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Lindsay to Plead No Contest to Theft

4/30/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan will plead no contest to the misdemeanor theft charge she faces over that pesky necklace ... sources connected with the case tell TMZ.

We're told Lindsay is committed to what she told Jay Leno this week -- that she wants to accept responsibility and move on with her life.

So Lindsay and her lawyer, Shawn Holley, will go back to Judge Stephanie Sautner as early as next week to enter the plea. 

Lindsay has already been sentenced to 120 days in jail for the probation violation, along with 480 hours of community service. Sources tell us Lindsay and her lawyer are banking on Judge Sautner not adding additional time on the theft charge. In other words, when Lindsay serves her 120-day sentence, that would be the end of it.  And sources familiar with the case say that would be a routine disposition.

L.A. County Sheriff's spokesperson Steve Whitmore tells TMZ his rough calculation is that Lindsay would serve three weeks, although there are variables to that.

We're also told the L.A. County District Attorney is inclined to give the case to the L.A. City Attorney, since the D.A. typically prosecutes felonies and the case is now a misdemeanor.  But now that Lindsay will plead no contest, it doesn't make a lot of sense for the D.A. to kick the case to the City Attorney.

Holley could not be reached for comment.


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give "no contest" plea - is there an idea/estimate on sentencing (i.e. terms for probation - length et al)?

1270 days ago

Peter Sc    

I am sad because she became victim to this marketing stunt. At least everybody know that you shouldn't buy anything at the overpriced stores in that area.

I hope that the customers will stay away from not only that shop but the entire town. As the economy is right now, it is close to a scam to charge that much compared to what such items cost anywhere else.

1270 days ago


"No contest" is a guilty plea.

Without a deal in place she is stupid to plead that.

1270 days ago


Aww hell....
Where's Nicole? Heehee,
Seriously, if she is sincere (which I pretty much doubt), then good for her.
Would like to see her serve several mths, make it her rock bottom so that hopefully she really *does* get it and learned something in the end.
Go girl....??

1270 days ago


This a great decision. Hopefully she can finally put her legal isseus behind her.
She won't serve any more than 2 weeks of the 120 day sentence.

1270 days ago


So if jails are such a big business in the U.S. then why are they not doing live pay per views and perhaps a for a fee a total access where we can watch inmates via security cameras? We are not long off a live pay per view execution mark my words.

1270 days ago

Jim in Cali    

So in other words, she should've taken the deal to begin with and she probably be done with all this nonsense. Typical Lohan mess.

Wish her the best though.

1270 days ago


Victim Peter? So I guess that means she should only shop at Walmart and Target?
She may be a "victim" but not to some marketing stunt. How about the victim of 2 parents who treated her like she was a sideshow instead of a child. Both of her parents are obviously unstable especially the mother who never matured emotionally. The girl is obviously suffering from a Borderline Personality Disorder and will NEVER be healthy unless she seeks treatment for it.

1270 days ago


Obviously there must be some arrangement in place. She has Shawn Holley representing her not a public defender(whose goal is to close the case).
I'm thinking it will be unsupervised probation for this as she already has to do 3 months of community service.

1270 days ago

Harveys boyfriend    

I have to say sean called it on the last thread a few hours ago

1270 days ago


Jim in Cali 4 minutes ago

So in other words, she should've taken the deal to begin with and she probably be done with all this nonsense. Typical Lohan mess.

Wish her the best though.

NO it was 100% the right decision to not take that deal.
She would have been pleading to a felony in addition to getting tht 90 day jail sentence, supervised probation and manadated therapy.

She is only pleading to a misdemeanor and probably won't be on supervised probation or have a probation officer. She will just check in with the Judge for community service progress updates until next year. Even IF she manages to mess up probation again she would only be facing a jail sentence were 1 year (max for petty theft)= 50 days - 2 months max.

1270 days ago


State of Texas DUI 3 is a felony up to ten years in the state pen. She has 2 with felony cocaine, theft, and many other probation violations. WTF!**** for brains prosecutors!

1270 days ago

Harveys boyfriend    

So at least the linnocent crap from Nicole Rocky and John smith will stop now.
500 keystrokes by lunchtime..another weekend of comment section "monitoring"
and the beat goes on...

1270 days ago


In California a FOURTH DUI is a felony.
Lindsay has 2 DUIs and one count of reckless driving. All the cocaine charges etc have now been dismissed as part of her plea deal. When Lindsay failed the drug tests it was just a violation of her DUI probation not a violation of the plea deal as the drug charges had already been dismissed.

1270 days ago


@Harveys boyfriend
No i don't think she intentionally stole the necklace but she has already been punished for her conduct on probation. So maybe with a reasonable deal in place pleading to a misdemeanor is her best option.

1270 days ago
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