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Jacob Lusk -- Jimmy Iovine Got Me Booted!!!

5/6/2011 2:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" reject Jacob Lusk is telling friends he's not to blame for the TERRIBLE song choices that led to his elimination this week ... insisting he got BAD advice from Jimmy Iovine.


TMZ spoke with a source extremely close to Lusk ... who tells us Jacob never wanted to perform the Jordin Sparks /Chris Brown duet, "No Air" on Wednesday's show ... but Iovine pressured him into it.

We're told Lusk really wanted to perform the Gnarls Barkley hit, "Crazy" -- but Iovine was so insistent on "No Air" that he basically "beat it into his brain" until Lusk finally gave in and agreed to perform the song.

During the show, Randy Jackson told Lusk, "I don’t think that’s the direction for you ... I don't think anybody on this stage should be doing duet songs."

0506_jacob_lusk_smallSources connected to the production tell us ... Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe has told every contestant the decision on final song choice is made by the singer ... and NOT  the mentor.


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Jacob was the obvious choice for next to go. Nothing could have saved him. He has to know this. It's a bit classless to start blaming other people. He hasn't done well the past couple weeks and now it's Jimmy fault America doesn't like him as well as the other contestants? Lame. I cheered for Jacob for weeks, but I'm kinda sick of his attitude at this point.

1269 days ago


Jacob is 100% correct; The proof was there for all to see when Jacobs song choice of "Youll Never Walk Alone" was flat out rejected and repeatedly called too corney. But it really was the perfect song that would have easily showcased Jacob at his best and probably won him American Idols first place.

1269 days ago


Hey morons, try not to put spoilers in your headlines. F'in amateurs!

1269 days ago


And one more thing about being pressured, a few weeks ago you refused to sing a song because you stated it was not who you are...well what changed this week? Oh I know...your weak performance... stop whining... I do not hold anything against those that are's your life, you respect me, I respect you but when Jacob came on, I left the room and fed the cat, wash dishes whatever until someone else came on cause his attempt at being sexy was unappealing. But pleasestop that damn whining. You have a brain and did not use it. You are still in the top ten...get over it!

1269 days ago


my goodness STF up could have said "NO" and besides that you stated that the Jordan song sent you over the moon and that you loved it so much...which is it cry baby!

Even the second song...for real if I had not already known the words, I would not have had a clue what you were was your time to go. Stick to gospel and you'll do alright, run up and down the church screaming and you'll do all right...
And another thing, those who are not sexy, should not attempt to be sexy by making goofy and non alluring eye contact with others through the camara lens. Just stand there and sing. Sexy is not all about the physical got to have the "IT" factor and trying too hard is not it! Now shut up!

1269 days ago


Way to endear yourself to the public, Jacob, blaming someone else for your crappy singing. You have been in the bottom two or three the last three weeks, not sure what else you were expecting. Now if we can only lose the Alfred E. Newman look-alike, McCreary.

1269 days ago

Jus Another Viewer    

I dont watch Idol anymore, but just for sh*ts-n-giggles I googles Jimmy Lovine connection to Chris Brown and those 2 are buddies, they were at a lakers game together, and are most likely (speculation) collaborationg together.
So Lovine probably got his buddy Chris paid, and is trying to get the public back to accept Chris Brown.. (not gonna happen, but whatever)
If he did what the kid said, then he did it to BOOST a payday for that little brat Chris Brown. HIS BUDDY!

1269 days ago


idol is a joke.the two best singers were in the bottom last night casey already gone.all the teenies voting over guys they have crushes on doesnt matter if they can sing.james and scotty taste in music this country has.see justin bieber.

1269 days ago

jak jak    

Jenny... you are so totally right. I wonder who was blowing to stay on the show? lmao!

1269 days ago


He's RIGHT! I caught that bastard Iovine cutting my phonelines that night, then he snuck over to my neighbor's house! THAT's why Lusk lost, not because he's the least appealing of the five contestants. Not because he's boring and puts the audience to sleep. At least he still thinks America fell in love with him...LMAO

1269 days ago


it was obvious he was set-up with those terrible songs > i agree lovine didnt want him on the show > not cool > lovine should be kicked off the show>

1269 days ago


She's a big ol Diva, it was her time !! She has a great voice and will do very good on her own !!

1269 days ago

Grumpy Old Man    

It wasn't song choice that finished Jacob Lusk, it was the fact that he was bleating like a goat.

1269 days ago


Lovine Sucks! Getting tired of all his narrations. Guess the judges now all want to be sweet a**es so they threw Lovine in. I agree Idol is ending, can't stand JLo. Too bad Jacob doesn't realize that his screaming really does NOT sound good.

1269 days ago


It was his turn to go but HE IS RIGHT. This Jimmy character is killing the show for me. I have often pondered what actually killed the music business, and I guess we are seeing first hand what did this year on Idol. Forget Jacob, the song he chose for Haley....GIVE THAT GIRL A BREAK. JLo was right...what the hell was he thinking? AND THIS GUY RUNS A LABEL? Idol is so much better this season with one exception....and that finger points where Jacob's is. PLEASE IDOL...get rid of him next year. Guys like him ruined the music industry, now they want to be TV stars for it. At least put them on shows that need to be killed.

1269 days ago
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