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Mel Gibson to Oksana -- 'Don't Call Me ...'

5/5/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva has been trying to talk to Mel Gibson for months, TMZ has learned, and now that a judge has allowed her to contact Mel, she's hoping for lots of future chit chat ... but she shouldn't hold her breath.

TMZ broke the story ... Oksana's lawyer shockingly went to court yesterday and told Judge Scott Gordon she would drop all of her claims in custody court that Mel committed domestic violence against her.

Oksana's attorney, Dan Horowitz, also got Judge Scott Gordon to lift the protective order prohibiting contact between Mel and Oksana.

Witnesses who have been present when Mel and Oksana have been together post break-up tell TMZ ... she has "repeatedly" tried to engage him in conversation, notably at doctor's appointments for Lucia.  We're told Mel has always rebuffed any of her overtures.

We're told Mel is adamant -- he wants nothing to do with Oksana and uses his people to shield her from him. 

Love ... ain't it a beautiful thing.


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little aussie reader    

Muppet - the woman has an agenda. Always has, always will. Regardless of the victim, whether it's TD, MG or(snicker)KH . If this doesn't prove she's a game player of monumental proportions I don't know what will.
Glad to see you back, btw. :o)

1231 days ago


Like this is a surprise? I've thought all along that she was all about publicity and money, and all of her charges were manipulation of the vilest sort. Maybe she's realizing that she's not getting the results she'd hoped for so she's regrouping. Stay far away from her, Mel!

1231 days ago


One word to sum up Mel - real
and one word to sum up Oxsana - fake


1231 days ago


When you believe whole heartedly, God is always on your side and he will always let the truth come out. Always in His time...

God I think does it this way, so you can see for yourself who has your back!!!

1231 days ago


@ EMM, probably not. The only reason Mel was charged was because he admitted slapping her in his declaration. So this is a done deal.

And Good Morning to all

1231 days ago

little aussie reader    

Em - one word to sum up your post - true that ;o)

1231 days ago

little aussie reader    

Morning realist :o)

Just about to head to bed here. Have fun!

1231 days ago


Dan Horowitz, not so good of a lawyer is he?? ??? ?

If he wanted to the case to settle then you hold a meeting with Mel's lawyers and tell them that

'your client would rather settle than put her family through a very lengthy trail, in which both parties would also end up being on trail.'

what you don't do is take you leverage away.

Either Mr. Horowitz is a bad lawyer or the Ox is impossible.. ... . ?

1231 days ago


pPbird, She IS impossible. And probably delusional. Any attorney's (good or bad) nightmare.

1231 days ago


Thanks, Realist

wow, that blows...;)

1231 days ago


Ox stalked MG to Costa Rica--maybe she wants Cannes.

1231 days ago


Geeze, two weeks ago they were slamming Mel in the press, and now she is supposedly extending an olive branch? be fraid Mel, very afraid, I hope your at red alert, I don't trust this woman at all. After all this time she decides to not hurt people in her life, yeah, right!

It is either the above, or Mel's attorney's have dropped a bombshell that they have something that will embarass her so much even she will not be able to move past it.

1231 days ago


To be perfectly honest, what would prompt "ANY" man to give this "DELUSIONAL" harpy the "time of day"!

She's burned ALL of her bridges between "HERE and RUSSIA". There's no point in "PRETENDING" when you're dealing with a "TWISTED" sociopath. She's simply past "DESPERATE" and isn't able to "BLOW HER WAY" up the food chain, anymore. She praying "IN VAIN" that her "token" concession will open up the "lines of communication" that were "irrevocably" severed by her "vindictive" smear campaign. Hopefully, Mel Gibson has learned his lesson -- MONEY & NOTORIETY won't shield you when you make TOO MANY ENEMIES. We all make mistakes but people have VERY LONG MEMORIES and aren't always willing to "FORGIVE & FORGET"!!! Ole Greedy raked him "OVER THE COALS" because he made it "too easy" for her and now he's going to have to work like "he.l.l" to unto the damage. Everything has a price!!! In the long run, he'll be forced to tackle his personal demons "head on" which should make him a much "HAPPIER" person.

1231 days ago


Well I dont feel sorry for him one bit! He treated Robyn like crap for this woman. He deserves everything he gets just to remind his penis the grass isnt greener! LMAO!

1231 days ago


What strange LAW in USA! Not long time ago Judge made judgment about that case. Then - why Ox with her lawyer would drop her claims in custody court about domestic violence against her again? Can anyone be convicted twice of one misdemeanour?
It looks like Ox with her lawyer try to manipulate court. She's too greedy and stupid, she can't bring up a baby, she already damaged her son's life I hope Judge will not allow her to do same for a girl.
Can anybody explain me what does mean word combination "olive branch"????

1231 days ago
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