bob Sagat? Are you kidding me!! What a joke. Cancel it before you completely ruin a great show. Without Charlie, there is no show anyway.

1240 days ago


I don't care what else happens, just don't put Bob Saget on the show,

1239 days ago

john from aust.    


1239 days ago


Who cares, the show sucked anyway. So dumb, so unfunny.

1239 days ago


CBS establishment is treating Charlie Sheen like a little boy who needs to be spank for biting the hand that fed him. I was truly a fan of the show, and to think you can get someone else to play Charlie Sheen himself is a joke. Jon C. couldn't carry a show if Chuck Lorre held it up for him. I'm sorry Two and a Half-Man, but theirs no one that can save your show but Charlie Sheen himself and because you feel disrespected and hurt, you want to continue to punish Charlie. You're losing money money money money and money.

1239 days ago


Just make a spinoff with jake and allen and just call it something else....and woody harrelson is hilarious....he'd be a great person to get on a show with them..but dont call it 2 and a half men, jake ain't a kid any more!

1239 days ago


@Gailena... Understand that they are not trying to have someone play Charlie Sheen's character. That would be impossible! They are simply trying to find someone that can come in and still keep a similar vibe and excitement going with their own character.
@HaHa... I love the spinoff idea. Jake and Woody together would be hilarious.

1239 days ago


Sagat? Really? That'll be two Cryers.
Piven? Maybe. Not a big fan but possibly could work.
I could see Harrelson bringing a little something to the table with a revamp of the show.

1239 days ago


Woody would be great. Just please, no Bob Sagat.

1239 days ago

laura pichierri    

CHARLIE SHEEN IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1239 days ago

Pam Ramos    

My husband & I love this show. We watch reruns everyday, even tho we have seen them dozens of times. We will NOT WATCH the show if Charlie Sheen is not reinstated. Chuck and Charlie need to bury the hatchet. The ratings would go through the roof if Charlie returned.

1239 days ago


Bob Sagat is not funny at all and would completely ruin the show.
He is disgusting!

1239 days ago


it wont be the same without charlie...he made that show along with jon cryer..i love it...u better put charlie back..and he better straighten his crap up because we want to see him in the show,,not anyone else..the same cast..yall always mess things up when u try to put new people in a movie or show that wasnt in that first movie or show from the beginning..its crazy leave charlie in the show...leave charlie in the show...leave charlie in the show..

1239 days ago


Let's roll with Saget...the illest motherf***er in a cardigan sweater!

1239 days ago


Chuck Lorre will perpetually receive millions of residuals from ALL OF THE HIT TV SERIES he has created and WILL STILL CREATE. Meantime, looney Charlie has succeeded in hitting rock bottom and the mere mention of his name spells doom among Hollywood writers and producers. Even his colleagues will not even dream of working with him in any TV series and films. He has put himself in such a very pathetic situation that he's made himself a mere curiosity actor of small-venue doing boring and irrelevant "live show" available for a few bucks with nothing to offer to his equally pathetic few supporters.

Looney Charlie can badmouth THE CREATOR of his former hit series to his content but the fact remains he will NEVER regain his former fame, while Chuck Lorre will continue to create more hits.

So who's winning again? Obviously the name is NOT Charlie.

1239 days ago
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