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TMZ Live: Saying 'Sayonara' to Justin Bieber - Maybe

5/5/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Will The Biebs' tour crew bail on his upcoming concerts in Japan over cancer fears from the recent nuke disaster ... Plus, the frosty-tipped "Canadian" who gets our American blood boiling.

42 answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!


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(0:30) Mutiny in Justin Bieber's camp! His crew refuses to go to Japan due to the nuclear disaster. Would you go?
(3:30) Katie Couric's "mega-fight" with CBS.
(6:10) The Paris Hilton/Lindsay Lohan feud is back on.
(9:40) Dax is either a huge traitor or a smart traveler. Let the argument begin!
(13:20) Twitter time -- How crushed is Shevonne about General Hospital? Which sitcom characters would Harvey & Charles be? And more.
(16:10) Do the Bieber crew members face legal action for not going to Japan?
(22:20) Twitter reactions to the Dax controversy.
(25:20) Who would play the role of Osama bin Laden in a movie?
(30:00) The "Home Alone" house -- more valuable because of the movie?
(33:55) Is the women's bathroom at our office as bad as the men's? Linda gives us too much detail.
(34:30) Webcam question from Australia -- which fuels more Dax hate ... as well as love for the kick-ass TMZ Hollywood Bus Tour. Tickets on sale now!
(43:30) YOU GOTTA SEE THIS -- Ryan was a damn fine child actor ... and we have a clip of his impeccable work.


No Avatar


How long before one of the Osama photos gets leaked?

1274 days ago

Soul Daddy    

Harvey, Get Scooter to tell Dax to Man the F#@k up!
Seriously what a wuss. Canadians love Americans!!!!


1274 days ago


C'mon man...... You know damn well that Obama carries that pic of bin Laden around in his wallet now!

1274 days ago

nee nee    

Byron Allen produces the Gossip Queens

1274 days ago


Are MJ's kids, Doctor Kliens Kids

1274 days ago


Decided that Donald Trump''s hair is SO MUCH better than Ryan's .. talk about a comb over .. OMG .. LOL

1274 days ago


do u guys believe in ghosts

1274 days ago


I nobody ate animals then they would overpopulate and then they would starve to death and/or predators would have a feast. So, either way...THEY WILL SUFFER EVENTUALLY!!!!!

1274 days ago


What about the LiLo - Paris Hilton tiff? Is Paris laughing it up at LiLo's expense?

1274 days ago

pap rat    

Spain was here way B4 whitewashers and the viks uptu De~northerns yup mexcandourous tis amerous.Nuclear winter 10,000s dead from the quake the nuclear energys still leaking unending to jetstreams and WORLDWIDE nuclear winter pattern shifts now seen worldwide as well as weather changes due to the polar magnetical shift offs.Worst twisters seen yet in the maricas worst floodings and japan FN up the world with thier thoughtlessness in nuclear safety and oudated codes in qauke zones near the seas and fire-rim.The nuclear commisssys is covering tup to prevent a mess of the masses running nude in the hills shreaming moma moma tora tora toras

1274 days ago

Katherine Turner    

Why would the USA subdue into Trump discipline - risky! Is this a logical question or should I not bother, lol.

1274 days ago


Give Dax a break... not everyone sees people making up where they are from as a big deal. Heck even I have mentioned a few times that i was from Australia... Accent is great way to pick up guys..winks

1274 days ago

Christine Brown    

You NEVER update ur website... Every 20hours something new comes up...

1274 days ago


People do hate us overseas! When I was in the military bars and restaurants would have signs up saying no Americans. Especially in Italy. But I proudly told everyone I was an American and if they didn't like it then **** You!

1274 days ago


Hey dont bash Dax I am guilty of saying I am Scottish or English when I travel. It works wonders like Dax Said.

1274 days ago
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