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QUITS 'Celeb Apprentice' -- Trump Furious!

5/9/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She stood what she could stand ... and last night, NeNe Leakes couldn't stand Star Jones anymore ... and QUIT "Celebrity Apprentice."


It all hit the fan when Donald Trump reordered the teams on the show ... after Star told The Donald she couldn't work with her arch-enemy NeNe anymore.

An obviously FURIOUS Leakes stormed off to her hotel and told Trump, "You can't just accommodate her ... that's not fair."

NeNe then explained, "Mr. Trump bought into her bulls**t and i dont have to stay here and put up with BS to raise money for my charity. The best thing for me to do is just walk away."

Later in the show, Trump added, "The fact is she left ... she quit, she gave up. To you, NeNe, I say, you're fired. And you’re a quitter. And Star Jones kicked your ass whether you like it or not."


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Nene is a quitter!

Glad she quit!

I am not a fan of Nene or Star! (Glad they're both gone!)

1227 days ago

Lois Gay    

NeNe did the right thing. Star Jones is Nothing. She got fired from the VIEW. SO, THEY ARE EVEN!!!!!

1227 days ago


The finale will be between John Rich and Marlee. I got a kick out of The Jonz sign the two put on the door last night. Very funny!

1227 days ago


Thats a nice taxi :O

1227 days ago


NeNe can't be reasoned with. She won't let anyone finish a sentence. I used to like her, not so much now. Gives black women a bad rap. Please go away Star.......

1227 days ago


I sorry; I don't watch this show; can't stand Star Miss Ego-Centric-Jones, who has done nothing more than sit along side Barbara Walters and lie to her "fans" about her weight loss. The purpose of this show is to win money for a charity. Ne-ne (whatever), can open her wallet and give $$ to her charity. No one sane would ever put up with the garbage that both Mr. and Mrs. Ego dole out and I'm so glad NN stood up to both of them. Bully tactics suck and Star is no business person. She failed too. Trump - He is an evil excuse for a human being and so much of a bully. Maybe he could use a body slam too - Quick call the kid in Australia, because we're all sick of Donny.

1227 days ago


After seeing the "real" Star Jones, I am amazed that Barbara Walters kept her on the show as long as she did. Not a loyal bone in her body. Just turns on everyone for gain. I was still shocked that he fired her though. I thought either her or John Rich would win. And Star, with all that's going on these days for you to act like a prima donna over Meatloaf callin you "sweetie".....get a grip. You were not THAT vocal when NeNe was calling you names!~ Get off your high horse!

1227 days ago


NeeNee was playing for a charity for women against domestic violence. she clearly shows signs of someone who has been abused. she turned that abuse on to star jones. neenee has no class. Even though star is gone. I'm still TEAM STAR

1227 days ago


Good for you Nene!!

1227 days ago


Never watch as I can't stand Trump and his mean mouth!!

1227 days ago


Once again Trump, you're the laughing stock of the network. How could you fire NeNe when she already quit? Maybe you should find another term. "You're fired" is tired. Stop it.

1227 days ago

julia conley    

Donald Trump is trying to start something with star and nene by saying she beat her and she is a quiter. Y accomadate star with her phony ass and donald right along with her. dumb and dumber trying to run for president don't make me laugh. stick with what u do and fix ur hair u idiot

1227 days ago


Nene Leaks walked and I will too . The show is over ...Ask Barbara Walters why she didn't love "Miss Star"

1227 days ago


I can't decide who I hate more -- Donald Trump or Star Jones. But NeNe? I think she's badas*.

1227 days ago


She quit because she didn't want to be associated with a racist s*** bag like Donald Trump. Some Hood Rats do have self-respect and dignity.

1227 days ago
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